It is often these three kinds of people who like to say "thank you".

/November 2022

as the ancients said, "if you hear his words, you can know him."

language can best reveal a person's temperament and character. Most of the time, if you want to know a person, you don't need to observe too much, you only need to listen to what he says.

just like people who speak softly and softly, they tend to be calm and introverted;

people who sigh all day are mostly pessimistic and complaining;

people who speak firmly tend to be confident and calm on the whole.

and like to say "thank you", it is often these three kinds of people.


people with good self-cultivation

Liang Xiaosheng once said: "Culture can be expressed in four sentences: self-cultivation rooted in the heart, self-consciousness without reminding, freedom based on restraint, and kindness for the sake of others."

self-cultivation is reflected in every detail of life.

A netizen shared his story:

due to poor family conditions, he did a part-time job of handing out flyers when he was in college.

once when he handed a flyer to a middle-aged man, the man angrily threw it on the ground and shouted in disgust, "No!"

at that time, the street was full of people, and the eyes of the people around him were focused on him. He was so embarrassed that he was as at a loss as a child who had done something wrong in public, and immediately thought of giving up handing out leaflets.

at this time, a big brother next to him reached for a flyer, smiled and said, "Thank you, young man. I'll go home and have a look."

then he folded the flyer neatly and put it in his briefcase.

at that moment, netizens felt warm in their hearts and felt that their efforts had finally been respected.

for many years later, he still remembered that moment clearly.

every time he sees the person who sent the flyer, he will try his best to say thank you and pass on the warmth to more people.

some people say that a person's attitude towards the weak often reflects his self-cultivation.

in the face of people with stronger ability and higher status than themselves, many people will instinctively please and behave obediently and courteously.

but once they are faced with people who are inferior to them, they will take off their camouflage and feel superior.

people who dictate to waiters when eating out are usually not worth relying on.

those who dare to "deceive" are bound to "flatter". Who would like to have a deep acquaintance with such a person?

truly educated people, no matter what status they face, they are always polite and decent.

although it is your job to serve me, my thank you is the embodiment of quality and upbringing.

A good upbringing is not superficial politeness, but thoughtfulness of oneself and others.


humble and virtuous people

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "A humble gentleman is humble to shepherd himself."

mature ears of wheat are full and bent.

humble people do not praise themselves to heaven, but know how to put themselves in a lower position.

A few months ago, Academician Yuan Longping, winner of the Medal of the Republic, passed away, and the whole country mourned.

in the last stage of his life, apart from being concerned about the rice in the experimental field as usual, Academician Yuan Longping most often said to the medical staff: thank you for your hard work, and you don't have to make too much effort.

he devoted his whole life to the food problem of his countrymen, but at the last moment of his life, he was unwilling to cause trouble to others and always expressed his gratitude to the medical staff.

humility is not a posture, but an attitude.

people who are truly virtuous have already turned "gratitude" into a habit, which is reflected in all parts of life, making others comfortable all the time and being calm.

there are too many moments in life. To respect others is to respect yourself, to treat others respectfully is to be solemn, and to be considerate of others will be understood by others.

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it is mentioned in Shi Shuo Xinyu: "small victory depends on wisdom, and great victory depends on virtue."

some time ago, Andy Lau was named the creator of the dazzling moment of the year by a short video platform.

after winning the award, Liu Dehua said, "Thank you. Forty years later, I have become a new person again. I still have a lot of places to learn with my friends."

netizens have commented that although they have won numerous awards, they still remain humble, which may be why Andy Lau has been popular for decades.

keep a low profile and do things seriously; don't be self-centered and treat everyone equally.

A humble and courteous person will eventually be treated gently by the world.


people who are grateful

Microsoft Vice President Stevens told his story:

when he was young, he went to a software company to apply for a programmer.

at first, with excellent professional knowledge, he easily passed the written exam.

but during the interview, the examiner asked questions about the future direction of the software industry, and he never thought about it, so the interview failed.

although he was eliminated, Stevens felt refreshed by the software company's understanding of the industry. He immediately wrote a thank-you note:

"your company has spent manpower and resources to provide me with a written interview. Although I failed, it taught me a lot and benefited me a lot. Thank you for your work, thank you! "

three months later, Stevens unexpectedly received an offer from the company.

it turns out that through the thank-you note, the company felt that Stevens wasHe is a grateful and well-behaved man, so when there is a job vacancy, he thinks of him at the first time.

this company is Microsoft.

more than ten years later, Stevens became vice president of Microsoft with outstanding performance.

be grateful and do good deeds.

the word "thank you" seems simple, but it actually embodies an attitude towards life and a principle of dealing with the world.

Life is a turn of meeting and farewell, walking in the world, there are both joy and loss. No matter what situation you are in, you should keep a heart of gratitude.

throw me papaya and reward it with Qiongyi.

A person who is always grateful will inadvertently get more and more help.

Thanksgiving is a person's biggest card.


A long time ago, a young man was introduced to Socrates and asked Socrates to test his ability.

Socrates said to him, "Please speak so that I can see you clearly."

what kind of person a person is, you can tell by his words.

people who can talk, such as spitting roses in their mouth, make people happy;

people who can't speak, such as Tribulus terrestris, are easy to stab others.

people who often say "thank you" treat others with good self-cultivation, treat all things with humility, and give back to the world with gratitude.

being with such people is like listening to a soothing music and tasting a cup of mellow hot tea. Time is as tranquil as running water and life is as gentle as spring breeze.

people who like to say thank you will have no bad luck.

Please be a person who knows how to say "thank you" for the rest of your life, and what you get will be a better life.