I want to have dinner with you for the rest of my life.

/December 2022

Wen /Tongc

recently Li Mi posted a Weibo topic in the group: "does a girl really give you face when she goes out to wear a day?"

I remember that Vivi was the first to raise an objection. She said, "definitely not. Do you know what a girl expresses her greatest love for a boy?" It's cooking! "

"first of all, I have to clean up the floor under the table, sofa and bed, get up early and go to the market to buy the freshest dishes, go home and cut a piece of meat, Chinese food should not be repeated with four dishes and soup, and western food should be prepared with steak, seafood and red wine. I have to set the plate after serving, and wash the dishes and wipe the table after dinner, okay?"

it turns out that "want to have a good meal with you" is not an easy thing, but for people who want to eat with you, it is not easy, it does not mean "unimportant".

because it's very important for you to have dinner with me.

taken on the way to dinner yesterday

/it turns out that it would be awkward to have dinner with you without playing with your cell phone.

Last semester, I went to dinner with my high school deskmate and "her friends" and politely had a routine conversation of "what do you eat" and "it doesn't matter". After placing an order, five other people on the round table picked up their phones and started browsing on moments to post Weibo. I think of a recent movie with high marks on Douban. So he said, "Why don't we go watch the electricity."

I looked up and found that I ignored me, so I forced myself to swallow the word "shadow" and the Douban score behind it.

because of this, I was full before I ate that meal. Suddenly found that I do not play with the phone is different, let me think of the word "dinner", always feel that it actually means to ask you to play with the phone.

later, such a meal always reminds me of a few words. The food is tasteless and on pins and needles.

I just want to have a good dinner with you. We can focus on the conversation, but I still don't want you to stare at your phone all the time, because the point of "having a good meal with you" is not "dinner", but you.

/two /you promised to have dinner with me.

I remember that on the afternoon after the college entrance examination, apart from picking up my books and selling them and throwing them away, I had no feeling of saying goodbye to each other from now on, because we all said, "Hey, I'll see you at the teacher's dinner on Saturday."

this parting sentence is so easy. It's the same as when I usually come home from school on Friday with my schoolbag on my back door, I shouted to my deskmate at the back door, "Oh, my mother is downstairs. I'll go home first. Remember to borrow the math paper to copy the last question for me tomorrow night."

it's easy to say goodbye because I think it's impossible for an exam to separate two people who have slept in the same bed for three years. I think we have more "in the future".

so we continued to smile at the Xie Shi banquet, holding the head teacher who usually appeared at the window to see if we had deserted, singing, clinking glasses and cheering, without the slightest hint of sadness.

but as there is less and less meat on the table and more and more beer bottles under our feet, everyone's faces are getting redder and redder, but their eyes are also unconsciously red.

at that time, more and more people burst into tears, both boys and girls. Maybe it's because we know that another name of "Thank you Banquet" is actually "break-up meal".

I know that after dinner, the group of people who organize to sing will go to sing all night, and the group of people who say they want to go to the movie premiere will definitely package the whole show and take a special group photo.

but I know it's only this once, and they can do it.

I am not a pessimist, but I can expect such an outcome. Because those guys who clinked glasses and said they would come out to get together once a year have never shown up since.

I don't know where they are now. They all promised me.

I don't know if they will pay back the meals they owe me.

it doesn't matter if you really can't afford it, at least you guys have to get there.

/4 /it seems not bad to see you make excuses.

I ate those large pots of tomatoes and wax gourd in the tea restaurant where I worked during the summer vacation alone, which were rough and tasteless; my roommates with no money ate hot soup fish skin dumplings in the alley, but hot mouth was happy; the editor-in-chief, eel whale and I ate high-grade steak and spaghetti served by customers, and then went home to write articles, running around and mechanically.

I have eaten with different people in different places, but I haven't had dinner with you yet.

it's not because there's no food, it's because there's no you.

if one day I say to you, "Let me treat you to dinner", I just want to find an excuse to see you, face to face with you, grab the last Coke chicken wing in the porcelain plate covered with sauce, and talk about your recent situation.

I just don't know how you are doing now. I haven't had dinner with you for a long time.

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