It is the heart that determines the road of your life.

/August 2022

some people say that the most difficult road in the world is the heart. There is no denying that a person's heart determines his road of life.

the heart road is different from the road under foot. If the road under foot is narrow, curved and uneven, but it is difficult to walk, but once it is bent, skewed, confused, and blocked, it will lead a person's life astray.

most of the time, our hearts let ourselves walk on the Sunshine Avenue, but sometimes our hearts let us into a dead end, no matter how we can not get out.

after experiencing the sufferings of this world, tasting the warmth of human feelings, and breaking through a lot of difficulties, I gradually realized that nothing is more difficult to understand, the most complex, and can dominate people than the human heart!

in a person's life, only your heart can control your life, and only your heart can determine your failure and success, happiness and pain, so it's best to think about everything simply! The more complicated a person thinks, the heavier his heart becomes.

the road of life is stormy, there is no forever sunny day, let alone forever cloudy day. Whether the sky of the soul is cloudy or sunny depends on one's attitude towards life. The most difficult thing for a person to let go is the mind, the most difficult to control is the mood, the most difficult to cross is the heart, the most difficult to express is heartache, the most difficult to treat is heart disease.

the way of mind can only be chosen by yourself. if you are fragile, no one can be strong for you, because the pain in your heart can only be healed by yourself; the pain and tiredness in your heart can only be carried by yourself; the grievances in your heart can only be relieved by yourself; the tears in your heart can only be swallowed by yourself. The straight and tortuous road has to go by itself, and the taste of ups and downs has to be tasted by myself.

mind, whether it is feasible or not, it all depends on yourself. Mind, whether you can go smoothly, everything is up to you.

A person's mind, whether you like to walk or not, you have to go on well; no matter it is smooth or difficult, you have to face it bravely.

the road that you walk with your feet is called the road; the road that you walk with your heart is called the road of your heart. There are thousands and thousands of roads; the heart will change. Everything comes to mind, everything comes to mind. If you take a good heart, you will take a good road of life.

keep your heart, go your own way, do your own thing, you are the smartest person.

the heart is narrow, the road is narrow; the heart is wide, the road is wide. Contentment leads to happiness; greed makes people upset. Care, often sad; open-minded, happy to add.

when you are alive, there is always something you don't like; when you get along, there are always people you don't like. Make tea, but there are two forms: floating and sinking; drinking tea, but two positions: pick it up and put it down. Life should be like tea, indifferent when floating, calm when sinking. To be a man is to be able to afford it as well as to let it go.

the way of mind determines the way of your life. The road of heart is rugged; the road of life is full of wind and rain. If you go on, the willow will be dark and the flowers will be bright; if you flinch, the mountains and rivers will be restored.

therefore, we must walk in a down-to-earth manner and keep it earnestly. When we have overcome the ups and downs, experienced trials, experienced trials, and defeated the demons, you are the strong one, and you are the real hero!

the world is big and the human heart is complicated. Through the prosperity and hustle and bustle of the world, reading all the vicissitudes and ups and downs of life, all fame and fortune are fleeting. Look a little lighter, look farther, think a little shallowly, happiness and happiness will be more.

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Don't say that the heart is the most difficult to go. In fact, the heart is dark, the world is dark, and the heart is bright. The world is in chaos, and the world is quiet.

the best thing we should do in this life is to grasp the road of our heart and take every step of life!