If you don't have a heart as wide as the sea, how can it be plain sailing?

/July 2022

what is tolerance?

Mark Twain once said that Violet leaves its aroma on the hoof of the horse that trampled it, which is tolerance.

Happy people live in the tolerance of others and spend their time constantly forgiving others. When you have a forgiving heart with a light weight, you will find the happiness of life and the law of ease.

in short, if the heart is concerned, there are complaints everywhere; if the heart is relaxed, it is always spring.


Let go of other people's mistakes and free your heart

once upon a time, there was an old monk who raised a pot of orchids and grew up beautifully. One day, when the old monk wanted to go out to meet friends, he entrusted the pot of flowers to the little monk and told him to take good care of him.

one day, the little monk watered the orchid and put it on the windowsill and went out to run errands. Do not want the rainstorm, the strong wind overturned and smashed the orchid. The little monk rushed back and saw only the broken branches and leaves on the ground, which was very distressing.

when the old monk came back, the young monk was ready to be punished, but the old monk smiled and did not say a word of scolding. The young monk was surprised: after all, it was the old monk's favorite orchid!

the young monk asked, "Master, aren't you angry?" Why don't you scold me? "

the old monk smiled faintly and said, "I don't raise orchids to be angry."

A simple sentence, however, expresses a broad-minded attitude towards life.

We don't grow flowers to be angry. Similarly, we don't study to be angry, we don't work to be angry, we don't fall in love to be angry, and we don't live to be angry.

We do not grow flowers to be angry. Similarly, we do not study to be angry, we do not work to be angry, we do not love each other to be angry.

if you know tolerance, there will be no seeds of hatred in your heart, and you will have a beautiful aura, and happiness will follow; on the contrary, if you haggle over the pros and cons every day, you will only bear grudges, and it will be difficult to be cheerful.

tolerance is a blooming flower in your heart, a way to make peace with the world, and to live your life without demanding or resentment.


letting go of hatred is also the fulfillment of

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earthly things

. Not all encounters can please each other; not all encounters can laugh and see the spring breeze; not all hatreds should be taken to heart.

Xu Zhimo married 15-year-old Zhang Youyi at the age of 18, but the two newlyweds were married by an old-fashioned family. Although lively and gorgeous, he did not like her. Xu Zhimo, who received a new education, hated the wedding and this woman, even though she was a golden leaf.

her breathing is wrong, her speech is wrong, everything is wrong. Even though she did everything she could, she tolerated that he had a sweetheart.

but with the supremacy of love, he insisted on divorce, and she was suddenly stupid because she had a child again. Xu Zhimo said a well-known saying: "get rid of the child."

she was afraid: "I heard that someone died of an abortion."

he said, "there are still people who died in a train accident. Don't they take the train?"

the tone is cold and the heart is colder. In the final analysis, he did not love her and was unrighteous.

this woman is tolerant and broad-minded. Divorce, leave home, but take care of the old and the young.

many years later, when his plane crashed, she went to Shandong to collect his body, run the funeral, continue to help the Xu family take care of the industry, and die for his father. At that time, she was already the general manager of the company and vice president of the bank. She helped her down-and-out rival from time to time, and what she did was admirable.

who owes whom for the fleeting years in the world? None of this matters. What is important is that with tolerance and love, she breaks the cocoon into a butterfly, rewrites her life and becomes a well-known figure among the awakened women in modern society.

she didn't wander around too much in the quagmire of hatred, she let him go and fulfilled herself.

how life is going has nothing to do with others after all. If you hate, life is abominable everywhere. If you are grateful, you can be grateful everywhere in the world. If you grow, everything can grow.

there are two strokes in life, one is persistent, the other is put down.

it's not the world that chooses you, it's you who choose the world; it's not what kind of life fate gives you, it's what kind of life you choose for yourself.


Let go of obsession

Fish can swim freely in the water and forget the existence of water, and birds can fly on the wind without knowing the existence of the wind.

A person whose heart is as broad as the sea can take the storms of life as an opportunity to extricate himself from the whirlpool of obsession, look down on the vicissitudes of life and feel safe and sound.

not confused, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, do not think about the past, so that we can hold our head high and stride to the other side of success.

at the age of 24, Su Shi entered the third grade (the highest grade assessed by officials in the Song Dynasty) and became the best examinee in a hundred years. Unexpectedly, a few years later, he was demoted to Huangzhou because of the Wutai Poetry case.

when he came to Huangzhou, his official position was low, so he had to reclaim wasteland in the east of the city and plough the fields to make ends meet.

Su Shi was discouraged and wrote: I hate this body for a long time, when to forget the camp. He hated that he had an empty ambition, but because of a slip of the tongue, he missed the opportunity to show it; he hated himself for speaking bluntly, which affected his family and friends; and he hated that he was in the landscape, but he could not keep his mind about fame and fortune.

his remorse and entanglement burned his heart all the time.