If you go too far, things will turn back at the extreme! (good text in depth)

/August 2022

there is a saying in Lu's Spring and Autumn period: "all must be lacking, and if it is extreme, it must be reversed."

everything in the world, if you go too far, things will be reversed at the extreme.

the Doctrine of the mean is not only the ancient Chinese Confucian classics, but also the highest standard of moral behavior.

if you have a good command of everything, it is just right.


when people are too idle, there must be difficulties

some people say: "idle people worry more, lazy people get sick, and busy people are happy."

I think so.

most of the time, people are too idle, not a blessing, but a disaster.

idle people, most of them want to be comfortable and content with the status quo, always do not want to make progress and muddle along.

day after day, I will only consume myself in junk entertainment.

over time, they will not be able to keep up with the pace of the times and be eliminated by reality.

Be ready to buy yourself the elegant fall cocktail dresses and stand out in a crowd. Your will be elated by your enchanting look.

in life, many people spend their leisure time by browsing short videos, their fingers are scratching faster and faster, and people are becoming more and more impatient.

what makes you think you are full is that as soon as you stop, you feel extremely empty.

when a person only rests on his or her favorite field: only watching interesting things, only gossiping about others, etc., it will lead to cognitive limitations and become a frog in a well.

"Learning is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall behind." people feel relaxed only when they are going downhill.

people are too idle, and the more empty they are, the more likely they are to be paranoid.

in ancient times, some people in the State of Qi worried about the collapse of heaven and earth, so that they could not eat or sleep well.

people who are idle always fabricate some tragedies out of thin air and make it difficult for themselves.

would rather be idle to wishful thinking, idle to lonely emptiness, rather than enrich themselves, it is also a kind of torture to live a long life.


if there is no virtue, there must be disasters

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "if virtue does not match, there must be disasters. The virtue is thin and the position is respected, the intelligence is small but the plan is great, and the strength is small but the responsibility is heavy, which is rarely inferior to it! "

if a person's virtue is not worthy of his treatment and blessings, it is bound to cause great disasters.

Li Si in the period of Qin Shihuang tried every means to frame Han Feizi in order to stand on a higher position.

after Qin Shihuang's death, he conspired to change Qin Shihuang's edict to make Hu Hai king.

later, he was framed by Zhao Gao as rebellion and died with five punishments.

"all laws are in vain, but cause and effect is not empty". When a person pursues interests regardless of morality, he will eventually get into trouble.

the evil roots and hidden dangers buried by people in the world, even if they could not be seen at that time, would always break out one day.

those who are really blessed tend to put morality first and will not be shaken by profit or resentment.

Zeng Guofan said, "We can only rely on virtue and study."

Life is short. Only by coordinating with virtue and allocating wealth with virtue can we enjoy a lifetime of stability.


people are intemperate, there must be disaster

degree, moderation.

there is a good saying: "the reason why some people can go well with the wind lies not only in their intelligence and diligence, but also in their insight into human nature and knowing what is appropriate."

everything is moderate, and life is under control.

spending money moderately, "don't panic if you have food to spare", don't be a slave to money, don't be a puppet of desire, be content, and live a happy life.

if you don't force others to be difficult, open your mouth, and be cautious in words and deeds, you will become more and more popular.

do things properly, "there is a wide world in your belly, and there is often a ferry in your belly". To give others a step down, but also to give yourself a way back.

kind-hearted degree, "Shengmien, fighting rice feud", with sharp goodness, is meaningful and valuable.

the lover is moderate, the lover loves himself first, keep a little self, leave some self-esteem, pay will be valued, get feedback.

LV Benzhong said: "the rules are prepared, but they can come out of the rules; the changes are unexpected, and they are not out of the rules."

outside the rules, there are many disasters.

born as a human being, you have a ruler in your heart and a degree in your actions, so that you can seek advantages and avoid disadvantages and be successful in your life.


I very much agree with one sentence:

being the right person is the highest state of life;

doing things just right is the greatest knowledge of life.

things are bound to turn back; if a man is too idle, he will be in trouble; if a man is not virtuous, there will be disaster; if a man is unbridled, there will be disaster.

everyone should have a ruler to measure others and measure themselves, so as to achieve three provinces a day and self-cultivation.

can we live a happy life in the rules of the outer circle and the inner side.