Is there a free COVID-19 vaccine? Zhang Wenhong unveils the truth of vaccination

/August 2022


have you been vaccinated against COVID-19?

recently, friends around me are talking about vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccine can be vaccinated free of charge, some people have taken the initiative to sign up for vaccination, and some people doubt the necessity of vaccination for fear of side effects.

some people feel that as long as they continue to do a good job of protection, there is no need to fight, while others joke that if everyone does, they can stop fighting.

the argument on the Internet is basically like this:

I still remember that at the beginning of the epidemic, when there was no vaccine, people hoped that the vaccine could be developed as soon as possible.

when the country finally developed the vaccine at a high price, people were worried that the production capacity could not keep up and the price was too high to afford.

now that a large number of students have been born, everyone can play for free, and people are hesitating again whether to play or not.

actually, this is not surprising.

according to Zhong Nanshan's analysis, vaccination is not a very urgent task in the minds of many people, and this is also because China's early epidemic situation was too well controlled.

People's Daily forwarded an interview by Zhang Wenhong and talked about people's unwillingness to be vaccinated.

"fear of vaccination is not a problem of vaccine, but a problem of human nature.

when you can't get it, you always look forward to it.

when you can get it, especially for free, you suddenly think, "Why did you give it to me?"

so, do you want a free vaccine or not?

now that we have done a good job in epidemic prevention, can we not use vaccines?

if other people play, can we stop playing ourselves?


this is by no means the case.

as of March 27, the country had received more than 100 million doses of vaccine.

sounds like a lot, but in terms of 100%, universal immunization is not enough.

Zhong Nanshan said in a recent interview that China's current vaccination rate is only about 4%, and it will be dangerous if it is not vaccinated quickly.

at present, the vaccination rate in developed countries in Europe and the United States is 30-40%, and the highest in Israel is even close to 100%.

in order to improve the popularity of the vaccine, experts and scholars have come forward to call on the whole people to get vaccinated.

Zhong Nanshan said bluntly:

I feel that there is no need to fight because the domestic environment is good, and the major premise of all this is that China's control over overseas imports is very strict.

but China can't be like this forever. China's reform and opening up must be open to the whole world.

by that time, other countries have been vaccinated very well, but China is immune-free, which is very dangerous.

Dr. Zhang Wenhong also pointed out:

the world will reopen, and we urgently need to complete the vaccination to deal with the input risk.

China must take the lead in vaccination as well as prevention and control in order to win this war.

Gao Fu, director of the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also reminded:

the vaccination rate must be about 70% and 80% in order to achieve effective mass immunization.

individuals are vaccinated not only for individual interests, but also for group responsibility.

the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council also calls on everyone to be actively vaccinated.

the safety and efficacy of the listed vaccine are guaranteed.

to improve the immune level, all we need is to roll up our sleeves and get vaccinated!

therefore, no matter from which point of view, it is imperative to increase the universal vaccination rate as soon as possible.

there is no reason why the whole people have paid so much to fight the epidemic, but in the end, they have been hit by the epidemic again because of the lack of vaccine penetration.


"safe and effective vaccines can be vaccinated free of charge on a large scale!" If people heard this a year and a half ago, they would have thought it was great news.

but I don't know why, no matter who comes out to call for vaccination, no matter how emotional and reasonable it is, there will be people with strange emotions and even personal attacks.

Zhong Nanshan said: even if you are vaccinated, you still need to do a good job of protection when you go to the areas with high incidence of the epidemic.

then some people understand that this is saying that the vaccine is metaphysical, and it is futile even if it is given.

Zhang Wenhong said that young people's vaccination is a contribution to the country.

someone in the comment area soon began to say:

"this young man is so sick that he can't play

" (Zhang Wenhong) is almost all black suit media spotlight, and the number of times wearing a white coat is numbered! "

Gao Fu calls on everyone to get vaccinated and increase the popularization rate.

some people began to attack him for publishing papers during the anti-epidemic period, and he was not worthy to continue to sit in his own position.

I don't know how much these people know about what experts such as Zhong Nanshan, Zhang Wenhong and Gao Fu did during the epidemic.

but this is unreasonable. What is the difference between the people who directly deny the vaccine and those suggested by Zhong Nanshan and Zhang Wenhong, and the anti-intellectual groups who do not wear masks and suspect all authoritative experts during the epidemic abroad?

now, we are exporting vaccines to more than 40 countries, and the importance of vaccines to the world is self-evident.

several developed countries have ordered 2-3 times as many vaccines as their population.

there are some developing countries, but there are no access to vaccines.

the vaccine we dare not and disdain to be vaccinated is what the underdeveloped areas crave.

the need for vaccination is clear, both individually and in groups.

only those who don't want to fight, justEven if you don't want to be vaccinated, there's no need to attack experts who call for vaccination.

if you see this and you are ready to be vaccinated, you can collect the following vaccination guidelines issued by the National Health Commission.

We have drawn several key points:

1. People infected with COVID-19 can receive one dose of vaccine half a year later.

2. People over 60 years old are recommended.

3. COVID-19 vaccination is not recommended for people under 18 years old.

4, the interval between other vaccines and COVID-19 vaccination should be more than 14 days;

5, it is recommended to complete vaccination with the same vaccine product at this stage.

6. Women do not have to delay pregnancy plans just because of vaccination;

7. Breast-feeding is recommended for breast-feeding women after vaccination.

there is also the latest question and answer about vaccine from People's Daily.

for some more specific situations, vaccination instructions are given to everyone.

fighting the epidemic is not the responsibility of a certain person or group of people.

We have been able to get to where we are today, but also through the collection of the strength of various groups of society.

this was the case before, is now, and always will be.

watching the retweet, I hope that those who have the conditions to be vaccinated will be vaccinated as soon as possible for themselves and their families, as well as for all of us.

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I hope that our society can restore its former prosperity and its once lively and comfortable life as soon as possible.