I encourage you to be a "tough" person.

/August 2022


Don't let "excuse me" become a disease

I have a friend who joined a new company some time ago.

the elder who took him was a little brother who was several years older than him, and at first he thought he was getting along well.

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the seniors often take him for dinner and coffee, and the fee is AA.

later, the elder slowly asked him to pay the bill on the grounds that he had too much to do and had to deal with the news.

my friends didn't pay much attention to the money for meals and coffee a few times ago, and his seniors didn't take the initiative to give it, nor did he ask for it.

he thinks it's a treat for more than a hundred yuan, and it's right to repay the care of his elders.

but gradually, the elder seemed to acquiesce to the good thing that he could not pay if he was asked to pay the bill.

not only did he not pay for meals and coffee, but he also began to ask his friends to buy him personal belongings.

on several occasions, I even asked my friends to pick up the children from class, send keys to my wife, and do something outside the scope of work.

more than a month ago, more and more money has been accumulated for meals, coffee, taxis, cigarettes, and so on.

friends feel that they are still a newcomer after all, and then there will be a lot of work contact, and I don't know how to say it.

while worrying about the money he has paid and the extra chores, he has been entangled all the time, worrying alone.

the Big Bang Theory says, "you are so kind that the world will eat you to the bone."

Persimmon is always pinched softly. The more patient you are, the more people will think you are easy to bully.

people, I would rather make others feel "difficult to mess with" than make others feel bullied.

blindly backing down will only make it further.

learn to refuse in order to gain a benign relationship.

so, I encourage you to be a "tough" person.

not too enthusiastic, not too flattering, can remain kind but also sharp, gentle, loving and strong.

only in this way can we be good at living in the world.


is really capable.

is to be a "difficult" person

has always liked actor Mao Xiaotong very much.

looks gentle and weak on the outside, but in fact, he is strong and invincible inside.

when she ran into the scene of her ex-boyfriend's affair, she quickly packed her bags and moved within 3 hours, leaving her clean with the bad guys.

break up for many years, did not say a bad word to the husband, still leave each other a bit of dignity and dignity.

but when the other party begins to wash white, he splashes dirty water on Mao Xiaotong instead.

she showed her "difficult to mess with" aura and directly released evidence to hammer the slag man, which was well received by onlookers and was neat and neat.

at the same time, Mao Xiaotong has a trash biological father who is imprisoned for drug abuse and divorced from his violent mother.

after becoming famous, he went to programs everywhere to accuse Mao Xiaotong of abandoning him and asked Mao Xiaotong to pay an one-time alimony of 50 million yuan.

but Mao Xiaotong chose to ignore it and did not let him succeed.

she met many rubbish people and rubbish one after another, but she was never defeated.

will not act coquettish, cry and sell to pretend to be the victim, nor will they spill tears and scold the streets upside down.

but the logic is meticulous, the means is fierce, the train of thought is clear and unhurried to deal with, do not give each other any chance to mess around.

as Mao Xiaotong himself said, "Don't underestimate a woman's courage to deal with problems."

in my opinion, everyone should have such "ruthlessness" so as not to be looked down upon and bullied.

being a man is actually very simple. You can be kind to others as they treat you, but you must not be weak.

Yu Hua said: "when we treat the world ferociously, the world suddenly becomes gentle and gentle."

if people don't offend me, I won't offend them. If a person violates me, he will be courteous.

if someone still offends me, give him a shot back. If someone commits an offence against me again, he will get rid of it.

dealing with bad guys with bad intentions, showing your attitude and using your means is the best way to protect yourself.


after it became "difficult to mess with",

my life became much more comfortable

writer Wu Zhihong said: "it is not easy for adults to destroy each other.

when others perceive that you are a difficult person, you are more likely to be respected and have a good relationship. "

Zhihu netizen @ Xiaoxiao once shared such a story.

she and her husband have been married for two years. Her husband was born in the countryside and the couple bought a house in Chengdu. The woman's family paid for it in full.

at first, her mother-in-law wanted to come to Chengdu to live with them on the grounds that it was not easy to spend the winter in the northern countryside.

because she didn't want to embarrass her husband, she agreed to stay for a while, and the weather was warm and went back to her hometown.

but then, my husband's younger brothers and sisters often come to eat and drink at home, and their living habits and values are different, so they are prone to friction.

the couple's originally calm and regular life was made a fuss.

one day, when she heard her mother-in-law on the phone, she complained that her puppy was too delicate and had to feed imported dog food.

says he wants to find an opportunity to sell "this money-wasting thing" to the market.

netizens could not help but get angry, and all the grievances since living together broke out instantly, leading to a big quarrel with their mother-in-law.

ask my husband to send his mother-in-law home immediately, and don't come to live at home again, otherwise he will get divorced and leave the house clean..

always thought that her good-tempered mother-in-law was frightened by her "spicy" and did not dare to disturb and take advantage of her again.

so far, I have kept a friendly distance, but the relationship is much better than living together before.

people who are often praised as "good character", "good temper" and "easy to get along with" actually live a very suffocating life.