I want to have further development with you.

/December 2022

@ Thorn

two years ago, I asked my roommates to take a picture of me and my ID card with my shabby Samsung phone, and then I chose the more handsome one as the certified photo I used to apply for a public platform.

I filled in the word "disorganized" in the name of the platform.

I don't know why I set the name to "disorganized", but I just want to use "disorganized" as my platform name. Because I think the name is cool, and it turns out that messy is cool.

but in his two years of disorganized work, he has been laughed at countless times by others.

Our gorgeous ball gown prom dresses are definitely eye-catching. Enjoy shopping for that fabulous garment.

during my internship last summer, my boss said to me, "you write so long that no one will read it."

to tell you the truth, during that half-month of work, I may have been a real loser in the eyes of my boss, and I couldn't do anything to meet his requirements. After ten hours of revision of a manuscript, I was devastated. At 2 o'clock at night, I said to my boss, "I still want to do what I like."

when New Year's Day was disorganized in 16 years, he wrote business tweets for others for the first time. At that time, the quotation was 500yuan, equivalent to my living expenses of half a month. After the push, I received this reply: "you have become impure, literature and art should not have anything to do with money, I want to close, advertising dog."

I still remember New Year's Eve's day, in order to push before the meal, I began to write after posting the couplet at noon. When dinner was about to be served at home after 5 o'clock, I hadn't finished yet. My father knocked on my door three times and told me to go out for dinner quickly. I kept saying, "it's almost there. Give me another 10 minutes."

Ten minutes later, my father finally broke out and asked me loudly, "do you write a lot?"

I looked at him and said, "I'm useless without it." "

fortunately, this is a thing of the past. At this moment, at 4:14 in the afternoon on May 15, 2016, I was sitting in a bookstore in Dongguan and tapped the original topic today:

"as long as you live, something good will happen."

@ eel whale

in a twinkling of an eye, it has been two years since I joined the chaos. Someone asked me what you got. Someone asked me the same question a year ago, but he asked, "what do you want?"

if you ask me what I got, maybe I won't say, from the 1300 views of the first article to the first 20w + this week, it's unimaginable.

I can't say that I can't imagine knowing a lot of idols and seniors, becoming their friends, eating and laughing together.

I won't say that when we saw our article published in a magazine, the school invited us to give a speech. In the early hours of this evening, when I went back to the car in Songshan Lake, I could hardly imagine reading what I had written on the headset.

I would not say that at that time, all parties felt that they were rubbish. After four years of college, we finally have a team that combines work with play. And this used to be my ideal, almost unimaginable.

sit down and think about it and get something. Maybe a year ago I boasted:\ "Open a compliment, I just need to write to drink Vitasoy.\" Tonight a year later, we went to Camilla for a meeting, and the shopkeeper said, "I know you. Let's buy you something to eat."

maybe get a meal.

Thank you to everyone who supported me when I was down. One day I can support you, too. Good night, disorganized.

@ Tongc

if you start with the first messy article in 2014, to this day, you will know what "from scratch" means.

when I first came in, there were only the thorn eel whale and me, three of us, with no promotion and no writing fee. When we were poor, the three of us could only sit on the playground and drink soda. When we were rich, thorns invited us to eat a bowl of burning immortal grass.

only when you have nothing, do you know the weight of the word "no turning back".

We wrote in the hallway of the dormitory, in the shopping mall, on the bus, and then we began to read more than 1,000, more than 6,000, more than 10,000.

the other day I was at Huacheng Huacheng with the eel whale, pointing to the tall building on the central axis of Guangzhou. I jokingly said to her, "in the future, we will buy a floor here as an office." Then the eel whale sent my original words to the group chat, and Zhang Jingzhi said more funnily, "who told Tong c? I don't want you to know yet."

No one dares to say that there is bound to be a future, but everyone dares to say that it will not be "impossible".

We have been impetuous when we have won the support and praise of many predecessors and readers; we have been confused when writing articles with 1000000 + and when the number of fans has reached 50000.

but we will solve every problem, because behind every bottleneck period, it is your support and love that you put in the "top official account".

@ Zero

when I met Zhang Jingzhi, I was only half a year old. A year later, Zhang Jingzhi asked me, "do you want to join the chaos?"


and then into chaos, after the sharpening process, I really like the place of chaos.

my favorite messy place is sincerity. Whether you hate one thing or like one thing. Whether it is disorganized internal communication, or disorganized communication with readers, are sincere.

I have tried to chat with Muyi all night till dawn, cry bitterly when I am depressed with Tong C, and have tried to talk to Lim.Because of choosing school to talk about life and the future, I also tried to buy me Vitasoy because I didn't have the money to eat.

depend on each other, depend on each other.

in the chaos, we give each other the most direct advice: your attitude is wrong, you write too little, you are not professional enough, you do not like it enough. Every sentence is direct and sharp, honest with each other. We talked to each other about what each other had done badly, and we both admitted our mistakes. Tolerate opinions and modestly swallow different views.

this is a place where we can speak bluntly, and this is a place that is sincere and not false. Thorns say that the core of chaos is "progress together". It is to face these criticisms that we can all make progress together.

I like being disorganized and like everyone here. Therefore, when I feel the sense of existence in this group, I am happy. I am happy when I write a manuscript.

@ Limy

I encountered chaos when my mood was at its lowest.

at that time, Hong Kong was so hot that everyone was busy applying for student associations to hold activities. I received several failed interviews within a week; then I learned that the summer exchange program failed, and the ticket I just bought was told that it was impossible to cancel the flight. At the same time, I am on a crazy diet to lose weight, drooping eyelids every day waiting for the only lunch, but not weight loss but anemia and frequent palpitations.

Thank you for your support constantly in your mailbox; daily exams, reading; pains and hunger; endless papers. I don't know what I can do. I don't know what I'm fit to do. I don't know what I should do.

at this time, Zhang's mail drifted across the ocean and jumped onto my screen.

he said, "Hello, hello, I'm Zhang Jingzhi, the disorganized editor."

"I hope you bring new power to chaos, and I hope it will take you where you want to go."

Welcome. Everything seems to be getting better after


Today happens to be a messy second birthday. I just want to thank you for being disorganized and for paying attention to you.

everything will be all right and better.

We all are.

Happy birthday.

@ Muyi

my fingers have been used to press the shutter instead of code words for many years, so much so that when I recruited new students in April, I was in such a hurry that I had only a few photographic notes. When I received the reply, I was in English class, and my handwriting trembled slightly when I wrote the words. I was surprised and surprised. But after the excitement is more at a loss.

when I first came in, I actually had a lot of psychological pressure. Everyone wrote manuscripts with high productivity and efficiency, but I lost my desire for expression because I had been dealing with pictures for a long time. It takes a long time for an article to be conceived and formed, and the more I am urged, the more confused I think. When I asked the thorns how to break through and where to start, he just told me, "write more." It doesn't matter if you don't write well, you can only delete it and start all over again. " Vivi also said to me, "take your time and pick up the pen you put down." Disorganized is a warm team, tolerant and patient enough to make progress without leaving anyone behind.

it was only after I came in that I learned that a tweet of more than 2,000 words is not just as simple as publishing a personal blog. It needs to go through the beating of various opinions, repeated deletions and changes, condensing the painstaking efforts of the whole team. We hope to be worthy of our enthusiasm for words and those of you who are waiting for disorganized tweets.

Today is the second anniversary of chaos. Thank you for your company. Let's make progress together.

I'm the editor-in-chief, and finally I'd like to say a few more words. In the past two years, many people have asked me what the meaning of writing is, or what the meaning of being disorganized is. I used to reply to them like this:

"it doesn't make sense if you can't make 100,000 fans."

so in order to make clutter "meaningful", we used to try our best to pursue the number of fans and readings for a while, because I have heard a saying: to cater to others now is so that we don't have to pander to others in the future.

and I never feel ashamed of pandering. The real shame is that you sit there doing nothing and laugh at the people who make the change.

but then again, I don't want to use money or the number of fans as a criterion to judge whether something makes sense or not. money and the number of fans are very important. they provide more opportunities and resources for us to think and do, but they can never decide what we are going to do or what we want to do.

because if one day, we really reach 100, 000 fans, then after 100, 000 fans, or even if we are not careful, we will have 200000 fans, will we turn our goal into 500000 fans or 1 million fans?

so a number can always be a target, but it is not a meaning.

what exactly is the meaning of that disorder?

make progress together, all of us, better and better day by day. Whether it is the disorganized content, or our team members, or even looking at the disorganized you, I hope to make progress together. Chaos is getting deeper and deeper every day, and you are getting smarter every day, and you can even look better every day.

as long as we all get better day by day, I think it makes sense to be disorganized.

Thank you for your willingness to progress with us. Good night.

there is no background music tonight

but there is our voice

(hey, you found the treasure again)