If things go against your wishes, please believe that there must be other plans!

/October 2022

when you are alive, you cannot be satisfied with everything.

things always go against one's wishes.

you should learn to accept, not complain.

you should try to let it go, not miss it.

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those who are out of your sight, say goodbye.

those who quit your life, learn to be grateful.

there is no one.

can accompany you forever.

it is enough for

to have a trip.

it doesn't matter whether it lasts long or not.

the past is over. If you can't come back,

don't indulge in the past.

if you lose it, you won't have it.

don't force it.

No matter how the world treats you,

Please be as kind as ever,

keep a grateful heart.

everything, as long as you work hard,

treat others with all your heart.

if things go against your wishes,

Please believe that there are other plans.

if you are going to lose it,

Please believe that everything is doomed.

Sakamuni once said:

No matter who you meet,

he is the right person in your life.

is no accident.

he appears to experience you, and

will surely teach you something.

something will be left for you.

so please believe that

if things go against one's wishes, there must be other arrangements.

if you are doomed to lose, you will get something.

there is nothing necessary to have,

nothing must be done,

follow your heart, let nature take its course,

listen to God's arrangement, everything goes with fate.

Life is a play, finished and ended;

Life is like a cup of tea, bitter, happy;

feelings are like a gust of wind, come and go;

worry is like a cigarette, left behind, gone.

so there is no need to be obsessed, there is no need to force,

go your own way, live your life,

do not be ecstatic about getting,

do not worry about loss,

so, very good!

Life is not long or short enough for us to enjoy.

No matter what you are going through at the moment, no matter what choice you are hesitating about,

believe that

if things go against your wishes, there will be other plans!