How much do those who are busy and self-disciplined earn in their lives?

/June 2022


Don't underestimate a busy and self-disciplined person

recently, he is often restricted by "lazy cancer". He clearly has a plan to accomplish five things a day, but check the plan book before going to bed. Only one thing is really done.

this kind of behavior is called "laziness" or "procrastination". And around us, there are not a few people suffering from procrastination.

I often wonder why some people are so busy at work that they still have time to exercise, and why they always tick everything in their plans.

for example, my friend A Xue has just been promoted to business manager this year, and her work is getting busier and busier. She has to fly to several cities a week to inspect and talk about cooperation. We all sigh that her career is in full swing, and it is becoming more and more difficult to meet people for dinner and chat.

but after work, she still has time to exercise, wear makeup, read books, and has published several books as a website columnist.

get up at 6 o'clock every day, go to bed at 11:00, and have a dreadfully regular schedule.

I asked her, "how do you manage to be busy, beautiful and disciplined?"

she smiled and said:

it's true to take a closer look at her life.

when she drives to work, she listens to books and takes 10 minutes to record what she has just heard as soon as she arrives at the office.

if she is on a business trip, she will take a book and mask with her and enjoy her mental pleasure while making a beauty.

when she doesn't have time for exercise, she spends 10 minutes doing pre-bedtime yoga before going to bed, or does a stretch while reading work materials.

she will use various or fragmentary times of the day to put every minute in place so that it doesn't have the slightest regret.

she is in a bad mood. Instead of eating snacks at home and watching variety shows, she goes to the gym to sweat.

even if she watches a TV play in her spare time, she will carefully write down what she feels.

how can such a person with extreme self-discipline not be envied?

many people say that it is too tiring to live like this. In fact, for those who are very self-disciplined, this is not tiredness, it is a daily life worth enjoying.

I find more and more that only people with extreme self-discipline can have an open-ended life.

Life will give you feedback on what you have done to life.


the more self-disciplined people are, the more confident and free they are

there is a topic on Zhihu: what kind of experience is a high degree of self-discipline?

the main sugar crumb told her mother's experience.

her mother is a child who comes out of the countryside worthy of the name. She hasn't bought a new dress for four years in college, buried herself in reading and learning English, and memorized all her textbooks.

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later, I graduated, assigned a job, got married, had children, and was still working hard to fulfill my dream of studying for the postgraduate entrance examination.

people around her are not optimistic, but when she is admitted to graduate school, all kinds of job opportunities come one after another.

she chose to be a university teacher, taking care of her children while trying to take a doctorate in a cross-major examination. the next year, she was still admitted.

Sugar scum asked her mother for experience, and her mother threw her some reference books, saying that it would be easy to memorize them.

now, her daily schedule is to get up at 4:30 in the morning to read A Dream of Red Mansions, to start morning exercises at 6:00, to start the second wave of English morning reading at 7:30, to prepare lessons during the day, to catch up on scientific research tasks, and so on. She began to study by herself at 20:00 in the evening, and recently signed up for an online course in psychology. I go to bed at 22:00.

in addition, as a mother and wife, she has to do all kinds of housework.

Apple founder Steve Jobs once said:

self-discipline day after day makes this mother live better and more confidently. If time is an aging agent, it is a nutrient space for her to grow up.

in fact, sometimes, it is not that we look at other people's lives with terrible self-discipline, but that we are not hard enough on ourselves.

I said I was tired after reciting a few pages of words, but someone secretly memorized all the textbooks.

I always feel that I work hard, and I have to take care of my family and work. I don't have time for self-growth, but some people arrange their housework, work and study in good order.

if you want to lose weight, you can say that you are not suitable for strenuous exercise after running for a few times, but some people take morning exercise as a habit after 21 days.

on the way forward, you will always encounter all kinds of temptations, but those who are easily tempted to knock down will not be able to make themselves better.


skillfully self-discipline will not fall into the gap between self-discipline and non-self-discipline, which seems to be a very small gap, but with the accumulation of time, it will exude great power and affect the whole life.

in fact, this is a bad topic for a long time, but there are still a lot of people who want self-discipline but have no skills. After a few attempts, they find that they have fallen into idleness and appear to be diligent, but there is no progress at all.

self-discipline has three levels:

1 physical self-discipline

2 self-discipline

3 treat self-discipline as a habit

when we are confused at first, it is better to start with physical self-discipline.

for example, if you insist on getting up early, getting up early can force you to go to bed early. in comparison, early risers will be more energetic, happier and easier to complete difficult tasks than those who get up late.

another example is fitness. If you take 30 minutes to run and stretch every day, your body will feel much better.

controls the body.In order to control life. That's why when we think of self-discipline, we talk about getting up early and exercising.

are you afraid that you will give up after a few days? Stephen Gus, author of

Micro habits, says: set small goals and you can become a real actor.

you can start by getting up 10 minutes early and exercising for 10 minutes. If you still find it difficult, start by doing 1 push-up and getting up 1 minute early. Step by step, you will gradually fall in love with the feeling of getting better and better day by day.

the ordeal of self-discipline is short-lived. When you go through 21 days, you will gradually form a habit physically, taste the benefits, and enjoy it more and more in your mind, until you finally form a daily habit of sticking to what was once painful.

if your work and life is busy, make use of all available space to do it.

stretch while reading materials, read books when you can't sleep, attend classes on your commute, work early after getting up early, run to relieve stress when you are depressed, review today's work while doing facial mask beauty.

Adults have limited time and no whole time to try, so use all kinds of fragmented time to enrich your life.

as Yamamoto Yoji said:

No better life is achieved through laziness. Self-discipline is the first embodiment of freedom in life.

and all the beginnings are not in the future or tomorrow, but in the present, the present.

I wish you more self-discipline and more wonderful life.