If someone owes you, heaven will pay you back. If you don't believe me, look!

/June 2022

the duty to be kind is not stupid!

often lend a helping hand to others, have help when you need it; be an individual and go far!

being sincere and magnanimous is not stupid!

it is not easy for a person to live a life. To give, one must have true feelings. Getting along with others is too cunning, and one's life will not be at peace.


Don't refuse kindness because you don't worry about being bullied.

the sky has eyes and can see through loyalty and evil; people have feelings and can tell right from wrong.

the right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life, a clear conscience is kind, be yourself in a down-to-earth manner, good people will be rewarded in the end!

Don't worry that sincere people will be hurt and become false!

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heart to heart, it is hard to go far without sincerity; love is true and intrigue is tiresome.

the body is not afraid of the oblique shadow, people are not afraid of other people's opinions, heart to heart to make bosom friends, support each other in adversity with sincerity!


be a man, do a good job in four words: have a clear conscience!

No matter how poor they are, no matter how rich they are, they will not be squeezed. No matter how difficult it is not to deceive people, and then not to hurt people!

No matter how poor you have been, how many people have made things difficult, no matter how rough the past, how many people have cheated.

be sure to distinguish between right and wrong. It is most difficult for a person to keep moving forward. Do a good job in four words: magnanimous and sincere!

magnanimity is your amulet, sincerity is your pass.

No matter where you go, magnanimous people have clean smiles and are not afraid of rumors; sincere people have true meaning and are most popular!


kind, not stupid, would rather be real than count others; magnanimous, not stupid, would rather give way than let people have no way!

remember, how do you treat people and people treat you? if you want the fragrance of life to fill the garden, you must first sprinkle love all over the world!

as the old saying goes: it is not unreported, the time has not come, if someone owes you, heaven will pay you back.

those who are diligent in farming will not lose everything over the years, but there will be a bumper harvest day!

people who have done good deeds for a long time, there will always be others who will remember their kindness and have a good life!