It turns out that the time for us to graduate is longer than that at school.

/December 2022

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A year ago today, I posted my first article at random. Today is the first anniversary of my disorganized membership, so it's me again.

this is the question of the college entrance examination in Guangdong today. The first thing that comes to my mind is that when you get used to a person giving 100% to you, if one day he does a little less, you will begin to blame him, but if this person has been very bad to you, in case one day he behaves better than you expected, you will feel unexpected surprise.

I think I'm beside the point. No wonder, because my six years of high school add up to a big digression. I remember that I used to like Eason Chan very much, so every time, regardless of the mountains and rivers, I had to turn around to write, and then I developed a skill that every topic could always have a theme song. On my December birthday, I shared the song "waiting for me Today" on my moments, "aspirin" when I was sick, and "Night will not come again" when I was sleepless at dawn. My roommate complained: "did you bring your own bgm when you went out?"

I wrote Eason Chan for six years and ran for six years.

the night before the college entrance examination, my roommates told me in turn, "Don't write about Eason Chan tomorrow. It's no joke."

I said yes, I'm going to break the spell.

as a result, I got the test paper the next day and saw that question--

read the following text and write the composition as required. (60 points) in the era of black-and-white film, there are many photos, only recording a few moments of life, in the family over and over again, it can evoke many memories that will never fade. But the picture is gradually yellowing and blurring. In the era of digital technology, there are many photos, recording the details of daily life, which can be uploaded to the Internet at any time to share with others. It is never yellowed or blurred, but in quick browsing and frequent updates, cherished "bits" may also be diluted. Requirements: ① chooses the angle, determines the intention, draws up the title, the style is not limited. ② should not deviate from the content and meaning of the material. ③ is not less than 800 words. ④ shall not be copied or plagiarized.

photos, the first thing that comes to mind is Eason Chan's "Salon"--

"every photo is rare. It's better to have

in the examination room. Adhering to the tradition of" excellent "in the past, I wrote the whole lyrics on draft paper and finally handed in a music review of more than 800 words.

when I walked out of the classroom, I knew that I had run away from the question, and the majority of examinees had a very similar mentality. the longer they dragged on, the more they felt that they ran away from the question very seriously. On the evening of the 7th, I began to give up on myself, reading, Wen Zong and English. Later, when the results of the college entrance examination came out, my best English and literature ensemble were the lowest in history, while the Chinese that caused me to give up got an unprecedented score of 130.

some time ago, zero asked me why I could use Eason Chan's lyrics so freely. I didn't tell her that it was because my high school composition had never written "moving China" or memorized famous quotes. Eason Chan was the only composition material I had written for six years.

(NetEase Yun's "Salon" comment area)

"do you remember your composition for the college entrance examination?" I interviewed these people around me--

@ suction

from Guangzhou second normal University.

I agreed to go to Taiwan to study together with my good friend in junior high school. All the materials are ready. I just need to sign up for a volunteer after the exam. Three days before the college entrance examination, I received a letter from her, in which she said that her mother had helped her contact the university in Australia. She passed the IELTS after graduation. I'm sorry she couldn't be with me.

I read the letter during my lunch break and cried like sleeping on my arm for an hour. No one knew. The Chinese composition seems to have a section of material about nature and high technology. I wrote that my contact with her is like the most primitive nature, rather than the high-tech used by the public. I don't know why I have been thinking about this. I've been thinking about her.

on the night of the 8th, I looked at my mobile phone and read the composition comments. I knew that my Chinese had failed. In fact, I knew something was wrong when I was writing my composition. But it doesn't matter, it's not "it doesn't matter", it's "no way". The score of Chinese in the college entrance examination is the lowest I have ever scored in three years. After that, we each graduated from different schools, and it was strange that we didn't get in touch with each other anymore.

well, I wrote my lowest grade in three years of high school for someone who is no longer in touch with me.

@ limy

from the University of Hong Kong

Deep Love of the Soul, a poem I wrote. The most profound thing was not how well I wrote it, but how my parents reacted after the exam. my father thought that I had missed the topic, but he was afraid of affecting my mood. He told my mother, "Don't let me go online, don't let me listen to other people's compositions."

until I got a grade after the question, he didn't tell me about his mental activity for a month. Later, I found out why he was so nervous on the day of the score and behaved so unbelievably after hearing the score. This is not what he told me later, but his colleagues occasionally ate dinner as a joke at Xie's banquet, because he told everyone not to ask me how my composition was going.

(students: there are always some people in every class who think that they "stray from the subject" and finally pass the exam. University of Hong Kong? )

Reader @ Bowie

I don't remember what was written in the composition of the college entrance examination. I only remember a sentence from the Chinese teacher that the composition must first move oneself before it can move others. Life is the same.

Reader @ Zhao Huohua

our composition topic last year was\ "there are always some hard things and some soft things in people's hearts. How to deal with them will be related to whether you can create a harmonious self."

I have forgotten exactly what was written. All I remember is that my classmate posted a circle of friends:\ "I am hard and soft and you build Gava (what does it have to do with it)?"

-from a Chinese medicine student who plans to stay up late to study for tomorrow's medicinal botany exam.

from Guangzhou University @ Muyi

my title is "going far away, on the way".

I can't remember the details clearly. All I remember on that exam was that I played a trick I hadn't played for 12 years in order to make up famous quotes. I spent a minute thinking about whether I should set up Chernishevsky or Dostoevsky. I only remember that in the last line, I trembled and wrote, "the world is so big, I will see it right away."

I really forget how many different "paths" I have written in many ways, but they probably boil down to one word "routine". All I remember is that I followed the routines in a proper manner and did not deviate from the topic of my composition.

@ Zhang Jingshi from Dongguan Institute of Technology

when the eel whale told me about today's topic, I began to think about what posture I used three years ago today to complete my last college entrance examination composition. But no matter how hard I try to remember, I can't remember. Not because I hated it or the experience was too excruciating, but because I really forgot.

I remember what my first meal looked like after the college entrance examination. I remember the goodbye hug in the dormitory. I remember the basketball I held when I ran to the playground after school. I remember the head teacher who loses his temper. I remember what I said when staying overnight and like girls. I remember the class meeting I presided over. I remember my classmates. I remember the order of the canteen tables, but I don't remember the college entrance examination.

because the college entrance examination is just a dream that has been boasted for several years, and it is broken after that. The rest are all unique memories and memories, as well as the difficult obstacles on the way to the college entrance examination, the pain that compels me to move forward, and the joy of seeing progress.

but it was not until the eel whale talked about this topic that I remembered one of my previous topics: "it turns out that we have graduated longer than we were in school." In fact, it is just a sentence that I want to express my opinion when I pass by my junior high school one day, but unexpectedly today, at this moment, I really, as the title says, I have graduated longer than I was in school. I am getting farther and farther away from high school.

so far away that I forgot how important the college entrance examination was to me.

@ zero from Shandong University

@ Xu Wukong

from Jizhu went to collect these answers one by one, and found that almost all the students of the class of 2013, like Zhang Jingzhi, had long forgotten their college entrance examination essays. In the afternoon, I was surprised to find that today is the third anniversary of the graduation of Grade 13 high school, that is, starting tomorrow, they will have left school for more time than they are in school.

it turns out that the time for us to graduate is faster than the time we spend at school.

in the past, I always thought that an 800-word college entrance examination composition was a "magic barrier", but now for me, who is used to writing 2,500 + tweets, it has already exceeded 100000 words this year, just like "looking at pictures and writing" in the third grade of primary school in high school.

I thought it was a big deal, but that's all.

"Life is not wasted, how can there be dust?" Today, I listened to the Salon again, but life is no longer a proposition composition given to me by others.