If you are great, you will be blessed! (good text in depth)

/July 2022

have you ever had such a time?

the temper is getting worse and worse, and you will get angry at the slightest thing. Originally an adult, but like a child is generally not stable, easy to argue with others, vent their temper.

the helplessness of life, sometimes I just can't grasp myself.

you can't let a bad mood get better or get rid of your inner clutter.

when I mention this trouble to my friends. He said a word, I think so, he said, when you are irritable, when you lose your temper, it is generally a sign of incompetence.

Wang Xiaobo once said:

in fact, sometimes we don't live well enough, so we regard trifles as troubles.


people have a pattern of getting along with others

Wang Zengqi said:

people's life, it is really difficult for us to live calmly, especially when you see certain people clearly, how can you not be sad and disappointed when you understand something?

sincere people cannot bear deceit; kind people cannot bear plots.

treat others wholeheartedly, who doesn't want to be sympathetic to each other, no matter how sincere you are, there will always be people who regard you as an enemy.

if you are on the same road as friends, why should strangers care?

A person is not a circle. There is no need to invite him into your life.

take it easy, those who cherish you, those who hurt you, don't take it seriously. People should learn to afford it and let it go. Never use your own self-cultivation to challenge the ignorance of others.

sometimes, to learn to let go is not only to be tolerant to others, but also to be responsible for yourself.


atmospheric people are open to life

there is no so-called plain sailing in this life.

Today you may meet someone wrong, tomorrow things may not go well, big and small things emerge one after another, and you may be bored with trivialities.

as long as you are in a secular prison, how can you not be disturbed by the secular world?

as long as there are right and wrong around, how can there be no right and wrong around?

people, learn to be open, heart, learn to be bearish. No matter what happens, you can't lose your self-confidence and optimism.

Lin Qingxuan said:

does it matter what other people think?

be a man of principle, do things diligently, and don't care too much about the gains and losses of life.

relax your mind, be kind to others, deal with the world sincerely, don't ask everyone to understand, but ask for a clear conscience.


people who let go of their own obsession with

atmosphere is actually a kind of abstinence in some cases.

things happen, can be tolerated, can be light, try to tide over the difficulties, do not allow yourself to bear it in mind.

the person who is not worth it will not be given a chance to hurt himself and stop the loss in time.

when you encounter a difficult problem, don't worry about what is lucky and unfortunate, and face it positively.

sometimes we live very tired, just because at the end of the road, we don't know how to turn, we are too obsessed to let it go, and we don't know how to forgive others, thus hurting ourselves.

in this life, we will experience so much loss that it can be said that loss happens almost every day. After the early morning, there is no early morning, after the present, the present is reduced to the past.

people, live a lifetime, for what?

everything will be lost, but the experience of a lifetime and the mood of every day really belong to you.

there will be nothing in the end, why can't you let yourself be happy?

Yang Jiang said:

A person's life is actually a process of cultivating the mind. Broad-hearted and tolerant, talent atmosphere, people have atmosphere, there must be blessings!

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for the rest of my life, I hope each and every one of us can move forward calmly on the rough road, smiling at all the thorns and facing life with atmosphere!