"if you look at your home, you'll know if you're doing well."

/June 2022

Lin Yutang said:

people spend almost 2/3 of their lives at home, and we spend a long time at home with the most important and closest people in our lives.

the family has the magical power to change life and cure everything.

if you look at your home, you will know how you are doing.


A room with bright windows is the beginning of good luck

Last year, my best friend Xiaoyun was lovelorn.

I took a few cans of beer to her house to comfort her. at that time, her house was a mess, with clothes all over the sofa and floor, and beer and takeout boxes all over the coffee table. Open the refrigerator and the food inside is rotten and expired.

and she herself was no better, lying decadently on the sofa playing games, her hair greasy and her face covered with haggard.

2 months later, Xiaoyun invited me to her house again.

Open her door, I was stunned:

Xiao Yun saw my surprise and confessed sheepishly:

just one weekend, she finally couldn't look at herself and decided to start over and have a good life.

start with cleaning the room.

she said that when she threw away all the useless things and kept the room clean and tidy, the house immediately became spacious and bright, and her mood seemed magically cheerful.

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"everything seems to be moving in a good direction!"

tidying up a room is actually a process of tidying up your life and your heart.

your home is often the projection of your mind. When you have a busy day and drag your tired body home from work, you will see a room with clean windows and fragrant smell.

you will instantly forget fatigue and work pressure, feel comfortable and relax.

when you are in a good mood, your work and life will naturally be unarrogant and unimpetuous, especially smooth.

in fact, whether a person is doing well or not depends on the state of your room.


the lively living room hides the password to happiness

in life, you can often see such a family.

when I get home from work, each plays his own, one hiding in the room playing games, the other watching variety shows on the sofa in the living room.

even when eating, everyone is grabbing rice in one hand and mobile phone in the other.

obviously they live together every day, but they live like "tenants" under the same roof, turning a blind eye to each other's feelings and fighting alone in their own lives.

unexpectedly, the laughter and excitement in the room hide the password of a happy family.

once saw an American TV series "our Day", which is about an ordinary family of five in the United States. It is such a dull series that Douban scores more than 9 points every season.

because of the warm daily life of the family, it really infected everyone in the audience.

despite the different personalities of the three children, the couple are still trying to manage a good life.

from anniversaries and birthdays to hugs when you go out, and say good night to each other before going to bed.

remember one year's Thanksgiving, the car had a flat tire on the way to Grandpa's house, and the family had to walk five kilometers to a desolate hotel nearby to spend Thanksgiving.

in order not to spoil the mood of the children, father Jack found an old movie to watch with the children, put on hats, acted as an eccentric innkeeper and played games with the children.

finally, the day of disaster has become an everlasting memory for children, and the tradition of climbing mountains, partying and watching movies has continued since Thanksgiving.

in the Reader, there is such a passage:

the so-called companionship does not mean that we stay in the same space, but a kind of spiritual communication and resonance.

now, although I have already taken part in work and gone far away,

but when I come home on holidays, the most enjoyable time is for my family to lounge on the sofa in the living room after dinner.

either listen to my sister tell interesting stories about her at school vividly, listen to her mother talk about gossip about the neighborhood, and laugh constantly;

or find a relaxed and interesting movie where the family is eating snacks while discussing the plot, laughing and laughing.

No matter how hard the work is and how tired life is, it is quietly cured in this gentle flow of time.

in this life, we will meet a lot of people, but only family members will be by your side from beginning to end.


has always liked the saying:

between the small square inches of the kitchen, it is hidden the spiritual practice of one's life and the most touching warmth in the world.

I still remember that when I was in junior high school, my second uncle's family suffered a change. The partner who did business with me broke the contract and the second uncle owed a lot of money.

my parents were worried about the second uncle's family. They carried large and small bags of gifts and took me to visit.

unexpectedly, as soon as I entered the door, I was attracted by the fragrant smell of cooking in the living room.

I looked in. My uncle was very busy in the kitchen. The second aunt smiled and beckoned us to sit down quickly.

I still remember that meal with green cabbage, fresh Japanese tofu, soft waxy and sweet braised meat, which is really full of color, flavor and taste, which is still fresh in my memory.

on the way back, my mother smiled and said to us:

sure enough, then my uncle and aunt opened a snack bar in town, and the business became more and more prosperous.

I think the greatest blessing of a family is to be calm and calm.A good state of mind, carefully prepare a vegetable and a meal, no matter how hard life is, we should eat well and love ourselves well.

A family is really warm only when there is a beating fireworks in the kitchen.

the wine in the middle of the night is not as good as the porridge in the morning, and the food outside, even if it is delicacies, can not taste at home.

many readers ask, how can we live a ceremonial life?

actually, I think the sense of ritual is very simple.

eat one vegetable and one meal attentively, adjust the flowing love cooking into the five flavors of the world, eat three meals a day and four seasons, so that the long rest of life has vitality and temperature.

when I get home, I sit around a delicious meal, have a few drinks with my family, talk softly, and talk about the so-called happiness in the worldly world, but that's all.


Bing Xin said such a sentence:

A home, a room, does not need much magnificence and elegant taste;  as long as it is clean, comfortable and organized, the family will be happy and energetic.  as long as you are with your family, even if you encounter big storms, your heart can still be as warm as spring.

floating life three thousand, my love has three, the window is clear, the family sits idle, the world fireworks.

this is probably a sign that a home is getting better and better.