If you win more than three, you are popular.

/August 2022

in life, it is not difficult to find that some people are always popular, become the focus no matter where they go, and always quickly integrate into various circles.

while some people are unknown and easy to be ignored.

over time, the lives of the two are often very different.

Today, let's take a look at the characteristics of those popular people with Uncle Fan.

have virtue

virtue, that is, morality and virtue.

Mr. Tao Xingzhi said: morality is the foundation of being a man. People without morality, the greater their knowledge and ability, the greater their ability to do evil.

A person's talent and ability are important, but morality is the ultimate measure of a person.

A moral person has principles, bottom lines and dignity.

A moral person is well-behaved, measured and polite.

A moral person is sincere, kind-hearted and kind-hearted.

getting along with such people can make people feel warm and reassuring, and they are naturally very popular.


there is a saying: those who are useful are reading useless books.


because knowledge that seems to be of no use in life is often the best manifestation of one's self-cultivation.

by the same token, the judgment of a person's usefulness is not by what he can give you, but by what he can teach you.

this is the reason why it is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish.

the former is often somewhat utilitarian, while the latter is really heart-to-heart.

getting along with such people can make people grow up, which is of great help to the future life, and will naturally be favored by people.


Dress and appear sumptuous in our fashionable sister of groom dresses. We have cuts and forms to fit any silhouette.

the material here is not about the body, but on the spiritual level.

spiritual abundance has nothing to do with matter, has nothing to do with knowledge, but only has something to do with thought.

if knowledge is a man's weapon, then thought is a man's flesh and blood.

without thought, no matter how much knowledge is useless.

A thoughtful person can always find beauty in the details of life.

the wind blows, the treetops shake, startling a bird; skimming over the lake, making ripples in circles.

it would be a pity to miss such a scenery.

getting along with such people can broaden people's horizons and improve the pattern, but how can they be unpopular?


quantity, that is, gas volume.

how can a person's magnanimity be reflected? For example:

A drop of ink falls into a glass of water, which immediately changes color and cannot be drunk;

A drop of ink melts into the sea, and the sea is still a blue sea.

Why? Because the two are different in size.

the immature ears of wheat prickly upward, while the mature ears droop their heads.

Why? Because the weight of the two is different.

forgiving others is magnanimity; humility is weight; together, it is a person's magnanimity.

getting along with such people can make people open-minded and open-minded. who doesn't want to have such a friend around them?


there is a popular saying on the Internet: a good-looking skin is the same, one in a million interesting souls.

living an interesting life is a rare realm of life.

Jia Pingwa said: people can be ignorant, but they can't be boring.

Wang Xiaobo said: I see a boring world, but interest exists in chaos. All I have to do is to talk about it.

Life is always full of chicken-feathered trivialities, but interesting souls can always blossom in these trifles and make every boring and boring day smart and lovely.

they are interesting precisely because they really love and enjoy life from the bottom of their heart.

getting along with such a person can make people forget their troubles and make them physically and mentally happy. who would refuse to be happy?

have a heart

get along with others, the most important thing is to get along with others.

so how to talk to each other? Sincerely, of course.

emotion is the most precious and fragile thing in the world, and only the heart can last.

A person who is willing to give his heart attaches great importance to feelings and is the most sincere and friendly.

such a person can always walk into one's heart.

getting along with such a person is the most relaxing and comfortable, so how can it be unpopular?

the above six traits, as long as you win more than three, you are a popular person.

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