If you don't want to go to work, think of these three.

/June 2022

there was a topic on Weibo:

"what have you done because you are poor?"

just two words have triggered tens of thousands of likes: "go to work."

A joke-like answer has pierced the hearts of many people.

recently I saw a word called "psychological period", which means that people always give up their enthusiasm for work for a period of time.

everyone has a period of burnout, but they still have to get up at dawn and squeeze on the crowded subway.

in this world, there is no job without hard work, and there is no age without hard work.

if you don't want to work, think of these three people.


think of my parents

Last spring, my friend's father left.

he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and fell on the edge of his flower bed downstairs on an ordinary morning.

my friend choked up and said:

he began to hammer his head:

unexpectedly, this procrastination has become a farewell.

this matter became an everlasting pain in my friend's heart: "if I had the money to check at that time, would my father not have left?"

I believe many people have experienced this sense of powerlessness.

when I came home from the funeral to talk to my mother about it, my mother first sighed: "it's a pity that such a nice person left." Then he said to me:

before my mother finished, I burst into tears.

the greatest pain of being a child is not only that your children want to support but not wait for their relatives, but you still have relatives, but you don't even have the basic ability to repay them.

We have no choice but to work harder and make money as fast as our parents grow old.

I was a passerby fan of Liu Yan until an episode of "ace to ace" was broadcast.

when she mentioned her father's illness on the program, she said:

"my father was not in good health last month, and then he spent his 70th birthday in the hospital.

but I am very happy and proud that I have enough financial ability to give him the best medical conditions. "

suddenly developed an inexplicable affection for her.

maybe she suddenly became one of thousands of ordinary people.

just like my best friend, who is a nurse, when my brother passed away, she advanced by leaps and bounds all the way to several levels in the department.

the day and night upside down schedule, scolded by the patient is still smiling.

just to stand up and say, "Mom and Dad, there's me."

parents are getting old and many things are caught off guard.

when something happens, they will fall back into helpless children in an instant.

when they can no longer compete with the world, we should go up against the wind and rain.

No matter how hard your work is and how tiring your life is, the moment your name is written on the home page of the hukou book, you will know that you have come to the front row on the battlefield of life.

run, every step of your efforts hides the happiness of your parents in their old age.


think about lover

writer Liu Na mentioned the story of her husband Lao Liu in an article.

Lao Liu was very embarrassed when he was out of work.

once I was hit by a car when I went out to do business on a battery car. seeing that the injury was not serious, the owner said he was willing to pay 500 yuan for privacy.

Lao Liu agreed.

give her the money as soon as you get home: "take it and buy something to eat for the child."

Lao Liu didn't say a word when he asked him where the money came from.

Liu Na saw that his trouser leg was torn and looked away. The leg was hit and bled, and the blood was glued to his pants, and he was not willing to go to the hospital to have a look.

Lao Liu himself felt very guilty and asked her very seriously when he went to bed at night:

"wife, you follow me, marry to Shanghai, give birth to me, bear hardships with me, and honor my parents.

the key is to be nice to me. To this day, I haven't let you live the life of your dreams. Do you blame me? "

this passage makes people cry.

maybe every middle-aged man has asked himself like Lao Liu.

in the Beijing Love Story, Shi Xiaomeng said:

True love may not be measured by material things, but love without material things will lose a lot of dignity.

it's like the classic joke:

Love doesn't need a package of fancy clothes, nor does it always require a candlelight dinner, but at the bottom of your heart you just want to do it for her.

when I met a friend not long ago, he said to me with emotion:

before he was laid off by the company, he opened a small noodle shop and was reluctant to hire people. He got up early in the morning and worked late every day, and didn't want to rest all day.

the days are getting better. He had just bought a two-bedroom when he said this.

speaking of this, he smiled foolishly, showing a trace of imperceptible pride and pride.

Life is hard, but I can use my hands to earn a bright future for us.

"if you follow me, you will only suffer for a while, not for a lifetime."

this is probably the most vocal promise of a middle-aged man.


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think of the child

once saw such a picture:

the sky was drizzling sporadically. The mother left for a while, and the son was afraid that Rain Water would wet his mother's seat.

small body, leaning forward, motionless and protected by my mother.

as a parent, you can always be beaten by such a picture.Move.

who is not running hard for the children, so tired that there is no rest, and there is no way out.

but when I think of my child, I still walk through the wind and rain.

my friend Hideko was just thirty years old when she became a mother.

people say she stands at thirty, but she is forced to stand up by the child.

A little girl who used to regard money as dirt has become a middle-aged mother who only has money in her eyes and saves money for the sake of a little girl who doesn't eat or drink.

used to live a lazy life, it is common to arrive late and leave early at work, but now I have taken the initiative to work overtime.

when the little girl in the company happily picked up takeout and milk tea, she silently ate the box lunch she had brought at home.

so QQ search, crawling hard to earn, within a few years, unexpectedly saved a school district house for the child.

Love is a kind of inheritance and transcendence.

We step on the shoulders of our parents to struggle and sail, but after being parents, we become the shoulders of our children.

We go out early and come back late every day, work overtime late at night, and do all kinds of sideline work, but we are just trying to earn a beautiful starting line for our children and strive to lift their tomorrow.

just like what Gu Jia's father said in "just Thirty":

"our children are debts of our previous lives, and they have no ability, so let's be a good ferry."

they are the big cruise ships themselves, so we have to be the lifeboats up there. in case something happens, we are the ones who send them to the shore. "

parents are the backbone of children when they hit bottom and rebound, so we have to work harder and stand higher. Let them step on our shoulders and continue to ride the wind and waves.


when I was young, everyone longed for poetry and distance, wanted to be good friends and bosom lovers, and fried tea with wine for the rest of my life.

when I grow up, I realize that life is about going to and from work, revolving around my family and children.

Life is a plan that can never be caught up, never-ending subway, never-ending head-on assault.

look behind the lights in the whole city, which person's life is easy?

work is really hard. Although I wanted to give up 100 times, I chose to grit my teeth and move on for the 101st time.

work gives us the greatest strength, probably because you can pat your chest and say to your family:

the best way to live in life is to smile calmly after doing your best, rather than doing nothing with both hands.

run, there is still a long way to go.

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