I want to go to the concert with you.

/December 2022

Wen /Zhang Jingbo

when I was swimming at school in the afternoon, I suddenly thought of the group of roommates in high school, because from the beginning of senior high school, we said that we would go swimming together one day, and it would be better than who could swim faster. But we looked for it for three years and couldn't find the day to go swimming together.

I was lying by the pool, watching the sunset in the distance, thinking of the song of our dormitory and the Song of laughter in May. Found that life is sometimes really unpredictable, used to sing songs with a smile, but now it sounds like crying. Because after graduation, we are really like the lyrics.

"I had a fight with myself, and I couldn't figure it out. Anyway, I won't cry any more."

I didn't know what this lyrics meant before, but later it became clear that it was about how I felt when I fought alone. When good friends embark on the track of their own lives, we can only fight alone, so if we encounter those distressing things, we can no longer vent on our good friends as we used to, and no one will take your fist for you. If you want to vent, you can only fight with yourself, then wipe away your tears and start all over again.

looks strong, but also lonely.

like me, after graduating from high school, although I find something I am willing to fight for all my life, I think of my former good friends and feel sad that we can no longer fight side by side. Because no one can fight me like them anymore, and no one is waiting for me to go back to my dormitory to play "fight the landlord" to drink Coke with mustard, no one can find that I am depressed, and then call me "useless material." cheer up.

eyes will get a little wet

sad people forget

only remember this song

I remember one night before graduation, we planned to go to a concert on May Day after the college entrance examination. In the past three years, these bastards, those looking for girlfriends, those who play games, and those who play games, there is no such thing.

I don't know who I think of when I see you here.

is it like me now, I want to find them to teach them a lesson, even if they don't teach them a lesson, have a meal, bastards. Because the feeling of fighting with myself is really bad.

in fact, I like May Day because of a girl.

but the story is not so corny. Because she likes May Day, I force myself to listen to May Day. But when I really fell in love with May Day, I found that she didn't like me, so I left such a problem and used May Day songs to remember her who didn't like me.

it's a more direct anti-routine. It's because she doesn't like me that I like May Day.

the reason is very simple, you ask those who are lovelorn, do they listen to May Day songs?

persuade yourself to give up and listen to "tenderness".

persuade yourself not to give up and listen to "you are not really happy".

persuade yourself to let go and listen to the Starry Sky.

I can't help but express my love again, so let the other person listen to the "hug". After being rejected again, I posted "stubbornness" in WeChat moments.

if we say that the most difficult moments in our first two decades are those when we are lovelorn. Then I believe that there are a large number of people who are "lovelorn" who fall in love with May Day for the same reason as me. Not because their songs give us strength, but because May Day helps us express what we want to express. Those who suffer, those who hesitate, those who persevere, those who are affectionate.

I remember that night, I confessed my love to her, and then she asked me a question: "if I tell you that my happiness has never been because of you, can you understand how much I don't like you?"

I said, "well, I'm sorry."

in the days when I liked her, every day I expected us to be able to hold hands and wave glow sticks with the people around us one night in Guangzhou or Shenzhen. While listening to the May Day song, I was glad that I was not as miserable as it was sung in the song.

but back to reality, I still lived to be what I sang in "tenderness": "to set you free, this is my tenderness."

I was going to die alone, but fortunately, I met a better person and tried to deserve her.

so, I don't like May any more, but I also like May better.

I don't want to thank May Day here, because they should thank me in turn and thank me for my willingness to deliver all my "overburdened" songs to them at the worst of times. So, even if it's not what I expected, I should still listen to May Day's songs, and I must go with her now.

because I also want to talk to her about how I, who used to be so stupid, so reckless, and so mindless, approached her step by step.

it's not easy to stumble along the way, don't you think? At the same time, I also hope that your luck is as good as mine.

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"are you lovelorn?"

"how do you know that?"