If you reply to your Wechat message like this, please make a deep acquaintance for the rest of your life.

/October 2022

once read such a question on the Internet:

"what do you think two people do to get along with each other will make you feel sense of security-like?"

the most liked comment is: "reply in time, ask and answer."

but some people questioned under the comments:

"No one can guarantee that the phone will not leave the phone 24 hours a day. What if you are busy or don't see it?"

the author replied:

"those who really have you in their hearts and are secure will not be absent from any of your conversations."

"feelings need to go both ways, and messages full of anticipation should not be blanks that have not been heard for a long time."

so you see, those who deliberately reply late, or even those who ignore you, are unreliable and more untrustworthy.

the little things can be seen in the character, and the details can be seen in the hearts of the people. the way a person returns to Wechat, there is a hidden degree of attentiveness of this person.

whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance can be seen in the small details of replying to a message.


contact frequently and sincerely

Last week, I made an appointment with several old classmates I haven't seen for a long time.

Lao Liu was scheduled to go on a business trip. I heard that we were going to get together, so he drove over without saying a word.

the rest of us go to the end of the world as soon as we graduate. It's not easy to get together this time, and everyone always has a lot to say.

while I was having a chat, Lao Liu's mobile phone kept vibrating.

Lao Liu said he was sorry and hurriedly picked up his cell phone to reply to the message.

A friend saw it and joked: "what, a group of us are here, and none of our mobile phones are attractive?"

Lao Liu smiled and explained, "I have to reply to the message from this man."

as he opened Wechat for release, a childish and brisk voice came from the other end of the phone: "Dad, when are you coming back?" Dad, what delicious food did you eat? "

while Lao Liu didn't feel impatient at all, he answered all the questions on the other end of the phone patiently.

Lao Liu said that no matter how hard and tired he is, his wife and children have never complained about him. He couldn't bear to watch his family always have a heart hanging over him, so he would reply every time.

hearing this, all of us at the table were touched.

to tell you the truth, there is no unseen news in this world. Only those who do not want to reply, those who have you in their hearts, will never be busy with you.

Combining style with comfort, our silver evening dress are made to suit any occasion. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

as Fu Seoul said: "leisure, leisure, love are all idle." If there is love in the busy, it is the truth. "

people are always related to each other.

when enthusiasm is given to the wrong person, it is a kind of disturbance; if you really give it to the wrong person, you will only be full of regret.

when you are with someone who really cares about you, all efforts can be given in exchange for equal attention.


Yes, it is a disaster for people to get too close to each other, and those good relationships all have their own sense of boundary.

singer Wu Qixian once shared an experience that gave him a headache.

it was two o'clock in the morning and he was already sleepy. I could have had a good sleep, but who knows, Wechat suddenly rang.

seeing the video chat sent by a friend, Wu Qixian was worried that something big had happened and hastened to pick it up.

as a result, the other party was very lively: "Old Witch, we are singing your song at KTV, listen!"

Wu Qixian felt no sense of drowsiness when he was so upset, but there was nothing to blame. He just hung up the phone.

unexpectedly, after a while, the other party sent another video invitation.

before Wu Qixian spoke, the other party said, "the signal was not good just now. I'll call again and listen to you."

the other end of the phone was talking and laughing, but Wu Qixian held his breath.

he said angrily, "this kind of person should be blocked directly!"

No wonder Wu Qixian loses his temper and gets along with friends. No matter how close the relationship is, he should retain the minimum respect.

the way you reply to a message just exposes the lowest point of a person's character. The person with the lowest EQ I have ever seen is not regarded as an outsider.

if you are out of line when you get along with each other, it is not a good relationship with each other, and it is called causing trouble to others.

to be a man, you should know how to measure, know how to transposition, and weigh your place in each other's heart, so that you can get along comfortably and naturally.

the highest personality charm of a person is knowing the distance between closeness and closeness.


reply in time, never neglect

I have always thought that timely reply is the most visible pattern.

I still remember that when I first joined the job, I needed to communicate the work requirements with many leaders frequently.

among them, there is a senior, who has the largest official position, but also impresses me the most.

every time I send her a file, she will reply in time: copy.

sometimes when she is too busy, she will tell me in advance, "I have something else to do now. I'll get back to you later."

it is said that these leaders already have so many things that it is impossible to hold their mobile phones all the time, and it is common for them to forget when they are busy.

I was ready to remind her again before I got off work.

instead, she contacted me first, saying that the reply was late. I'm sorry, I've read the file, and there's no problem.

throughout the working period, whenever you encounterWhen it comes to communicating with her, I not only feel secure in my heart, but also feel respected.

in the information age, people communicate with each other through the screen. You never know how anxiously that person is waiting on the other end of the phone.

some people, the first time they don't reply, ask him, saying it's not necessary; the second time, if they don't reply, they say they've forgotten.

We have to admit that reassuring is an ability.

A person who receives a reply has a sense of responsibility to do things, is tolerant of others, and is worthy of deep friendship.

the word "receive", though simple, reveals whether a person will have a longer-term development.


Voltaire once said, "it is not the distant mountain that makes people tired, but a grain of sand in the shoe."

some people may think that replying to messages is making a mountain out of a molehill. But if you want to see the nature of a person, you have to start with such details.

after all, our life is full of trivial daily life, friendship or love, only those who can grasp the details can control life.

the person who receives the reply has a sincere and reliable charm; the person with moderate speech gets along with a cordial and natural aura.