How many people lost to the "lotus law"?

/June 2022

what is "Lotus Law"?

in a lotus pond, only a few lotus flowers bloom on the first day, twice as many lotus flowers bloom on the second day as on the first day, and every day thereafter, the lotus blooms twice as much as the day before.

assuming that the whole pond is full of lotus flowers by the 30th day, on which day the lotus blossoms in half? Is

the 15th day? Wrong!

is the 29th day.

this is the famous lotus law, also known as the 30-day law.


Ma Yun once mentioned the lotus law in a successful lecture, so the lotus law was sought after by many people.

Why does Jack Ma only love the "Lotus Law"?

in fact, Jack Ma's experience is a classic case of "Lotus Law".

Alibaba is not the first company Jack Ma has done.

Jack Ma once held a foreign language training course, set up a Haibo translation agency, founded an Internet business company, and entered the China International Electronic Commerce Center (EDI) of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in Beijing, but all four entrepreneurial developments ended in failure.

if you fail to do four companies in a row, do you think that I am not the material to do this and will never start a company again?

Jack Ma did not give up. In 1997, he started his business as "Beijing drifters", which was full of setbacks.

in March 1999, Jack Ma decided to continue to work deeply in the Internet field and launched the Alibaba website.

later, the company embarked on the road of rapid expansion and grew into the largest e-commerce empire in China today.

Ma Yun said:

in fact, the lotus law tells us a truth:

the more important it is in the end.

to the end, it is not luck and cleverness, but perseverance.


there is an old Chinese saying that "the last part is the hardest to finish", which means: it takes 90 miles to walk a hundred miles.

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this is the same as the lotus law.

the closer you are to success, the more difficult it is, and the more you need to persevere. The accumulation of

quantity will certainly achieve a qualitative leap.

the so-called persistence is to complete the process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

this process is called critical breakthrough, and the moment of qualitative change is: the critical point.

so where is the tipping point?

for example, in a long-distance race, when you run to a certain distance, you will feel tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing, and weakness in the limbs, making it difficult to run any longer, indicating that the tipping point is coming.

if you can persevere with will and perseverance, after breaking the tipping point, the oxygen supply will increase, the lactic acid clearance will be accelerated, and the body will quickly switch to a new physiological balance.

breathing becomes uniform and deepened, and the movement feels light, which is also known as the "second breath".

however, the vast majority of people in the world give up before the tipping point.

only a very small number of people who can stand hardship finally have an extraordinary career.

A Dream of Red Mansions is one of the four famous masterpieces in the history of literature. Cao Xueqin created the pinnacle of Chinese literature with her own persistence.

Sima Qian, author of Historical Records, has also taken 13 years to write this book, and these achievements are inextricably linked to their persistence.

this is the best interpretation of the lotus law, constantly suffering, constantly transcending, unremitting persistence, to achieve the extreme, so there are great achievements, there is a pool of lotus flowers in life.

there is a kind of success, which is called never giving up; there is a result, which is called lotus pond full.

however, many people's life is like a lotus in a pond, blooming hard and desperately at first, but gradually begin to feel boring or even bored.

you may give up persistence on the 9th, 19th, or even 29th day, when it is often only one step away from success.


how many people have been defeated by the persistence of this step?

how many people are lamenting why I'm not the lucky one?

how many people complain about why they can't get what they want in exchange for their efforts?

in fact, we just lost to the last bit of persistence, to a little bit of laziness, to boredom, to haste, and not hard enough.

maybe we can't stay forever, we can't be rich, we can't reach the top of the world, but ordinary people also expect our talents and abilities to be like a pool of lotus flowers. What can we do?

only change from now on, stick to it from now on.

change is not complicated.

if you want to get into the habit of getting up early, you only need to go to bed early the day before. the premise of going to bed early is to watch less soap operas or play with your mobile phone for an hour less, that's all.

remember that change is not a "rebirth", but a step-by-step process.

there is no need to rush for quick success or instant results, as long as you can make a little breakthrough and improve every day compared with the previous day, and continue to work toward the right goal, you will certainly succeed.

Life is too long, one second is too short, and the full pool of lotus blossoms for 30 days is just right.

30 days can cultivate a good habit.

try to stick to the following 8 habits, and you may find yourself different:

1. Put things in a fixed position.

2. Exercise twice a week for half an hour at a time.

3. Write down your plan for the next day on your calendar.

4. Get everything ready for the next day the day before.

5. Read for half an hour every day.

6. Take your notebook with you.

7. Sit and meditate for five minutes every day.

8. Get up early.

as long as you stick to it for 30 days, you can see the change and see yourself who dares to change and insists on changing.

Don't give up doing good even if it's not important, these habits are so small that we can often ignore them, because they are small, we dare to try, and because they are small, we test our perseverance and whether we have the courage to persist in change.

maybe we have been defeated by the Lotus Law, but why don't we give it a try in the next 30 days?

thought determines action, action determines life.

change from now on, break through your comfort zone and cross the hurdle of "the last kilometer", success may be closer and closer to us.