Hold umbrellas for others (good in depth)

/August 2022

there is a question on Zhihu: which hidden rules of adults tell the truth?

there is a high praise answer that hit the nail on the head:

what you do to others, others will do to you, which is the golden rule; it is the platinum rule that you treat others in the same way as they do to you.

walking in the world, no one will be the eternal strong, and no one will be the eternal weak.

Today you are in need of help, but tomorrow others may have shortcomings and need you to carry them.

as you get older, you become more and more aware of the old saying:

when everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella, the bridge you build will become the way forward in the future.


the strong help each other, and the weak tear each other

Sanmao once wrote a sentence:

it is true that when people are at a low ebb, they can best see the hearts of the people.

sometimes when I think about it, there are not many people who can lend a helping hand in times of crisis, and very few people are willing to support each other on the way of life.

but perhaps it is the sincerity that makes people who are willing to give others a hand.

not long ago, the movie "Hello, Li Huanying" broke through 5 billion at the box office, ranking second at the Chinese box office.

the popularity of "Hello, Li Huanying" made Zhang Xiaofei, who plays Jia Ling's mother, an overnight hit and made Jia Ling the highest-grossing female director in Chinese film history.

many people said that apart from crying over the plot in the movie, they were also really moved by the friendship between Zhang Xiaofei and Jia Ling.

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in fact, Zhang Xiaofei experienced a long trough before that.

although she graduated from Beijing Film Academy, she has never been popular. In order to continue to adhere to that movie dream, she ran through dragons and acted as a group actor.

while filming, her eyes were blown up and reprimanded by the staff. In the program, classmates took Zhang Xiaofei as a joke when they needed a topic, and the producer directly said that she had "something wrong with her appearance."

the most difficult time, she met Jia Ling.

Jia Ling took Zhang Xiaofei to participate in the program. After the Spring Festival Gala and the establishment of the company, the first person she thought of was Zhang Xiaofei, so she became the first artist to sign a contract with Big Bowl Entertainment.

from the humble assistant in the sketch, to the many appearances in the Spring Festival Gala, to the actress who grossed 5 billion yuan at the box office, her strength is recognized day by day, and because of Jia Ling's help, she is well known by the audience step by step.

over the years, although Jia Ling has become more and more popular with the audience and people have become more and more popular, she has never forgotten Zhang Xiaofei's movie dream.

so when "Hello, Li Huanying" began to prepare, she did not hesitate to choose Zhang Xiaofei as the heroine.

A variety show, mentioned Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei said with a smile: "I am really grateful to her, she is an important person in my life."

on March 6th, when comedian Pan Binlong won the championship of "I am an actor", Jia Ling wrote a touching sentence on Weibo:

the really strong, always achieve each other, hand in hand, and win-win.

even if you are already in full bloom, you will not forget to send sunshine to other florets around you and let them usher in the flowering season.

as Xiong Hao said in the Strange Theory:

"shimmer attracts shimmer, shimmer illuminates shimmer, we find each other and glow together, so that the haze can be illuminated."


one day he met a fairy, and the fairy told him:

"you can say whatever you wish, and I'll satisfy it for you, but no matter what you wish, your neighbor will get double."

after hearing this, the man began to think to himself:

"if I want one house, my neighbor will get two, and if I want 100 million, the neighbor will get 200 million." It can't go on like this. How can he be better off than me? "

so he couldn't wait to make a wish to the immortal: "I want you to blind one of my eyes!"

this is the evil of human nature.

two people who are in trouble with each other will not be able to walk long if they only want to trip each other.

two people who hurt each other, while doing things at the expense of others at the expense of themselves, will lead to the end of mutual loss.

as the old saying goes: when we give flowers to others, we are the first to smell the flowers; when we grab the mud and throw it at others, it is our own hands that get dirty first.

those who love flowers can always smell them; those who plant thorns secretly will eventually be hurt by thorns.

I can't help thinking of an animated short film I've seen:

on a single-log bridge, deer and bear come from both ends of the bridge, and no one wants to let the other pass first.

then the rabbit and the squirrel also wanted to cross the bridge, and the squirrel kindly asked the bear if he could get out of the way, but the bear ferociously lifted the squirrel and threw it into the distance, and the deer kicked the rabbit away.

then they continue to argue, and no one is willing to give up half a point.

the rabbit saw this and angrily worked with the squirrel to break the rope on one side of the bridge, and then the deer and bear fell into the river.

now there is only half of the single wooden bridge left to support. When the rabbit and squirrel came to the middle of the bridge, they thought for a moment, the squirrel squatted down and let the rabbit step on his back, and finally the squirrel crossed the bridge easily.

at the end of the short film, it is written: sometimes, the narrow road meets, and the winner is not necessarily the brave.

when you think about it, the second half of this sentence should be: the real winner is the one who attaches importance to the pattern.

never forget that no one can escape in the world.Field practice, crossing people at the same time, is also crossing oneself.


all the good luck is your accumulated kindness

Chen Daoming said a word to the younger generation that impressed me when he was recording "Grade one."

"those who go up the mountain should never look down upon him who goes down the mountain, for he has had a good time."

those who go down the mountain should never look down upon the people at the bottom of the mountain, because they will always climb up. You must be yourself. "

the so-called being yourself is probably to keep the most rare goodness in human nature.

when you get too little, you don't get angry all day long, and when you get too much, you don't panic all day long.

when you enjoy your own scenery, you should not go too far; when others are in trouble, you will not throw a stone into a well.

because everything in the world is interlinked, and the kindness you pay will eventually fulfill you.

like single mother Li Shaoyun, the story of her driving a taxi with her children and working hard has inspired many people over the years.

Last year, Wuhan was closed because of the epidemic. Li Shaoyun suspended her work. Due to insufficient material reserves, she even ate instant noodles from four years ago to satisfy her hunger.

but in such a difficult living environment, she decided to join the volunteer team.

every day, while helping the motorcade to meet the patients and medical staff who need vehicles, they persevere with the only supplies and daughters.

those who love to return, and those who come and go are blessed.

after learning about her difficulties, someone in the community sent her supplies and warm-hearted people brought snacks to her children.

the most surprising thing is that actress Yao Chen heard her story and sent her a remittance of 100000 yuan.

in an interview with a reporter, Li Shaoyun said that she will use this money for her daughter's growth, hoping that her child will return to society in the future.

Life is an echo, kindness is a reincarnation, when goodness meets kindness, it will naturally produce the most beautiful flowers.

people often say that "good people are rewarded". All good luck is your accumulated goodness.

when you give the best to others, you will get the best blessing from others one day.

Andy Lau once helped Zhang Weijian tide over the difficulties and sent him a sentence:

A person lives a lifetime, and no one knows what will happen next. But perhaps what we can see is:

to help others is also to help ourselves;

to be kind to others is also to be kind to ourselves.

to fulfill others is also to fulfill yourself.

click and watch. I hope you are the light that illuminates others. I hope your life is always illuminated by light.