Home (see tears)

/June 2022


Home, what is it?

Home is the haven created by my father, giving us the sense of security we want. Home is the cradle woven by my mother, which makes people feel at ease all their lives.

Home, what is it?

Home is a brick-by-tile house for us to live in; home is stitched armor that protects us;

Home is a love nest made with all our heart, let us hang on; home is a fortress built bit by bit to protect our integrity!


Home, what do you have?

there are parents who love us most; children who love us most.

there are people at home who never give up no matter what we encounter in this life.

there are people at home who support each other no matter how difficult we are.

03 is the largest sense of security!

if we have a home, even if it is a broken brick, we have a home in our lives.

having a home, even if we are unhappy again, our families will not give up!

have a home, no matter where we wander, there are also people who miss us deeply!

04 is the greatest happiness for each of us!

A person, if you can make your family harmonious and prosperous, you are the most capable person.

Family, is the responsibility, the family, is the career, fulfill the responsibility of the family, harvest the good family style;

take care of the family's career, family and everything!


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Home is good, everything is good!

there is harmony in the family and peace of mind at work outside; families help each other and are not afraid of difficulties.

A home is the end-result of our life and the nest where we pretend to love.

with love, affection and tolerance, home is warmer; concession, cherish and understanding make family happier!


Family, not an outsider!

and them, we can suggest, we can talk, we can communicate, and don't make a big fight every time you have an argument!

whether you win or lose after an argument, it hurts your feelings!

A family is moved by concessions, a home because it does not strive for unity, and a home because it is comfortable to understand.


manage a family well, there is only one home in your life, the size of the house is not important, harmony and unity is a blessing!

it doesn't matter if you live in a shack, the warmth of the family is the most precious, and there is modesty and tolerance that makes the family smile!

in this life, if your family is proud of you, it is the best honor; if your family is harmonious and happy, it is the greatest success!