I like you who are reluctant to give me up to anyone.

/December 2022

recently, there are very few courses, and I spend a lot of time on browsing movies. I wanted to find more inspiration for writing, but I found that it was not good to watch too many movies, because it was always much worse than reality.

in the movie Sangri Summer, the two protagonists are accompanied by same-sex love; in the Gift in Room 7, father and daughter are accompanied by smuggling; and in the Love Notebook, they are accompanied by Alzheimer's habits.

so I thought that the "companionship" we need should be the same, proved by life, ideals, and inseparable care, but we obviously ignore the companionship that already exists around us.

Today we drew a set of small cartoons about crocodiles and chickens. Let them tell you what a little companion is like.

you always accompany me to do something boring

it doesn't matter if it's stupid.

you always tolerate the wayward me.

No matter how unreasonable the request is, you will not argue with me.

you like the mischievous me.

and my favorite


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you who are reluctant to give me up to everyone

I am 100% happy when I am with you. But I hope you can break it into countless small pieces and accompany me little by little, just a little bit every day, and accompany me every day.

if you also like the comics created by Li glass, welcome to Sina Weibo to follow @ glass and give you some company every day.

tomorrow is CET-4 or CET-6. Go to bed early and go well in the exam. Good night.