I designed ten thousand ways to meet you.

/December 2022

Wen /Qing Qing

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I have heard a song by Xu Fei before. The first sentence is

I have designed ten thousand ways to meet you

from the earliest bus in the morning to Guangzhou

Last Monday, I invited Zhang Jingshi to tea. As a result, he dawdled with Tong c until 11:00 because he washed his hair and blew his hair. He said he couldn't understand you, and he didn't meet his boyfriend. Why did he have to make such complicated costumes when he went downstairs for tea? I said, "of course. How do you know when to meet that person?"

it's the same with boys. An is the kind of guy I hate who can go out in slippers and pajamas. Sprite asked me two days ago, "do you know he's been in love lately?" "I know. The boy began to pay attention to his hairstyle and changed his style of dressing. Obviously, it's either in love or someone you like. "

do you know why it takes us half an hour to wash our hair, 10 minutes to blow-dry our hair, an hour to moisturize and thrush, lipstick and scrub over and over again to be absolutely satisfied? Do you know why you don't have the habit of taking an umbrella every time you go out? every time you meet you, you are in the cafe where you often go. Do you know why my family still takes the same bus with you every day when I am not in the same direction with you? do you still have to go to the most basic photography public election even though you have studied photography in a professional course?

later, "premeditated encounter" sang for us, "thinking hard about how to be the most natural", "passing you without an umbrella on a rainy night, maybe you will keep me company because you can't bear to watch me get wet", "drink the Blue Mountain all afternoon in your most frequent cafe until you show up and pretend I don't have any money, and then you have to pay for it."

I did so much just to make a chance encounter with you. Although every time I followed you until I went home and saw you walk past me with an umbrella, I only dared to sit at the next table and order iced coffee like you. When you sit in the first row of public elective courses, I only dare to sit in the last two rows. I still met you when I saw you coming head-on, and I didn't dare to say hello to you, but every time it was "I met you".

I design ten thousand ways to meet you

but I'm afraid of a real encounter.

I've been discussing something with my friends recently. I think it's weird. Every time I'm in a state of self-giving up, I don't go out if I can't go out. When I go out and pray, "Don't run into acquaintances, don't run into acquaintances." every time I meet the person you least want to see. "whatever you are afraid of" is a very evil concept.

once I just got back to school from the hospital after a week of illness, which meant that I had no shampoo, no makeup, dark circles under the eyes of a panda that had not slept for centuries, and a loose T and jeans of the vegetable market aunt. and carrying a shoulder bag that I don't know where to pick it up and ugly. I can't imagine a day in my life that is uglier than that day. Walk along the school road and say, "Don't run into acquaintances."

who expected to see the male god coming out of the Super League the next second, as witty as I made a sharp turn more than 20 meters away, made a big circle back to the dormitory, and said luckily, "I narrowly escaped a big disaster." But when I got to the downstairs of the dormitory, there was a twists and turns, and the male god came up from behind. The scene in which he called my name was almost visual when Sadako climbed out of the TV. I wanted to pretend that I couldn't hear the acceleration. His hand had already stopped me, "where are you going?" At that moment, I thought. My life. That's it. It's over.

I design ten thousand ways to meet you

but every time I meet you is a tragedy

every time Ono and I sit on the fake grass and drink coke in the evening, watching a group of boys wearing loose T-shirts and shorts with colorful capital letters, stepping on uncle slippers, and walking silently from us to the dining hall. I would shake my head with a sigh. "what will happen to my boyfriend in the future?" Ono proudly boasted to me: "fortunately, my male god pays great attention to image."

but yesterday Ono told me: "recently, the male god has cut his hair, and he has turned black. The last time I saw him, he was wearing a pair of ugly socks. Well, I think, what do you say about that feeling?"

"you don't think you like him that much."

"Wow, how do you know!"

of course I know, the next time his hair grows back, it's not so black, and his socks are changed, you'll like him again. You should not think that this kind of love is very superficial, in fact, I think whether it is handsome or not is the second, but the image is really very important.

the male god is not that he is handsome, but that he has a good image. At least so far, it is difficult for us to pay attention to a handsome boy with ugly hair, or a beautiful but scruffy girl.

"good looking" and "good image" are two concepts.

and love is that when you plan to go out to see him /her, even if your hair is a little dry and your shoes are a little dirty, you can't accept it at all.

when I came home on May Day, I ran into an old classmate. He greeted me awkwardly, "your hair is not as split as before." I was stupefied for a moment, subconsciously swept their own short hair giggle. On the way home, I remembered that my hair used to be very long. He sat at my back table. When he was idle in class, he would steal the handmade scissors from the next table and cut my hair with bifurcations. "other people's hair is waist-long, but you are waist-length, and you cry ugly!"

but in those years, no matter what others advised me, I refused to cut it dead or alive, but I went to the barbershop alone on graduation day and cut it all. No one knows why I did it. When I met him that day, I remembered that it was because I was afraid that after I had cut it, no one would be idle to help me cut bifurcations to pass the time.

that summer, I listened to Gigi Leung sing "cut my hair short."Cut off the bifurcation of being careless and unloved "and cut off the long hair that has been kept for ten years, because after leaving you consciously, it is very difficult for anyone to tolerate the careless and less image-conscious themselves.

do you know why girls must wash their hair when they go out? "No, I have to wash my hair before I can go out." "No, I'm going back to wash my hair." I am often annoyed by these two words, but I can't refute it, because shampoo is really a very serious thing. How serious is it? if you want to see an idol all the time, you finally have a chance to meet him, but if you don't wash your hair today, I'd rather give up this chance. It's no exaggeration, that's the way it is.

but most people don't know that washing hair frequently is not a good thing. Hair loss, dandruff, itching and other common hair problems are all caused by unhealthy scalp. In particular, the improper use of shampoo, not only can not protect the hair, the scalp will be more and more injured. This is related to what we would like to recommend to you, and it is also our financier today-Zhiguan amino acid shampoo.

(pink supple set, each set contains shampoo and conditioner)

(blue oil control set)

(purple fluffy set)  (yellow repair suit)

Amino acid shampoo was first known through the strong recommendation of Big S many years ago. I only know that it is very popular in Japan, but I have never used it, and it is not well known to the public. For one reason, it is expensive. Amino acid raw materials are very expensive, so even if all kinds of shampoos on Taobao bear the name of amino acids, they only sell for about 20 yuan, we dare not buy them, because the true and false are clear at a glance.

the scalp is one of the thinnest skin in the human body, only 1.467 mm, second only to the eyelids, but it can play a very powerful barrier absorption function, regulating body temperature, metabolism, immunity and so on. The essence of hair care is to protect the scalp, really protect the scalp in order to avoid hair loss. The biggest thing about amino acid shampoo is that it is mild and less irritating, and can really protect the scalp.

I tried the Violet travel suit, which is aimed at fluffy and dry hair.

1 /foam is rich, delicate and dense, there is a sense of shampoo with facial cleanser.

2 /the most direct feeling at first sight of the outer packaging is that it must be very fragrant to the nose, because it is incompetent to accept the fragrance that is too heavy and inferior. After trying it, I found that "Zhi Guan" is the kind of fresh and elegant, close to the high-end perfume, the light and elegant fragrance that you will not smell is enough for me to recommend.

3 /refreshing, before the trial, my hair was fluffy and bifurcated, and after using it, my scalp was not only tight, but also kept smooth and refreshing the next night.

of course the most important thing is the price

150RMB/sets (each set contains a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner)

plus a travel set (fluffy + repair set) × 2

but the most important point is that if the travel suit is not suitable after trial, it is refundable.

"Plant View" Shampoo purchase method:

Open the end of the article to read the full text, see the shop page.

when boys talk about girls' untidy hair makeup, and when girls sigh to a group of dishevelled boys, sometimes we are helpless, even desperate, and there are no two or three people who look "comfortable". In fact, as long as a little attention to the image, at least neat and stylish, you can greatly enhance other people's good feelings, but there will be lazy, broken cans, anyway, I do not have male (female) friends, I dress up to whom, the less dressed, the worse luck, vicious circle.

if a person can't even shape his personal image, in fact, no matter he is in love or looking for a job, he won't go anywhere smoothly. Because if you are perfunctory to yourself, how can you expect others not to be perfunctory to you?

I hope I can design a way to meet you ten thousand times.

I can boldly walk head-on when I meet you.