I appreciate women living like this (suggested collection)

/June 2022

as the saying goes, "it is difficult to be a man, but even more difficult to be a woman."

Life is alive, but in a flash, how to live a beautiful and colorful life as a woman is the goal that many people pursue all their lives. Therefore, I appreciate women living like this.


learn to be happy

Poetry fairy Li Bai once said, "time waits for no man, but old hair must be made into silk."

time never waits for anyone, from blue hair to white hair in the blink of an eye, half of his life has passed, it is only then that he understands that he will live a lifetime, please himself, and learn to be happy. For people or things you can't get, you'd better learn to let go; in the face of life's predicament, it's better to smile calmly. Learn to let go, learn to let go, only let the soul get real relief, can harvest real happiness.

Life is capricious, and the most important thing is to live in the present. Believe that there are no hurdles in life that cannot be crossed, and you can see the willows and flowers only if you cross bravely.

Life is really hard. You should have a normal heart and learn to face it happily.

Happiness is not only a kind of realm, but also a kind of wisdom.

Happiness can not make life rich, but it can be contented;

Happiness can not be away from troubles, but it can simply be happy;

Happiness can not live forever, but it can live a long and healthy life.

learn to be happy, learn to let go, smart women know how to be happy every day.

Happy people are the richest people in the world!


learn to be kind

Zeng Zi said: "although good fortune is not yet here, misfortune is far away."

have good thoughts and often do good deeds. Good retribution may not come yet, but disaster is far away.

Women can not be beautiful, elegant or rich, but they can not be unkind.

kindness is not only the foundation of being a man, but also a person's amulet.

if you are kind in your life, you will be blessed; if you are kind in your life, God will bless you.

kind-hearted people know how to be tolerant to others; kind-hearted people know how to be considerate of sentient beings; kind-hearted people have friends coming from afar; kind-hearted people, blessings come uninvited!

A woman's greatest capital is not beauty or figure, but a kind heart.

kindness is the best skin care product in the world. A woman with a good heart must be beautiful.


learn to cherish

Zeng Guofan said: "Heaven can be filled, the sea can be filled, and Nanshan can be moved. The past is the past, and there is no way to recover it. "

once time goes by, it can't be recovered; once the one who loves you leaves, you'll never get it back.

the world is so big that it is lucky to have someone who cherishes you. Learn to cherish it.

money can buy luxuries, but not sincerity; money can buy houses and cars, but it doesn't care.

when you are alive, you should learn to do and cherish it. You should know that some people turn around for a lifetime.

A really smart woman knows how to live in the present, cherish every day, cherish the people and things in front of her, and cherish everything she has.

cherish your health, health is the most important; cherish your family, they are the most important people in your life; cherish your friends, it is hard to find bosom friends in your life.

Life comes and goes, the future is not long, be grateful to meet, cherish to have.


some people say, "Women, beauty is the advantage, and beauty is the skill."

time may take away our beautiful faces, but they can't take away the charm in our bones.

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Life is very short, to live beautifully and wonderfully.

the most important thing is to learn to be happy and please yourself; learn to be kind, and those who are kind will be blessed.

learn to cherish, gratitude is the greatest wealth, such a woman, can be happy life!