How to make money by operating the official account (part two)

/December 2022

Last Wednesday I wrote an article entitled "how to make money by operating an official account", which mentioned that the first way to make money is to rely on the reward of readers. If it is good enough, a monthly income of more than 10,000 is not a problem at all. But most importantly, by praising authors who earn more than 10,000 a month, they may not care about the amount of appreciation at all, because they all have enough ability to maintain their financial independence.

to report the data of that article:

how on earth does the official account make money was pushed on the evening of May 11th, with 5347 readers, 25 appreciators and 53 yuan. The proportion of appreciation is 0.4%, and the average amount of appreciation is 2.3 yuan.

actually, it is not necessarily that the higher the amount of reading, the higher the amount of appreciation. I have seen a lot of official accounts with praise, but the number of 3W + readers may be only a few. Because readers' willingness to appreciate has a lot to do with the content of the article and readers' habits, such as and Caitou has mentioned more than once in the article that readers should learn to respect the fruits of other people's work, and appreciation is a kind of recognition to the author.

over time, their loyal fans (including me) gradually developed the habit of appreciation.

the same is true of chaos. As long as my article is put on the main tweet, even if the reading volume is relatively low, the amount of appreciation will be higher than that of eel whale and Tong C, sometimes even 1.5 times higher. Because I not only tell stories, but also talk to readers and break the boundaries of the article (I don't know what it means, because I'll save it for next time).

well, the review is a little too long. Let's go back to the question of how official accounts make money.

second method: business promotion

refer to Subscription account: WHATYOUNEED blokes late at night to forget the road

first introduce the characteristics of these three official accounts, compared with and Caitou and big Fenng them, the operators of these three numbers will be younger (all under the age of 30, mostly post-90s). If you have paid attention to the news, for example, Mr. Xu of late Night and the editor of Da Qianlu have already published an appointment with Luyu in 15 years, and WhatYouNeed has also been in the newspaper of Nandu because of the change of account.

so they are all "Internet celebrities" in the self-media world.

these three accounts have their own writing characteristics: when they first became popular in the middle of the night, it was because of Mr. Xu's dirty jokes, but now they have changed into a fashion information account dominated by complaining; on the other hand, the content of Da Qianlu is more inclined to tell some fresh daily stories, although now there are so many advertisements that you can't predict whether his tweets are advertisements or not.

WhatYouNeed their positioning is very clear, that is: the gathering place of young people.

so WYN writes all the topics related to today's young people, which are very resonant and topical. I just went to their office last week and asked them for a lot of advice on how to operate the official account. They are also willing to spend their money to teach each other. They have no airs at all.

when it comes to business tweets, like WhatYouNeed and late-night tweets, they will not make headlines now, while merchant tweets will only be on side tweets, because they know that no matter how well they promote and write, it will damage the reading experience of fans. So they would rather charge less advertising fees, but also put the business on the vice-push or even three push.

forget the road is different, they usually push the business in a very soft way to show in the main tweet. In fact, the current practice is also the same, using headlines to do business promotion. In fact, it is not because we are open to money, but because there is no way, ah, given our current size and the number of fans, advertisers only accept this way.

but please believe me, the headline promotion must be temporary. In the future, we will also put the business on the vice-push, because we may care more about your reading experience than you do.

generally speaking, these three numbers are all in the same way as we do merchants:

1. Discuss with the merchant about the promotion content (what product or activity to promote)

2. Determine the promotion form (must be made according to the style of each number, merchants can only make minor changes)

3. Merchants pay a deposit (usually 30% of the merchant's price, and the deposit is non-refundable if you are not satisfied with tweets)

4. The writer promotes the content

and the price is different, generally speaking, it is calculated on the basis of reading volume (Sanmao /a reading volume), and then add their own brand premium. Like the most popular Mimeng, the price of an article is 30W. The price pushed by the late-night merchants should be 5-6W, and the Wyn is 3W, and the big forgetfulness road is about 3W. (I only know the approximate price, which is not necessarily in line with it.)

and the disorganized prices compared with the above major accounts are simply a fraction of them, just enough to maintain the operation of our team.

by the way, I missed one point. These big accounts all operate as a team. They all have a relatively perfect fee system to encourage members of the team to continue to create good content.

good content-high reading volume-high price-high contribution fee-good content

so content is the most important part of all Subscription account. No matter how beautiful your design and typesetting, or even your public relations resources, not as good as you have good content.

if possible, I hope you will not be too disgusted when you see the official account advertising, because really, we regard the official account as our own business. I believe that any writer will not like to write advertisements, because the process is too difficult, you have to consider not only the feelings of readers, their own persistence, but also the feelings of advertisers.

Advertising dogs have not only the immediate existence, but also the poetry andParty A.

like the last time we went to dinner with WYN, Crown kept writing the Shang tweet for that night with his notebook before serving the food. While we were having a good chat, he was still there discussing with the advertiser whether a sentence should be bold or discolored.

it's very painful.

back to the point, the second part concludes:

in 15 years, many people said that the dividend period of Wechat public platform is over, it is becoming more and more difficult to attract fans, and the living space of official account will only become smaller and smaller. But in fact, they are only half right, the dividend period is over, the market will naturally be screened and eliminated after the quantity is saturated, and the first ones to be eliminated must be those marketing numbers that have no content.

official accounts with content will break out as long as they find a breakthrough. And I read the statistics before, which probably means that the proportion of major advertisers in self-media is getting higher and higher, while the proportion of traditional media (newspapers, magazines) is declining.

so, if you still want to be an official account and want to make a living. Stop foolishly doing marketing accounts without content, watch and learn more, find your own breakthrough, and keep outputting content is the right way.

to say something beside the point:

in fact, on the first anniversary of chaos, I was determined to do a good job in chaos, because I estimated my future situation at that time, a bachelor's degree from an ordinary university. I really can't think of a way out of my college life except writing. So I have to devote myself to the writing of the official account, and the so-called "getting better" is actually to cater to the tastes of fans.

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because I am not good enough to be a maverick and be sought after by others at the same time, I have to follow in the footsteps of others until I become strong enough to do so.

do you know why I'm doing this?

A year ago, when my girlfriend came to school to see me, the first thing she said to me was, "come on, I'll take you out for sushi."

at that time, I ate 3 yuan of rice noodle roll in the morning, 3 yuan of rice noodle roll at noon, and 5 pieces of Tommy noodles in the evening.

at the sushi restaurant that day, instead of ordering sashimi, I ordered ramen noodles that I didn't like because it was cheap and heavy.

A life that you can't even afford to eat sushi, talk about ideals and freedom.

when I was disorganized with 20,000 fans, I said in the work group, "when I have 50,000 fans, I will take a selfie."

Tonight, I have fulfilled my promise. Everyone is free to reward, and no customs clearance is allowed.