In the second half of life, keep five words.

/June 2022

time is in a hurry, before you know it, half your life has passed.

looking back, it seems that what happened before can be measured, but looking back, life is out of reach.

along the way, we have met a lot of people and experienced a lot of things, and we have come to understand what is fleeting and what should be held in the palm of our hand.

so, in the second half of life, our best way to live is not how much wealth we have and how noble our reputation is, but to keep ourselves and our original heart in every ordinary day.


emotion, control

when you can't control it, it will engulf you.

A person with high self-cultivation does not show his joy and anger, but his joy and anger do not stagnate in his heart.

all feelings should be expressed and controlled.

remember that there is a famous "Mustang effect" in psychology.

on the African prairie, there is a kind of bat that specializes in sucking blood from the buttocks of wild horses. Some horses disagree, while others are grumpy.

eventually the angry horses died howling and kicking each other.

experts have found that the amount of blood sucking in bats is simply not enough to kill them. The real cause of death was the rage and emotional loss of the Mustang.

emotional people are like grumpy Mustangs, their hearts are full of winds and waves, and even the smallest things will be magnified infinitely in their eyes.

Anthony Robbins once said:

the secret of success is to know how to control the power of pain and pleasure without being countered by it. "

positive emotions bring blessings, while negative emotions destroy everything.

if you worry and complain every day, full of doubts, it will eventually affect your health.

when you are impatient, upset, or anxious, remind yourself: "Don't work too hard in life and don't feel too hard."


desire to reduce

fast-paced life brings convenience and material enjoyment to modern people, at the same time, it also brings obvious side effects:

anxiety, tired spirit and deteriorating health.

only pursuing speed and efficiency means that you are catching up with time every day, always worrying about the passage of time and achieving nothing.

but in fact, there are thousands of troubles in life, which in the final analysis is a word "desire".

desire is born, and its existence itself is not wrong, it is those "unvirtuous people" who do not know how to control themselves and allow greed to engulf themselves.

the greedy person is drawn by the desire, the desire is boundless, the greed is boundless; the greedy person is often selfish, calculating and haggling, but gets nothing in the end.

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inflated desire, so that people are never satisfied, this is the source of pain.

"there is nothing better than few desires to nourish the heart". As long as we reduce selfish desires and reduce selfishness, we will naturally see clearly our inner needs.

when you calm down, go to right and wrong, reduce roles, and regard the present as forever, it will be a very simple thing to be happy.


suffering, to "endure"

there has never been the word "easy" in the world.

however, things in the world, such as boating on water, can only put their lives in the hands of others.

if you want the world to be worth it, you have to go through it.

people will be reunited and separated, the moon will be full and missing, the tide will rise and fall, and all the changes in the world will not be changed by people's will. For thousands of years, everyone has been like this, everything has been like this.

No one will always be beautiful, and no one will always be down.

as the saying goes:

"learn to accept all the misfortunes in life calmly, even if it is a great misfortune, as long as we can accept it calmly and regard it as a necessary experience in life to find out the happiness factor contained in it." then, it will also make you feel happy! "

only by recognizing this, can we recognize the true face of life, and thus lighten the glory of the peak and the desolation of the trough.

keep your heart and look down on the ups and downs of the world, you will naturally be able to face the sufferings of life more calmly and move forward calmly.


mentality, it is necessary to "tolerate"

Wang Yangming said in the Biography of Biography, "be modest and magnificent."

what is tolerance? Tolerance is the mind of accepting the values of others, the bearing of tolerating the mistakes of others, and the courage to examine oneself.

nine times out of ten, there are so few things in the world that you can really get what you want, so to be tolerant of others is to make way for your heart.

excessive entanglement in personal grudges can only lead to unlimited anger and an uneasy state of mind.

the saint said, "blame yourself with the heart of blaming others, and forgive others with the heart of forgiving yourself."

tolerance is not a matter of compromise, but that you understand that this is just an experience in your life, and now that you have decided to take a big step forward, you don't have to get caught up in these unnecessary entanglements.

if the heart is concerned, there are complaints everywhere; if the heart is relaxed, it is always spring.

in the face of all kinds of malice in life, you might as well try to move forward.

use the bricks and stones thrown by others as stepping stones for your own progress.

when you reach a certain height, you will not be able to hear the noise you used to make.


Life should be "simple"

Avenue to simple, complicated in the hearts of the people.

grace and resentment, gain and loss, love and hate, but the scenery of life, do not worry about, laugh it off, is the best law of life.

as Thoreau said:/p>

Life is not complicated, on the contrary, we add too much burden to life.

get rid of the noisy bustle, and your world will be wonderful.

now many people are advocating a "minimalist life": you can't eat without food, but you don't have to eat too much; you can't live without money, but you don't have to have too much.

the so-called "minimalism" is not inaction, abstinence, poverty and loneliness, but the nature of being a human being, the essence of life, that is, who we are in the first place.

A couple of bosom friends, a cup of shallow tea, make life simple, fill your heart, and your life will become what you want it to be.

A person's best feng shui is himself.

the world is too big and life is too short. Since you can't satisfy everyone, please yourself first.

some yearning, some persistence, not for anyone, only for themselves.

do what you like, be nice to yourself, and you will find that everything is the best arrangement.

May you be less persistent, a little more happy, a little less entangled, a little more relieved, a little less sad, a little more lucky, be grateful for having, cherish companionship, and cherish it for the rest of your life.