In a happy family, the rich must be the wife.

/June 2022


Zhang ailing said:

it is not money and poverty that kill your marriage, but the sense of security that has been consumed for a long time. You are not afraid of poverty, what you fear is poverty without hope, without sense of security.

so you don't see how much money a man has, but how much he is willing to spend on you.

spending money is an important way to prove that a man loves women.

I have seen such a short story before, which is very touching.

in a company, there is a man who has very strong business ability and works harder than others, but has not been favored by the boss for a long time. Although he is very confused, he firmly believes that gold will always shine.

until one day the boss told the truth.

it turns out that this man has always been concerned about his work, only wants to get ahead, devote himself to his work, and never cares about family affairs.

and he turned a blind eye to his wife and children, whether his wife was sick or the child was crying, and went on with his work. Finally, one day his wife couldn't stand all this and asked him for a divorce, and the child was given to his wife in order not to delay her work.

but the cost of raising his children became a problem, so he made a scene with his wife in the company, regardless of his own image.

so how do you think such a man can succeed?

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how can a man who can't even take care of a small family become everyone, even his wife who shares the bed doesn't care, don't care about his efforts, how can he care about others?


wife is the feng shui of a family, and there is nothing wrong with whether a wife is good or bad can affect three generations.

Auntie is nearly forty this year, but she doesn't look old at all. You can't see the traces of time in her.

because my uncle never let my aunt endure hardships, and there are no details in her life. Although they were poor and poor when they first got married, their uncle relied on his own efforts to enable them to live a high-quality life.

although socializing outside is exhausted, my uncle will not keep a straight face when he comes home. He will always show his best to his wife.

every holiday, he will prepare a ticket in advance for his aunt to go home to visit his parents, and he will not be vague about what his aunt likes. In my uncle's words, the pattern of a man does not lie in whether he can give you material life or whether he is good at words, but in ordinary days he will put his love into action and give you the gentlest side in every detail.

No matter how strong a woman is, she is also fragile in her relationship.

the famous writer Sanmao once had such a conversation with her husband.

before I got married, Beard asked me a strange thing: "how much do you want a husband to earn?"

I said: "if you don't like it, the multimillionaire will not marry; if you like it, the billionaire will also marry."

"after all, you always want to marry rich."

there are exceptions. " I sighed.

"what if you follow me?" He asked naturally.

"then just enough money to eat is enough."

he thought for a moment and then asked, "do you eat too much?"

I answered very carefully, "not much, not much. You can eat less in the future." With these words, I became the wife of Jose, the big beard.

the best love, nothing more.

I like rich people very much, but if it's you, you can have enough to eat.

Marriage without sense of security is a blunt knife that shatters your hopes for marriage over a long period of time until it sends you to hell.

therefore, companionship is the best way to enrich a woman. A strong arm is worth a thousand words. A spoiled woman has nothing to fear.

Marriage is not only a matter of fuel, rice and salt, but also an attitude and vision. Smart men, know how to use "rich" as a vision, to build a happy family.


after marriage, the passion fades and the color peels off. Firewood, rice, oil and salt has become the main theme of life.

in most families, "for the children" has become the default consensus of both husband and wife.

it is true that the child's future is very important. But the mother's future is important to the whole family.

some people say: a good wife makes three happy generations.

A rich wife, confident and beautiful, will take good care of the whole family.

A rich wife, smart and leisurely, will produce excellent children.

the rich wife is magnanimous and kind, which is helpful to her husband's career. Please climb another tall building.

any healthy family revolves around the wife in the first place. Excessive investment in children and contempt for the wife will only lead to an unbalanced family structure.

mothers are the first educators of their children. if even mothers are unhappy and unhappy, no matter how good the cram school is for their children, they can not recover the lack of maternal education.

there is a good saying:

therefore, men should learn to enrich their wives, because in this way your family will be happier and your children will be better.