If you need one more money, you'll understand.

/July 2022

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the most important thing for a person to lack in this life?

A highly praised answer is: lack of money.

when I was young, I always felt that it was the same whether I had money or not. It was no big deal. Just be happy.

now I look back and find that I was really stupid at that time! How can money be the same as having no money:

when the rent is due, the landlord will not be kind to you if you have no money in your pocket;

when your parents are sick and there is no money in the card, the hospital will not treat them;

when you are a little older, if there is no money in your passbook, people will not forgive you.

and if you have money, you can buy yourself a home and give your parents the best care. For everything, you can not only not make do, not make do, but also be fastidious, fastidious, and strive for excellence.

when you have money, it may be vulgar to talk about money;

but when you have no money, talking about money is a more vulgar thing.

whether money is important or not, you will understand if you need it once.


"I wish I had money."

there is a line in the movie Parasite: money is an iron that can iron out all the wrinkles.

A penny can defeat a hero, and an illness can destroy a family.

the world is cold, and money is always more reliable than the hearts of the people.

some time ago, my best friend came to tell me that my boyfriend of three years had broken up with me.

I have met her boyfriend and he looks mature and responsible.

"I was originally discussing the details of the wedding. as a result, last week, I was found to have myelodysplastic syndrome, and the treatment cost more than 500,000 yuan." My good friend sat on the sofa and choked up.

"after hearing the news, my parents raised money everywhere and turned white overnight. I'm confused myself. "

"I have only graduated for more than a year, and I haven't saved any money. I was going to discuss with him how to tide over the difficulties, but he …"

speaking of this, my good friend can't help crying.

I don't want to comment on the choice of my best friend's boyfriend. I just want to say:

A person's anti-risk ability is really too low when he has no money, like a bubble on the verge of breaking.

people are unfathomable and human feelings are weak, even if they are as deep as the sea, they can't avoid that sentence: but we poor couples feel more sad about everything.

moreover, when Pepsi is poor and humble, it is not just couples who are sad about Pepsi.

I have a friend whose father died young and his mother was ill in bed all the year round.

once, when a friend was on a business trip, he saw a massage chair for the disabled and thought it was suitable for his mother, so he was ready to buy it back.

as a result, when asked about the price, he got seven or eight thousand-- that's what he and his mother spent for the last two months.

I have no choice but to give up.

when he told me about this, my friend jokingly said, "if only you had money," but there were tears in his eyes.

Yes, a lot of times, if you have money, it's good.

after all, we are born human beings. Most of us are mortal and vulgar. We have to eat when we are hungry, dress when we are cold, cure when we are sick, and cannot live without money.

money is never dirt. Those who regard money as dirt either have money or have never lacked it.

because people who have been short of money can't say that it doesn't matter if they don't have money.


Adult sense of security is all for money

stumbles, and in a twinkling of an eye, he becomes an adult.

when I was a child, my dream was to be a scientist and an astronaut, to scold Fang Kui, to point out rivers and mountains, to "establish a mind for heaven and earth, to build lives for the people, to continue learning for the past, and to open peace for all eternity."

and these are all condensed into two words in adulthood: making money.

is not the worship of money, but the retreat of adults, which is really given by money.

I have an upperclassman who knows each other in an ordinary high math competition in college.

We don't have much in common, but I'm particularly impressed with him--

he got excellent grades and got the offer of his favorite company with an annual salary of 200000.

College teachers often tell us about him as an example.

but a few days ago, he posted such a moments: "maybe no one can earn the money standing up."

I thought it was strange, so I asked him in private what was wrong.

he told me, "nothing, just meeting some bad people."

it turns out that soon after he joined the company, he was promoted because of his outstanding ability.

but after the promotion, a department leader always leaves all kinds of dirty work to him.

at first he didn't think there was anything wrong with him, thinking that the leader was just practicing himself.

as a result, at a dinner party, when the leader was drunk, he talked nonsense, openly and secretly, trying to give him some color to see see, and what else did he say: "Today's young people, if they have some achievements, they will not be able to float, but they will not be taught a lesson!"

after listening to this, the senior went to the bathroom, sat alone on the toilet and burst into tears.

then he hid all his negative emotions from the bottom of his heart and returned to the dinner table with a smile.

hearing this, I was angry: "too bullying, you are so good, resign!"

after saying this, I regretted it: the seniors came from rural areas in remote areas. When they were in college, they went on work-study programs everywhere, and their tuition fees were paid by state student loans. He could not and dare not resign.

the upperclassman only replied: "then make more money and give yourself a way out."

I still have little contact with the upperclassman, but occasionally I see him complain about the harsh leadership and poor work in the moments. But in the end, he didn't leave either.

the older you get, the more you understand that most of the problems in life can really be solved with money.

actress Ye Xuan was forced to drink at dinner.

she put off for more than an hour, but the other party still refused to give up.

so she stood up and turned away and left without looking back.

most of the time, it is just the strength of the money and the way out.

recently, the seniors posted another circle of friends:

Yes, if you have money, you have the right to choose; if you have money, you have a way out.

and lack of money is the biggest dilemma in life.


making money is a tuyere, saving money is a virtue

at a recent classmate reunion, people talked about the topic of "money".

an old classmate got drunk and asked: what's the point of saving money?

he goes on and on about his "just-in-time theory":

"Life is short and the wait is long, so it's better to be happy first."

"if you get drunk today, worry about tomorrow and worry about tomorrow, why tie up the happiness of the present with the troubles of the future?"

"money is earned to spend, so why put the money on a cold card?"


A female classmate could not listen any more and retorted:

how old are you, and you feel that life is too short?

when you go to the hospital with no money for treatment and leave the house unattended, you will know what life is really short.

if you worry about everything tomorrow and worry about tomorrow, I'm afraid you don't even have a future.

Why should I save money? Because the money in the card is the hardest strength for a person!

all the students can't help but applaud.

some time ago, Singles' Day was very popular--

from "consumption surnamed Li" to "Qi Le I poor", from "owning a cat" to "selling popularity", from "tail payer" to "eating handsome people". E-commerce is so hot that we spend more than it does.

No wonder Taobao, which can carry hundreds of millions of traffic, can not escape the fate of "collapse".

but behind everyone's chopping hands every year, there are mostly ironic stories-

the year before last, a college student ate instant noodles for three weeks in a row in order to empty his shopping cart.

Last year's Singles' Day, a woman in Luzhou, Sichuan owed 300000 yuan for online shopping, and her husband was so angry that she wanted to jump off a building and commit suicide.

this year, before the Singles' Day holiday began, a piece of news called "female white-collar workers impulsively paid more than 30 online shopping deposits" first went viral.

Zhang ailing said: "I like money, because I have not experienced the pain of money, do not know the disadvantages of money, only know the advantages of money."

I strongly agree.


with money in your pocket, you don't have to eat instant noodles for three weeks in order to empty a small shopping cart.

with money in your card, you don't have to rely on loans to satisfy your spending desires.

with money in your passbook, you don't have to worry about a few down payments that can be refunded in full.

how many people spend money like water and money like flood discharge, and how many people do not earn much money and do not know how to save money.

they know nothing about the risks in the future and try their best to overdraw the future. When that cruel future really comes, they have no choice but to accept fate;

they are overoptimistic about the future and continue to be optimistic. They lose the ability to resist unknown risks a little, and finally they can only fall into the abyss and cannot turn over.

they do not know that if they have food in their hands, they will not panic in their hearts; if they have money in their cards, they can move on in life.

and the money in the card depends on one's own efforts to earn and save.

No one can accumulate wealth only by earning but not saving, and no one can go for a long time only by saving or not earning.

money is earned and saved. Only by earning and saving, can the road of life become wider and wider and farther and farther.

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from ancient times to the present, making money has always been the wind, and saving money is always a virtue.

and the money in the card has always been a person's hardest strength.


you don't have to be rich, but you can't be short of money

Oscar Wilde has a famous saying:

Yes, you don't have to be rich, but you can't be short of money.

Life is not easy, but life is really hard. The embarrassment, helplessness and collapse of adults are often due to lack of money.

A lot of things, lack of money, you will understand.

May you live warmly in a cool world and live brilliantly in an ordinary life with no lack of love or money for the rest of your life.

May you have the retreat and the courage to fight to the end in the long river of time.