It is not the rich or poor of the family that determines the child's life, but these qualities of the mother.

/July 2022

the influence of a mother on her child's life is indelible.

look at a child's virtue, you can see his family atmosphere, as well as the quality of his parents.

& the old saying of nbsp; & nbsp;: "look old at three years old, look old at seven years old", which is true.

therefore, the education of children before the age of 3 is very important, especially for the mothers who spend the longest time together.


mothers' influence on their children's life is indelible

many celebrity biographies have descriptions of mothers:

it can be seen that most successful people have good qualities.

the growth of a child depends on the first educator, from whom the child receives high-quality love, companionship, and understands what things look like, often played by the mother.

most mothers take care of their children inseparably after birth, which makes them feel inextricably close to each other.

mothers' character, language and behavior will affect the formation of their children's values all the time, not the family's rich or poor.

frankly speaking, if the mother is of high quality, the child will benefit a lot, otherwise it will have a negative impact on her life.


it is these traits in the mother that determine the child's life

1. A mother with a large pattern builds her child's self-confidence

& the nbsp; & nbsp; pattern is a broad vision. As a mother, she should have a broad mind and a broad pattern.

and mother's approval is also an important opportunity to help children grow up rapidly. If the mother has a narrow vision and a small mind, the child will also be affected.

for example, my aunt's younger brother used to study very well, but because the family's financial situation is not very good, my aunt always instills in her children the idea that what is the use of going to school so much, it is true to go out to work early.

even though the relatives around them are very supportive of their younger brother's going to school, they even say that they can help raise the cost of going to college, but my aunt is just worried about money and always says in front of her younger brother that it is useless to spend money on going to school.

for a long time, my younger brother also felt that he was an encumbrance and his performance in the college entrance examination was abnormal.

& the younger brother of nbsp; & nbsp;, who could have been admitted to a key university, was held up by his mother's mind.

always cries poverty in front of the child, which is easy to make the child fall into a situation of inferiority complex.

pattern is bound, how can it be successful?

2. Tough mothers make their children strong

mothers show both the soft side and the tough side. Life may be like a knife, but it can't get into the mother's body no matter how.

as a netizen once shared: this is the existence of his mother. His father died when he was a child, with a 70-year-old grandmother and three brothers and sisters, and his mother had to bear the burden of the family.

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should not only take care of the elderly and children, but also be responsible for the financial resources of the family, and take care of daily necessities, food, housing and transportation.

but no matter how difficult life is, the mother never says she is tired. The mother taught her children to be self-reliant until they were admitted to college.

the world always emphasizes that women are made of water, but in fact, when women are mothers, they always take their time when faced with many thorny problems.

for the sake of their children, mothers can learn to be strong and not to be knocked down by external objects, which is also a lesson for their children by words and deeds.

3. A mother who knows how to show weakness teaches her child to be independent

A mother who can educate her child will first give her child an important lesson-independence.

learn to show weakness in front of children, let children adapt to deal with some things independently, give them room for relative growth, and children can grow up to the maximum.

mothers are too capable to educate lazy children. If they are child-centered for 365 days, how can they learn from them?

4. A considerate mother teaches her children to be lenient

must be more broad-minded if they want to achieve something.

then the mother should show that she does not haggle over trifles and can get along well with others.

& nbsp; & nbspChildren will learn tolerance from it. After all, things and people in life are very complicated, so you can't haggle over every detail.

5. Enlightened mothers teach their children respect

enlightened mothers are often more conducive to their children's self-confidence, imagination, and improve their thinking and decision-making ability.

mothers who blindly suppress, imprison, and even want to control their children's lives are so strong that they not only prevent their children from growing up, but also have a stiff parent-child relationship.