How easy is it to raise or discard a girl?

/June 2022

"I really envy you. It's so easy to raise a girl after giving birth to a daughter."

is this sentence familiar? In the eyes of these people, as long as the daughter is born, as long as she eats and drinks well, she will be able to grow up quietly and gracefully and become a talent smoothly.

No one knows that on the way to raising our daughter, we try our best to give our daughter the best, but we often deviate from the track and don't know it.

it is very difficult to cultivate a good girl, but it is easy to raise or abolish a girl.


you just have to be happy: the biggest educational scam

"daughter Nu" Wang Xiaofei once made it clear on variety shows:

actor Qin Hao also exposed many parents' privileges, especially the privileges given to his daughter by his father:

you as long as you are happy.

in the TV series Qingping Music, Renzong, who had his first child at the age of 27, unfortunately died, and at the age of 28, he hoped to be gentle. Renzong was overjoyed and said:

give all freedom and doting, daughter is afraid of the dark, Renzong directly gave two night-luminescent pearl.

as an exception, Xiaorou was canonized as "Fukang Princess" and enjoyed the treatment of crown prince.

when it comes to reading and literacy, it all depends on personal preference, and Renzong doesn't ask for it.

all the way free-range, finally the situation gradually out of control.

even if she marries a married woman, she will not change her previous indulgence and drink with her servant at night. After being discovered by her mother-in-law, the two started to move directly.

after discord with his mother-in-law, he knocked on the palace door at night in defiance of etiquette.

ministers have written accusations, and Ren Zong tried his best to hold it down for her.

after many troubles, she became more wayward and arson in the middle of the night.

on his deathbed, Ren Zong thought about his spoiled daughter, worried that she would not be treated well, so he sent her back to Li's family.

having lost his father's shelter, he was bullied and died of depression, and his bedding was covered with lice when he died.

the happiest girl, her short life is full of misfortune.

I remember that a professor at Peking University once said:

now the biggest scams in education are "happy education", "useless academic qualifications" and "unleashing the nature of children".

in the program "Life to look forward to", Angelababy saw Dahua playing the violin. He envied and regretted it.

"were you forced to learn by your parents when you were a child?"

"Yes, forced."

"do you want to thank your parents now?"

"Thank you very much."

finally, Angelababy thinks deeply:

in contrast to Lan Yingying, another "other family's child", her mother once hired her nine tutors at the same time.

as soon as Sister Lang appeared on the show, she stunned everyone and won the first place.

there are young girls in my family, and their every step reflects the guidance and dedication of their parents.

the self-discipline engraved in a girl's bones is not born, but is forced by her parents step by step.

Tong Dawei, who once played "Cat Dad" in the TV series "Tiger Mom Cat Dad", said:

he is Cat Dad in his play, but in reality he is Tiger Dad. He often tries to cultivate his daughter's study habits. He said:

every footnote in a girl's life is painted by her parents.

parents' coercion is the greatest boost for children to move forward.

there is a good saying: if you don't force a child to "change 72", who will help him block the "81 difficulties"?


A bottomless enrichment: the educational poison

the TV series "snail dwelling" makes people remember the seaweed whose vanity is willing to be a mistress, and also successfully brings a sentence of fire:

A sentence of poisoned chicken soup for a rich daughter, how many parents have been cheated and how many children have been harmed.

"A father who lost his job waiting for his daughter", the Weibo name once shocked the whole network.

A single father, who is nearly 60 years old, spoils his daughter into a princess:

"the demands on her, even if they feel unreasonable, will eventually compromise."

when he grew up, in order to satisfy his daughter's desire to study abroad, the father scrimped and saved more than 3 million yuan.

but my daughter did not study as hard as expected. instead, she "went around showing off eating, drinking and buying luxury goods, which was very high-profile and arrogant."

what is even more frightening is that, dissatisfied with her father's criticism, the daughter arrived in Canada ahead of time and cheated her father out of all 3 million of his savings and transferred to her own bank card.

in the end, I heard nothing and blocked all my relatives and friends, including my father.

Is it surprising and exciting to get an elegant long sleeve v neck wedding dress for your event? New and stylish arrivals up for grabs now!

the father made a feeble call on the Internet:

daughter, you have been pulled by your father since you were a child, and no one has let you suffer any grievances financially or materially.

is the relationship between father and daughter so pale in the face of money?

all the money is reserved for you. I hope you take into account the overall situation, family affection and your safety are more important than anything else.

in an interview, the father said:

the biggest failure of

is to follow the ancient creed of "raising a son in poverty and raising a daughter", causing his daughter to become "insatiable."

when poor families raise rich girls, parents use their own lives in exchange for their children's poems and distances.

raise her daughter as a princess, but spoil her with a chilling "princess" disease.

in fact, if a rich family raises a rich girl, once it breaks the bottom line, it is also likely to lead to tragedy. Hanjin Group, one of South Korea's five largest consortia, was almost destroyed by its children.

with a proper background of the rich second generation, my daughter once described it in her diary as follows: a rich family.Ting's children are born with silver spoons, and I fall into this category.

the beloved daughter, who was brought up all the way rich, was angrily scolded by the Korean people as "the disgrace of South Korea."

in 2014, the eldest daughter Zhao Xiane sparked public outrage over the "Nuts Gate" incident.

on a flight, the flight attendant provided her with a bag of nuts. Dissatisfied with her failure to open the bag, Zhao Hsien-E immediately flew into a rage, abused and beat the flight attendant, and asked to kneel down and apologize.

the flight attendants were still dissatisfied after doing this, asking the plane that had already started taxiing to turn around and return to the boarding gate, ordering the chief flight attendant to get off the plane, causing more than 200 passengers to miss the plane.

and her sister, Miss Zhao Jiaer, Zhao Xianyu, was once trapped in the "water-splashing gate".

at a business meeting in 2018, Zhao Xianyu was angry because he was dissatisfied with the other party's failure to give an accurate answer to his question. In anger, a glass of water was thrown in the face of an employee of the other company.

the two sisters also paid a heavy price: at the end of 2017, the South Korean Supreme Court issued a final judgment in the Cho Hsien-E case, sentenced him to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, on charges such as violating the Aviation Safety Law.

after the "Water splashing Gate" incident in 2018, South Koreans spontaneously petitioned on the Blue House website to severely punish Zhao Xianjie, and she was finally suspended by the local police for investigation.

it is the unrestrained enrichment that encourages the arrogance of the two daughters and humiliates the family and even the country.

Rousseau said:

do you know how to make your child an unfortunate person?

that is to be obedient to him.

how to raise or disable a daughter? Enrich her and satisfy her without restraint.


Girls are about to look like girls:

the talent of children is ruthlessly strangled

Cui Yutao, a well-known parenting expert, once said:

there is one thing parents must know early:

gender education is very important, but there is no need to impose gender labels on their daughters! "

this sentence reminds me of a scene in Juvenile Shuo:

A girl was questioned by her mother that she had psychological problems because of her neutral dress: "you have to have long hair to look like a girl."

Girls feel aggrieved:

"Girls should not have only one look. I don't want to live under the standards set by others all my life."

American psychologist Becker believes that

the gender tag forcibly affixed by parents has become a restriction and yoke on girls: clever, quiet and obedient.

there was a short film called Like A Girl:

Boys and girls of different ages make different movements at the request of the director. The first group is the adult group:

when the director shouted "run like a girl", they pretentiously shouted, "Oh, my hair."

"fight like girls", they laugh, more like coquettish and fighting.

"throw the ball like a girl", they were feeble, raised their hands slightly and made a fake paddling.

the second group is the children's group:

all the instructions are the same, but the children's behavior is very different. They attack with all their strength, as if they are in the battle field.

the director asked one of the little girls, "what do you think of when I say" run like a girl "?

the girl replied confidently, "run with all your strength!"

the most impressive thing in the short film is the sentence

"A girl has to look like a girl". This casual gender bias often kills a girl's talent.

there is such a girl who completely shatters all girl tags:

China, the first UFC champion in Asia and the best fighting daughter in China, speaks with her fist.

after fighting queen Zhang Weili became popular, an unfriendly voice appeared on the Internet: such a girl, how terrible!

in response to this, Zhang Weili hit back:

I think girls can also have many sides.

Girls can also do well, or even better.

Yao Chen commented on her-the definition of a princess: fight for love, fight for yourself.

Beaufort once said:

when she found herself fooled by a mirage, it was too late and her strength was exhausted in the adventure of failure. "

not long ago, a short video entitled "this sister is too arrogant" went viral.

in the video, the girl is dressed in Stan Nikon and carrying 60 or 70 jin of photographic equipment, quickly shuttling through difficult environments such as snow-capped mountains and Chinese Super League stadiums.

this girl's name is Deng Lu, who is the first Steinecon female photographer in China.

free and easy, handsome and professional, she amazed countless netizens, and some people called her "Iron Man in Stanikang".

Deng Lu feels that this is a kind of double praise and encouragement. Whenever she has spare time, she goes to the gym to lift iron, hoping to shoot until she is 70 years old.

some netizens exclaimed: in all kinds of ways, this is what a girl should look like! What kind of person a girl wants to be should not be biased by her parents.

Girls are much smarter and stronger than you think.