If we all fall into the water, who will you save first?

/December 2022

Wen /Li Mi


everyone likes to test when they have a secret crush.

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I liked a boy in high school. I always feel that my love for him is obvious, but his attitude is always wavering. I wanted to confirm how he really felt about me, but I was afraid to ask him directly, "do you like me?" So I chose to use others to provoke him again and again. As long as I saw that he had said a few more words to a girl, I would test him in reverse, "do you like her?"

I hope to wait until one day to piss him off, I ask him again: "do you like little c?" At that time, he would say with a little exasperation and stubbornness, "Don't you understand? what I really like is you."

but I've been waiting for a long time, but I haven't been able to wait until this day. I just waited for him from the initial sulk, gradually to calm, and then to indifference. When he finally heard me ask these questions, there was only a plain alienation in his eyes. Then the beginning of the third year of high school, the end of the third year of high school, we are no longer in touch.

A few days ago, by chance, he found out my contact information and found me. After a long time, we really opened up and talked about it. After listening to me, he regretfully told me, "I thought you were testing at first, but after a long time, I really thought you were implying that you didn't like me." so keep pushing me out. " Finally, he said, "I don't think two people who really like each other need to test each other with a third party like this again and again." But how can you bear to ask me again and again to make me wonder if I have the wrong person? "

"your every temptation is hurting me."

then I realized that I had pushed him away from me.


my friend Watermelon has recently fallen in love with the camel next door in military training.

she made love to the camel several times in vain, so she had no choice but to secretly hide in the quilt at night and send me Wechat to learn from me. I asked her carefully how to be nice, and it was only when I heard her answer that I realized that the reason why she could not succeed for a long time was that she was following my old path and committing my bad habit of "testing you if I like you".

Watermelon said that once the camel finally contacted her and asked her to invite her to dinner. when she was happy, she wanted to further confirm his meaning, but she was embarrassed to ask, "do you want to see me?" So she struggled for a long time and said to him, "you haven't invited me to dinner for a hundred years. Are you out of order?"

I hold my cell phone here and ask her with a black line all over my face: "and then?"

she sent a bloody expression: "he was silent for a quarter of an hour, and then gave me an ambiguous reply." He said,'it should be soon'. Then I missed a whole section of military boxing that night, because after dinner I kept thinking about what is meant by 'soon'. "

I remembered my secret love affair in high school that lasted three years and failed because of temptation, so I asked her, "did you really want him to reply to you man and say,'it's up to you whether I'm out of order or not'?"

Watermelon replied to me with a tearless expression and asked me admiringly, "limy, you are really good. How can you tell?" .

I laughed at her: "this is your so-called pursuit style, which is really comparable to me."

the so-called pursuit of you and me is to beat around the bush again and again, obviously that you like each other, but you don't dare to tell him directly, and at the same time, with a little girl's sense of superiority, you always hope that you can succeed, and even let the other side fight back, and finally let him take the initiative to express his love to us.


over time, I have come to find that not only people in secret love, but also those who already have a lover, like to prove your love for him by temptation.

Xiao Wu has a habit that whenever she doesn't feel her boyfriend's care for her, she will drop "Let's break up" to get each other's attention. Previous wars caused by trivialities all ended with this sentence. A few times ago, whenever she said this sentence, her boyfriend would put his arms around her nervously, promised her the future, and told her again and again, "I love you." But after she tossed around for the fifth time, her boyfriend suddenly became unusually calm, froze for a few seconds, and then simply dumped her. He said, "if you want to share so much, do it."

Xiao Wu said that she never really wanted to break up, but just wanted to scare him and see his reaction to this sentence, so as to be sure that he really loved her. She used the "breakup" as a weapon to test her boyfriend, morbid hoping to see her boyfriend in pain and anxiety, confirming her importance again and again.

among so many ways, Xiao Wu chose the worst one, which is to prove love by hurting each other. She is really not confident that she can grasp this relationship and does not believe that the other person will treat herself with 100% love like herself, so she touches the boy's bottom line again and again and touches the most taboo high-voltage line in all relationships.

and in most cases, the other person won't talk as sweet as you want. And she knows that the other person can't give you the answer you want, but she still attracts his attention in the same way again and again. Just like in primary school, if boys like a girl, they will annoy each other by pulling braids and stuffing caterpillars to improve their sense of existence.

every time I encounter a similar situation, I always remember what the boy I liked in high school said. "if you really like it, how can you give up?"

but I'm sorry, because there's only so much courage I can muster for you.


I guess all temptations stem from cowardice.

I obviously like you, but I won't tell you. That's all I dareInfuriate you with words again and again, and test you with others. Even though I saw your performance to me, I chose to pretend that I didn't understand it, and I was secretly looking forward to your further expression. I want to make you can't help but come to me and express your love to me first, instead of being the one who speaks voluntarily on this Wechat account all the time.

actually I want to say "I like you" to you; I want to ask you face to face "do you like me"; I want to tell you directly "I'm jealous when you talk to her." When you asked me out to dinner, I really wanted to ask you, "are you thinking about me?" But I am timid, so so many touching words on my lips become: "do you like xxx?"

in fact, I want to say "I love you"; in fact, I want to ask: "do you still like me"; in fact, I want to beg you, "Don't leave me, don't leave me", but I'm afraid you'll discover my cowardice. So I roared at the top of my voice: "Let's break up."

there is only so much courage I can gather in front of you.

so the next time a girl asks you, "do you like little c?" You tolerate her timidity and tell her quietly: "I like you." If the next time a girl says to you, "Let's break up", please understand her bravery and hold her gently.

if you are reluctant to give up.

but I'm scared.