If you take care of yourself, you are the Buddha; if you take care of others, you are the devil.

/August 2022

there is a saying in the six Zutan Sutra: "if you are a true monk, you will not see the life of the world."

in short, a spiritual practitioner is devoted to himself and has no time to pay attention to the rights and wrongs of the world.

of course, it is inevitable for people to live in this world. For ordinary people, spiritual practice is a little out of reach, but how to live a more posturing life is a matter of ability.

nothing more than focusing on yourself and being receptive to others.

after all, if you take care of yourself, you can have a better life, while taking care of others will force you into the devil.


it is a mature

master of Sinology Ji Xianlin's perception of life that there are ten "taboos", one of which is to "mind your own business."

in Ji Lao's view, the best way to live is to mind your own business, mind your own business, ask inward, look inward, and inject energy into yourself.

Life is not too bad for those who can take good care of themselves.

Young writer Li Shanglong once wrote a book called "you just look hard".

since its publication, this book has inspired countless confused young people, but at the same time, there are also a lot of bad voices.

on Weibo, some people scold him for poisoning chicken soup and poisoning the broad masses of young people, while others write articles to criticize his works.

at first, in the face of numerous abuse and slander, Li Shanglong was aggrieved and angry and wanted to write an article.

but after writing, he didn't think it was necessary. Instead of spending time on these things, he should put it on himself, think more about his internal skills, and prove himself with better results.

he once said, "We can't make everyone like ourselves, and it's easier to control ourselves than others."

after ignoring rumors from the outside world, he spent more time and energy on creation, and a few years later, he became a million best-selling author.

and there are fewer and fewer voices who question him.

all over the world, it is difficult to achieve uniformity. There are all kinds of people in the world, and each has its own posture.

in the face of disturbances and discussions from the outside world, the most effective way is not to rush to refute, to take care of yourself and to do your own business, is the most powerful response.

Feng Tang said at the "wonderful work Conference" that a large part of all things in the world, in the final analysis, are two things, one is "none of my business" and the other is "none of your business".

the words are rough, and many people can't do it well.

that year, Feng Tang was a cross-border host. After the program was broadcast, there was a lot of abuse on the Internet.

scolded him for being greasy, said he was overnamed, and even rose to personal attack, but Feng Tang never cared.

paying attention to the sound of the outside world is like boxing into the air, hurting no one else, but you are tired half to death.

as Haruki Murakami said, "not all fish live in the same sea."

No matter how good you are, you can't satisfy everyone.

take care of yourself and do what you should do.


meddling will only cause disgust

"Shi Lin Guang Ji warns the world" says: "everyone sweeps the snow in front of his own door, never mind the frost on others' tiles."

but it so happens that some people just like to take care of your "frost on the tile". If you take care of it too much, it will naturally be disgusted.

many people say: "the most terrible thing about going home for the Spring Festival is not that you can't get a ticket in seconds, but that you don't see each other for a few years with all kinds of inquiries and self-righteous concern."

I really sympathize with this.

I have an aunt who is very warm-hearted, but when everything goes too far, it changes.

Life in the small town is easy, there is no extra entertainment, and she spends all her free time caring about the length of each family.

every Chinese New year, my aunt would ask around me:

"you are 28 years old, and if you don't get married, no one will want it";

"if there's anything good in Shanghai, you can't make any big money. Go home early and take root."

"Why are you dressed like this? it doesn't suit you at all."

go on, no matter she didn't do well in the final exam, applied for a volunteer in high school, or graduated from college, she came to my house to give me some advice.

at a family reunion, my aunt began to point fingers at me again, criticizing me from my age to my family background to my work, and I did not respond to her.

she became more and more excited, raised her tone to an octave, and snapped at me:

you say! Why won't you go back to your hometown?

I stood up unbearably and replied sarcastically:

"if you have nothing to do, you can ask your son to have more babies for you, take care of yourself, and don't always take it for granted to give advice to others."

later, I blocked all my aunt's contact information, and the world was clean.

Zhihu has a question:

"what kind of relatives are the most annoying?"

the most popular answer is:

"nosy relatives."

this kind of relatives have to take care of everything, from the small to how much to eat, and even to the big marriage.

what they are most passionate about on weekdays is to spend time and energy intervening in other people's lives, as if with her "foot", other people's lives will be dead.

but in fact, this "foot" is not only annoying, but also kicks away the distance from each other.

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born as a human being, the most important thing is to take care of yourself and not to extend your hand too long in other people's lives.


whether you are a Buddha and others are demons

there is a debate topic in the Qifa Shuo./p>

"your partner is willing to be a salted fish instead of making progress. Should you change him?"

Fu Seoul's answer is "no", but it took her many years to make this decision in real life.

the marriage mode of "strong women and weak men" between her and Lao Liu always haunts her. She spends as much time as she can transform Lao Liu, who is content with the status quo, as long as she has been married for many years.

of course, Lao Liu has also tried. He has sold durian, worked insurance, and has been cheated out of money.