In the second half of life, "five values" is more important than facial features.

/November 2022

time is silent, years are silent, unconsciously, life has passed half way.

through half of my life, green hair and white hair in the twinkling of an eye, how many vicissitudes in mind.

Don't worry that the best years are gone, because now is the best time.

across the hills, for the rest of your life, your "five values" are far more important than your facial features.

the concept of age in 2001: if the heart is young, the years are not old

as the old saying goes, "if you don't think about the old, you won't be a veteran."

Youth does not depend on age to give meaning, but a state of mind: if the heart is young, the years are not old.

there is a long way to go in life. Only by belittling age and living a full and meaningful life can the heart be rich and open-minded.

like Xu Yukun in Henan Province, an old farmer who has been living in the countryside for decades.

in his infancy, he began to ride the world, cycling through four continents on his own, covering nearly 110000 kilometers.

and 84-year-old slash grandma Junko.

during the day, she works hard in her dumpling restaurant, and in the early hours of the morning, she turns into a rock DJ in the bar.

Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi wrote: "Mo Tao Sang Yu late, for Xia is still full of sky."

the flow of time is immutable. Don't lament that life is too short and the years are too long.

precisely because life is limited, we should break free from the shackles of age and do what we want to do.

forget age, get better on the way to getting old, and live a good life at your own pace.


concept of health: there is nothing sick in the body, nothing in the mind

in the small window Youji, it is said: "there is nothing sick in the body, nothing on the mind, the spring bird is Sheng song."

the second half of life is about health, not only the body, but also a good state of mind.

because if you don't have a healthy body, you will have nothing and everything will be a cloud.

so from now on, eat on time, have a regular schedule, and keep exercising.

put health first. Only when you are well, will everything be all right.

besides, thinking too much in my mind is also torturing my body.

remember that you can't change the past. Thinking about people or things that are painful will only add to your troubles.

you can't predict the future, you always worry about what didn't happen, and you just get deeper and deeper in negative emotions, and you may collapse before bad things happen.

subtract from your heart. What you should put and what you should forget is the best way to be healthy.

as the old saying goes, "if there is no disease in the body, no worry in the heart, and no creditor in the door, he can be an immortal on earth."

for the rest of my life, take good care of your body and keep your mind simple and disease-free, and you will have the greatest happiness in the world.


the concept of fame and wealth: look down on gains and losses and learn to let go

Historical Records has a saying: "the world is bustling for profit, and the world is bustling for profit."

in this life, people are interested in fame and wealth in the first half of life, and realize in the second half of life: what if you get it, and what if you lose it?

the heart of gain and loss will only put himself in endless pain and trouble, and those who covet fame and wealth are bound to be burdened by fame and wealth.

Why not break free from the shackles of fame and wealth, look down on the gains and losses, learn to let go, and be a free person in the world.

just like that year, when King Wei of Chu heard of Zhuangzi's talent and fame, he sent envoys to hire him to be prime minister of a country.

Zhuangzi refused indifferently and said with a smile:

"daughter, it's really a gift!" Vassal worship is indeed a high power, but haven't you ever seen a powerful sacrifice in the suburbs? Carefully fed for a few years, and then put on silk and satin was sent to the temple as a sacrifice, can not escape the fate of being slaughtered. By that time, it would be impossible to be a pig rolling in the mud. You go. I want to live freely and not be bound by fame and fortune. "

Life is like a dream, fame and wealth like smoke, the true meaning of life does not lie in the flashy outside, but the freedom of the soul.

look down on the gains and losses and learn to let it go. When fame and wealth can no longer disturb the peace of mind, you stand at the top of your spirit.

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the concept of friends: gather and disperse at will.

Jin Yong wrote in his book: "you see these white clouds gather and disperse, and life is separated and reunited."

when people reach middle age, they are over a thousand sails, make friends with each other, and become accustomed to going their separate ways.

begin to understand that the origin and extinction between people has long been doomed.

instead of struggling with it, it's better to let nature take its course, cherish it when you meet it, and take it easy when you leave.

du Fu and Li Guannian, who met at the height of the Tang Dynasty, began with talent, were loyal to the three values, and finally became best friends.

after the an Shi Rebellion, the two had to wave goodbye and each embarked on a journey of vagrancy.

over the years, it is a long way off to meet again, but they all know that the most comfortable state between people is to gather and disperse at will.

fortunately, fate turns around. Many years later, they were reunited in the south of the Yangtze River. Du Fu sighed, "now the south of the Yangtze River is picturesque, and I meet you again in this season of falling flowers."

the world is changeable, it is difficult to gather and disperse, and all friends ask for is a mutual fulfillment.

the origin cherishes the fate, the fate dies with the fate, treats each other wholeheartedly when intersecting, and calmly after separation, everything is the best arrangement.


Outlook on life: the material is very simple, the spirit is rich

Lin Qingxuan said: "the more fragrant it is, the more simple it is."

the best state of one's life is nothing more than material simplicity and spiritual abundance.

the higher the spiritual level, the less material you need and the more you know how to give to life.Work on subtraction.

such as Su Shi's life, his official career has ups and downs, repeatedly demoted, cloth, clothing and vegetables, only a piece of tile to cover himself.

if there were other people, most of them would complain, but in his simple days, he lived a broad-minded and free and easy life.

because, even if he only has three meals a day and sleeps three feet, he always has a rich and full inner world.

his poems have experienced ups and downs of open-mindedness, a thorough understanding of the world, but also unrestrained boldness.

Su Shi has long returned to nature and is not burdened by the secular world. No matter what trough he is in, he can be at ease.

as the old saying goes, "the heart is material service, but the Tao does not carry it."

A person, the more he pursues heavy things, the more exhausted he will live.

only by looking down on the things outside, being good at the heart, and being simple in shape is the great wisdom of life.