If a person violates the four rules of heaven, there will be disasters! (highly recommended)

/July 2022

Why are people so smart and always accomplish nothing?

Why does someone make a lot of money, but eventually dissipate it?

Why do some people strive to make progress, but are depressed and do not end well?

after reading the following four heavenly rules and nine laws + rules, you will suddenly realize!


in the Internet era, many people pursue fame and influence, because they have a reputation and are respected by everyone, but when a person's talent is not worthy of his own fame, it means that he is enjoying and making use of resources beyond his knowledge, which is overdrawing his accumulation, and the disaster will naturally come after the overdraft.

so, when our reputation continues to improve, we must constantly improve our strength and remind ourselves that the speed of strength improvement should exceed the speed of reputation improvement. Only in this way can we continue to achieve greater success!

2. A person's wealth cannot be greater than his merit

A person's wealth must not be greater than his own merit. Once your wealth is greater than your own merit, you are taking advantage of opportunity, that is, getting something for nothing. Speculation will lead to disaster.

since ancient times, the Chinese have always paid attention to hard work and harvest, and the wealth we can have is transformed by the value we create. However, over the years, more and more people have put the cart before the horse and do whatever it takes to make money. When a person's merit is not worthy of his own wealth, there will be moral mismatch and disaster.

so recently we can find a very common phenomenon. For those who made easy money a few years ago, many people have basically lost their wealth these years. Why? It is because of the lack of merit, ah, just to make money.

the so-called virtuous things, only virtuous things can be worthy of rich wealth.

3. A person's status cannot be greater than his contribution

A person's status must not be greater than his own contribution. Once your status is very high, but your contribution cannot match it, it will inevitably arouse the disapproval, jealousy and even calculation of the people around you.

on any occasion, the person who is highly praised must be the one who has made great contributions to the occasion. Only in this way can we convince the public, win the support of the public, and sit safely in the seat.

however, many people do whatever it takes to climb the ladder. They are complicit and meticulous, but they never think about whether they are enough with their own contributions. Even if they can succeed for a while, they will be ripped off one day.

4. A person's position cannot be greater than his ability

A person's position must not be greater than his own ability. once your position is too high and your ability is not enough, it means that you are exercising power beyond your ability. must lay the groundwork for the collapse of your position.

many people pursue high positions of power, but are not good at learning and improving their abilities, which is a very dangerous thing. We must not try to control things beyond our abilities. At this time, every behavior and instruction of you is biased, and you will bury yourself to a certain extent!

there are a few sentences in

there are a few words in e virtue is thin and respectable, the intelligence is small but seeks the big;

the strength (small) but the heavy, rarely inferior!

A person can only enjoy what matches him forever. The best way to get something is to make yourself worthy of it through your own efforts. Otherwise, everything is delusional.


Nine conservation laws

1 and suffering

suffering are the basic attributes of life.

everyone's total amount of hardship in this life is constant, and it neither disappears out of thin air nor happens for no reason. It will only be transferred from one stage to another or from one form to another.

everyone has a corresponding problem, and every stage has a corresponding problem; the more you choose to avoid it now, the more you have to sacrifice more to deal with it in the future.

therefore, suffering is conserved.

2, the Law of Conservation of Happiness

Happiness depends on whether one can correctly view the relationship between himself and the world. The reasonable index of this attitude determines a person's happiness index.

the happiness index of life will only increase with the improvement of this attitude. It has nothing to do with your wealth /fame /power.

No matter how much money you earn and how high you climb, your other aspects of happiness will decrease accordingly; the more you choose to increase it, the more you need to compensate it elsewhere.

so happiness is conserved.

3. The Law of Conservation of Freedom

A person's degree of freedom depends on how much he knows what he cannot do.

the scope of a person's freedom is as clear as he can see the restricted area.

only "self-discipline" can derive freedom.

whatever makes you feel good, it must also make you miserable; the more daring you want to do, the more unscrupulous you are; the more restraints you have invisible; therefore, the conservation of freedom.

4, Law of Conservation of Happiness

A person's happiness depends on how much he shares. It has nothing to do with how much you have.

because every time you get a point from the outside world, your chances of being pushed into opposition increase by one point; only when you learn to give can you reap happiness.

the more you want to gain satisfaction through possession, the more you will be pushed into opposition..

therefore, happiness is conserved.

5. The Law of Conservation of cleverness

the degree of cleverness of a person depends on how much wisdom he can use on the right path.

those who are really wise understand that the way of Heaven rewards hard work and is working hard in silence.

if a smart person always wants to be opportunistic or look for shortcuts. He is bound to suffer a fiasco, even a scourge. The smarter you are, the more stupid you need to work.

therefore, wisdom is conserved.

6, the law of conservation of gain and loss

how much a person can get depends on how much he finally dares to give up.

everything you get is exchanged for what you have lost.

A person who wants everything tends to get nothing in the end; if he wants nothing, he often gets everything in the end.

the more you want it, the more you need to give it up!

therefore, gain and loss are conserved.

7, Law of Conservation of value

A person's value depends on whether he can position himself correctly.

the accuracy of this positioning determines a person's room for value growth.

all brute force and stubbornness can not enhance your value, they can only make you more aware of yourself and be in awe of who you really are.

the more you imitate and follow others, the more you lose yourself.

therefore, value is conserved.

8, Law of Conservation of Wealth

the value of wealth that a person finally has depends on the total value he creates to the world.

No matter how many opportunities you have encountered and the magnitude of your wealth, or how many difficulties you have been suffering from, reality has always left you destitute; whether you are young and prosperous, or whether you are born at the wrong time and have no talent; there will always be a big turning point to reshape your wealth.

the more you want to speculate, the more ambushes you will face!

therefore, wealth is conserved.

9, Law of Conservation of Life

Life is a process of mean return! What is the mean of


the mean is the most essential, the most valuable place, but also the most true self!

No matter how high the peak you have experienced, no matter how deep the trough you have experienced, everything will return to the mean!

it's just that some people go on a roller coaster with big ups and downs, some people insist on keeping their feet on the ground; some people carry forward first and then suppress them, others suppress them first and then rise step by step.

there is really no need to be so anxious in life. If you keep your feet on the ground, you will make up what is less in front of you and what is less here and there. this is called the way of Heaven.

A man has a thousand calculations, but heaven counts.

these are the nine conservation laws of life.

therefore, life is conserved.


the world is a balance, and when a certain aspect is insufficient, it is bound to be superfluous.

1. If you are deficient in essence, you will eat more

when a person is lack of energy, he will deliberately get energy from food. This is where overeating comes from. A peaceful state of mind, a regular life and enough sleep are the sources of energy.

2. If you don't know enough, you worry more

when you don't know enough, you worry too much about a lot of things, and you don't have sense of security. Just like Yang Jiang's sentence: your problem is that you think too much and read too little. So people's anxiety is often caused by the shallowness of their knowledge.

3. When one is mentally deficient, one is paranoid

when one is not cognitively aware, he will be skeptical about many things he has never seen before, always doubt everything, linger, and miss a lot of important opportunities and people.

4. Less prestige leads to anger

when a person lacks authority but needs to frighten others, he will subconsciously create momentum for himself and show the feeling of opening his teeth and claws. However, the more this shows their inner fragility.

5, if the degree is not enough, you will complain

when a person's measurement /pattern is not enough, what he sees is unfair. What he sees on the 20th floor and on the third floor is rubbish. A long time will lead to his own inner extremes, full of resentment and discontent, complaining and lamenting all day long.

6. If you don't believe enough, you will say more

when you can't explain clearly, you will try your best to express yourself. However, the more you express, the poorer the words are, and the easier it is for people to catch flaws and handles, while those who are confident are always silent.

7. Love is affectionate

when a person lacks love /understanding in his heart, he often needs to seek compensation in another place in an attempt to find his sustenance for another person's love. This is not called love, it is called psychological compensation, and it is the root of many tragedies.

8, lack of morality makes more desire

when a person's moral cultivation is not enough, he will be full of desire, and desire and greed will push a person into the abyss.


when a person's ability and status (wealth) do not match, or his talent cannot support his reputation, he will bury a great hidden danger, and the situation will get out of control at any time.

it is true that each of us is not born complete, so life is always controlled by what we desire, but we can continue to be complete. Once we have enough, life will not die, unsullied, unclean, unincreased and undiminished.

the world seems unfair. Some people rise to heaven as soon as they gain power, while others are buried without a trace. But if we extend the time a little longer, we will find that the world is really fair!

What is the way of Heaven? The law of the universe is the way of heaven!

what is God-man? The man who acts according to the law is the man of God.

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