In the second half of life, the spell is "healthy".

/October 2022

writer Mu Xin said: "A high-quality life is knowing what you should do all the time."

it is only after the epidemic that I deeply understand that the second half of life is about health.

Heaven and earth are not benevolent, taking all things as ruminant dogs, the laws of nature are cruel, the fittest survive, the weak are eliminated, and the strong are stronger.

only by recognizing ourselves clearly and maintaining physical, emotional and financial health can we deal with the crisis and make continuous self-improvement.


physical health

this continuously fermenting epidemic makes us realize once again that immunity is a person's core competitiveness.

the risk groups are middle-aged and elderly people with poor physique, and people with strong immunity have mild or even asymptomatic conditions even if they are infected.

Disease and death never bargain with us, they treat us equally, which is why we must put aside our pride and prejudice, let go of our disregard, and cherish ourselves.

there is only one life, and those who take health for granted are doomed to be losers and will eventually pay a heavy price.

especially in middle age, when people unscrupulously overdraw their bodies and consume the energy of their lives, they not only have to endure the suffering of illness, but also the greatest irresponsibility to themselves and their families.

the success of career, the happiness of family and the happiness of life are all about body and energy in the end.

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even if you have a healthy body at this moment, don't forget to exercise on time and develop good living habits.

No matter how fast the pace of life is, you should give yourself time to exercise, maintain a healthy body and full spirit, and resist all the difficulties in the world.

when night falls, go to bed early and refuse to stay up late, which can help you relieve physical and mental stress, improve immunity and stay away from high blood pressure and heart disease.

when the sun rises, insist on getting up early, don't stay in bed, have a virtuous life, and you can slowly get better on the way to getting old.


emotional health

emotional revolution: "emotional illness is more terrible than physical illness."

illness comes from Qi, Qi grows from irritability, controlling emotions, and maintaining emotional health is our lifelong practice.

just like in an epidemic, in addition to infected people, we can also see an "emotional plague".

many people panic like ants in a hot pot, drown in all kinds of negative information, get emotionally involved too much, and lose the ability to judge right and wrong.

it is often said in traditional Chinese medicine: happy and sad, anger hurts the liver, worry hurts the lung, thought hurts the spleen, sad lung, fear injures the kidney.

Bad emotions can trigger a butterfly effect in the body and make our lives worse and worse

because when you fall into negative emotions and your thinking ability becomes wishful thinking, anxiety, hesitation, fear, blame. These invisible mental frictions are dragging down your life.

Why not regard setbacks as a spiritual practice and turn all kinds of negative emotions into driving forces to challenge and move forward.

such people will not complain, give up, and will not be knocked down easily.

or make a garbage classification for emotions, put what should be put, forget what should be forgotten, people are also comfortable, and the heart is also comfortable.

only with a good state of mind and healthy mood can we nourish our internal organs and live at ease.

in short, taking good care of emotions is more important than anything else.

No matter how great the suffering will pass, and no matter how difficult the experience will go away.

the important thing is whether you can manage your emotions well, do not panic when you are in an emergency, and do not be depressed when you encounter difficulties.

the best way for an adult to greet tomorrow is to have a clear heart and a stable and calm mood.

the most magical thing about life is that even if you light a heart lamp in front of you, everything will suddenly become clear.


Financial health

Wilde said, "when I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world. Now that I'm old, I know it's true. "

the cruelty of life can be seen by the lack of money.

the true meaning of financial health is the capital to settle down, the help you can tide over the difficulties, and the spiritual support to wake up in the middle of the night without fear.

in this world, there are ailments and sufferings, but they will never be unkind to everyone who makes money hard and lives with his heart.

therefore, never choose comfort at the age when you should bear hardships. Work hard and work hard so that you will not be afraid of wind and rain and give yourself the biggest sense of security.

as the saying goes, "Don't panic if you have surplus food in your hand."

although having money does not guarantee that you will not be infected with the virus, it can at least give you the strength to deal with risks calmly.

even if the epidemic is quarantined at home for half a month or more, you can live your own life calmly.

you have to admit that every speck of dust that falls on every family and everyone can cause a huge earthquake and tsunami.

in the adult world, every day is the afterlife, and the best attitude is to respond to changes with the same attitude.

I always believe that the darkness will go away and the light will come.

but no one knows which comes first, tomorrow or accident. the only thing you can do is to work hard, save money, and have the ability to deal with uncertainty.

put up a fence and build a wall so that when the storm comes, you can sit at the window and listen to the wind and rain.

as the old saying goes, "if there is no disease in the body, no worry in the heart, no creditor in the door, he can be a god on earth."

the word "health" is spelled in the second half of life.

No pain in the body, no worries in the heart, money in the pocket is the biggest.Happiness.

on weekdays, we must not squander our body, mood and money.

because only by preparing in advance on every ordinary day can you be free from the sudden ups and downs in the rest of your life.

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