If you have the right mindset, it will go well for the rest of your life.

/October 2022

there is a cycle of things, a cycle of justice, and a destiny.

A philosopher once said, "your mind is your master."

it is often a matter of mentality when people live in the world.

if you have a good mindset, things will be small and the road will be wide.

in fact, nine times out of ten unsatisfactory things in life should be faced with a good state of mind.


mindset decides fate

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "A gentleman is not afraid to be independent, and there is no boredom to escape from the world."

A gentleman can maintain inner balance even if he is beset with difficulties and is not understood.

people live a lifetime, what is terrible is not failure, but a bad state of mind.

there is such a story.

an emperor had a dream: the flowers are gone, the water is dry, and the mountains are down!

he got up and told the queen his dream.

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the queen was shocked: "when the flowers fade, the good times will not last long. When the water dries up, the hearts and minds of the people will go away. I am afraid that the mountains will not be protected when the mountains fall."

when the emperor heard this, his mentality broke down and he was in a state of panic all day long.

when the minister heard about this, he said to the emperor, "your Majesty, this is a good dream, the flower is about to bear fruit, the water is dry, the real dragon is going to show itself, and the world is at peace when the mountain falls!"

when the emperor heard this, his eyebrows stretched out and his face smiled.

there are no good or bad things, it depends on how you look at it.

it looks like there is no road, but there is another village around the corner.

if you look at it with a positive and sunny attitude, it may be another beautiful scenery.

if you are negative and pessimistic, you will naturally get stuck in the quagmire of negative emotions and worry all day long.

Lin Daiyu is sentimental all day long, causing pain and finally burying incense.

A person has what kind of state of mind, what kind of life.

A good state of mind is more like opening the password for happiness. If you master it, happiness and happiness will come uninvited.


there is only a good mindset between you and longevity

there is such a research report.

people who live a long life account for 15% of genetics, 10% of social factors, 8% of medical care, 7% of climate, and the remaining 60% depend on themselves. The number one is mentality.

German researchers have followed 700 centenarians for three years and found that there is only one secret to their longevity: still have a good mindset!

A 115-year-old Zhang Cunhe, the oldest man in Shandong Province, said with a smile when asked why he lived so long: "if you don't fight, you can live a safe life."

he never gets angry all his life, nor does he compete with others for profit. He would rather hurt himself than hurt others.

it is with such a good state of mind that he can live so long.

Kazuo Inamori said in the living method: "everything you encounter in life is attracted by your own inner magnet, and disease is no exception."

A person's life is like walking. The more things he carries, the more tired he will be.

it's not your own, never force it, it's your own, enjoy it.

there are thousands of rooms in Guangsha, sleeping no more than seven feet at night; jade liquid, you can't drink white water every day.

those who have a good state of mind are healthier and live longer, while those who are easy to get angry and have a bad state of mind are in poorer health.

A good state of mind is undoubtedly a good medicine for the soul, which not only affects a person's style of doing things, but also harmonizes interpersonal relationships.

in this way, life can be relaxed and more comfortable.


in life, it is common to smile more

life's ups and downs, and despair and decadence will not help.

it would be better to smile calmly and shake hands with life.

if you are too stressed to make it, cook a few dishes you like, or sit in bed and meditate quietly, take a bath and wash off your fatigue.

Roman Roland said: "there is only one true heroism in the world, that is, after recognizing life, you still love it."

encounter bad luck, put on a good state of mind, smile, and be comfortable with it.

Don't be afraid to fall, stand up and move on. Open the road in every mountain and build a bridge in the face of water.

Life, there is no hurdle that cannot be crossed. If you look up to the sky and smile, you will eventually be full of willows and flowers.

Life, context is born from the mind.

Pepsi starts from the heart and solves a thousand sorrows with a smile.

Goethe said: "the happiness of people all lies in the happiness of the heart."

as the saying goes, things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the mind, and troubles are created by the heart.

people's mentality is the helmsman who determines the fate of life.

if you have a bad state of mind, you will hit a brick wall everywhere; if you have a good state of mind, everything will go well.