It turns out that this is the law of pie (thought-provoking)

/July 2022

I believe that everyone has fantasized about the good things that "pie in the sky".

but the reality is:

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"there is no pie in the sky. Even if a pie does fall, there is a trap waiting for you carefully."

this is the famous "pie law" in sociology.

in life, we will encounter some great temptations of interests. They are like "pies" falling from the sky, which are mouth-watering and irresistible.

however, behind these seemingly delicious "pies", there are often unexpected traps.

understanding the Pie Law enables us to think like smart people and take the initiative in life.


greed for small gains and big losses,

behind unprovoked interests is often a deep pit

have seen such an interesting fable.

A person who is particularly fond of taking advantage of petty advantage goes to the market to buy shoes. He wants to buy good shoes but is not willing to spend money.

coincidentally, a vendor told him:

he thought: what is so difficult? he really picked up a big bargain for nothing.

so he picked out a pair of shoes worth 500 yuan and went home happily.

his wife asked him, "how much did these shoes cost?"

he was silent.

after that, he said nothing no matter what his wife told him.

the whole family was so worried that even the doctor could not diagnose the cause, thinking that it might be some strange disease and there was no cure.

three days later, the vendor came to their house, said a few words to his wife, and then whispered to him:

and left.

he ran to his wife and excitedly told the whole story. Unexpectedly, his wife opened her eyes and said:

Bai Yansong once said on a program:

if something makes you feel like you are taking advantage, you might as well calm down and think about the logic of interests behind it.

once upon a time, there was a video of Tu Lei cursing a crying girl on the Internet.

two girls went to work in Shanghai during the summer vacation, and the boss was so enthusiastic that he not only invited them to dinner and drive a limousine, but also arranged for them to live in a house with two bedrooms and one living room.

at first two people just thought the boss was nice, but later found out that it was the boss who had taken a fancy to one of the girls.

half on the spot, the girl fell in love with the boss, but when she returned to school after the summer vacation, the boss lost touch.

it turned out that the boss already had a family, and it was difficult for her to accept the fact that she had no choice but to drop out of school and go home.

after listening to this story, Tu Lei said:

"will people invite you to dinner for no reason?" Will a boss pick you up for no reason?

reserve is too important, it is reflected in life not to take advantage of small, do not easily accept other people's courtesy. "

there is no interest for no reason, only a secret purpose.

once people become greedy, they will be lost by the temptation in front of them, lose their ability to distinguish, and easily fall into the hole dug by others.

there is a saying in

is not their own blessing, do not ask; do not deserve, do not take.

there is cause and effect everywhere in life. Never let yourself be put in jail because of the small and the big.


pie falls from the sky,

is either a trap or a trap.

there is a saying in

A lot of "luck" that looks like heavenly fall on the surface is often a trap carefully designed by others, hiding risks that are difficult to detect.

in May this year, Mr. Yan of Jiangsu received a message from a strange number saying that he had been selected by a popular program and won the second prize of 180000 yuan and a laptop.

he was so overjoyed that he clicked on the link below without thinking and filled in his identity information and bank card information according to the prompts.

the next day, Mr. Yan received a call from the strange number, claiming that he had to pay a deposit and part of the tax before receiving the prize.

Mr. Yan immediately transferred 500 yuan to the other party through Alipay, and then transferred 5000 yuan one after another according to the request of the other party.

however, he didn't wait for the prize until then, Mr. Yan realized that he had been cheated.

in October this year, Ms. Xin from Guangdong has been paying attention to the message posted by Guo, a woman in moments.

A screenshot of Guo taking advantage of "loopholes" arbitrage on the foreign exchange platform shows that profits range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Ms. Xin thought it was a good opportunity to "get rich overnight", so she contacted each other.

Guo recommended an APP to her, saying that as long as you invest a small amount of money, you can quickly double your income.

Ms. Xin invested 50, 000 yuan into the account, and before long, the paper assets soared to 230000 yuan.

in the face of such high profits, Ms. Xin increased the principal to 280000 yuan, and a few days later, the book assets had reached more than 1.4 million yuan.

however, just as Ms. Xin was about to withdraw money, APP showed that the bank card number was wrong and the funds had been frozen.

Ms. Xin just woke up from a big dream and realized that she had been deceived and hurriedly called the police.

Laozi once said:

since ancient times, good fortune and misfortune depend on each other, and what you think is good is not necessarily a good thing.

when you are busy picking up the pie in the sky, there may already be a trap waiting for you.

many scams take advantage of human greed.Unwittingly repel your willpower.

A knife on the edge of the word, demanding unrealistic interests, will only pay a heavy price in the end.

to stay awake and look down on the gains and losses is the great wisdom in dealing with the world.


Don't expect pie to fall from the sky.

all harvests need to be down-to-earth

Yu Minhong once said:

"pie may not fall in the sky, but there are often traps on the ground!"

only keep your feet on the ground, even if no pie falls, at least it won't fall into a trap.

the following points will help you upgrade your mindset, see the situation clearly, and take control of your life.

1, before "interests", please think twice

the world Xixi, all for profit; the world is bustling for profit.

like all scams, they are all for the word "profit".

interest is very abstract, it may be money, power, honor, emotion and other things that can satisfy people's desires.

think one more step in everything, as long as the word interest is involved, you should keep your eyes open and be more alert.

when someone tries to give you some "benefits", think about what they can benefit from it.

if we are asked to pay in exchange for the so-called greater "benefits", we should be careful that it is a trap set by the enemy.

keep your heart in front of interests, and if you are not greedy, you will not be bewitched.

2. "pessimism" is not a bad thing at all

"there is no pie in the sky". In fact, many people know that.

however, once things happen to you, people will take a chance: what if I am blessed by Lady Luck?

people who are too optimistic will believe that they will not be deceived with the mentality that they would rather believe that they have something than not believe it.

but the reality is that the tricks of liars vary with people's perception, and you don't even know when your mind will be eroded.

Laozi once said, "Da Le was negligent."

if you are too excited, you will lose your awareness and give the enemy a chance.

Lady Luck is very busy, and it is also a kind of foresight and thoughtfulness to be pessimistic.

3. Please remember to keep your feet on the ground

A lot of people say, "as long as you stand on the tuyere, pigs can fly."

but the premise of this sentence is that there is a tuyere and a pig who can only see the tuyere.

there are no free lunches, but there are often unexpected opportunities.

behind those ordinary people who have successfully counterattacked, there are decades of persistence and efforts.

has a broader vision and pattern than others, so that we can seize the opportunities given by God.

to do everything well in a down-to-earth manner is far more reliable than waiting for "pie in the sky".

the pie made by yourself is safer and more delicious.

the life you want can only be created by yourself.


Zweig wrote in the Queen of decapitation:

anything that is easy to get will be repaid in another way, even at a price.

in this society, there are still many people who are creating "pie in the sky", and some people will still be deceived.

all we can do is to keep a little sober and rational when those pies fall in front of us.