Hello in October: may there be no waves in your years, and here's to the rest of my life.

/June 2022

the summer heat is gradually ending, and the autumn rain and cool breeze are coming.

October comes lightly with a pillow of clear frost.

inadvertently, 3/4 has passed by 2021.

in the past nine months, there has been joy, pain, reluctance and regret.

but no matter how nostalgic it is, the years will never come back.

instead of dwelling on the bygone days, it is better to pick up the mood and welcome a new beginning.

in the Chinese concept, "ten" has a special meaning and stands for "perfect".

"October" is also a big deal. the National Day at the beginning of the month is exciting, and Double-ninth Day in the middle of the month makes people think about it.

in the new October, let's solemnly say "Hello October" and give autumn a pure and clear smile.


all encounters are the best arrangements

Director Wong Kar-wai once lamented:

indeed, life is like a speeding train, people get on and off at every stop, and we keep meeting and saying goodbye.

all the encounters in life seem to have their own destiny for no reason.

as Shen Congwen wrote in Border Town: "everything happens by chance, but the result is as inevitable as fate."

some feelings are long-lasting, some are fleeting;

some are smooth and broad, and some are difficult to move.

some people teach you a lesson, then turn around and leave;

others are just passers-by and meet each other by chance.

those who hurt us make us feel the subtlety and complexity of human nature;  those who are kind to us make us feel the happiness and sweetness of life.

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for the former, do not pay too much attention to, they will eventually go away;

for the latter, learn to cherish and exchange your heart for your heart.

you have to believe that all encounters are the best arrangements.

everyone who passes by our lives participates in us and makes us who we are.

every time we meet, it makes us grow up and teaches us love, goodness, hate and pain.

the fate is happy, but the fate is not sad;

those who attend the meeting will leave and pray for one period.

all over the world, no matter who or what happens to us, the ultimate goal is to meet a better self.

the long way of life, you accompany me, I miss your life, may we act and cherish, and live every day with our heart.


enjoy the moment

A teacher took out a blank piece of paper and tapped it on the paper with a pen.

after clicking, the teacher asked everyone what they saw, and the students replied in unison, "Black spot."

after listening, the teacher said softly, "Why do you ignore such a big blank piece of paper and only focus on the black spots?"

if the heart is compared to a blank piece of paper, the black spot is the worry in the heart.

this little black spot seems insignificant, but it controls our joys and sorrows.

if you watch carefully, you will find that most of the troubles in life are unfounded.

people either regret the past or worry about the future, and constant panic doesn't help.

only by living in the present can we eliminate the influence of black spots.

what does it mean to live in the present?

in the most straightforward terms, it means to eat well while eating, sleep while sleeping, and work well at work.

sounds simple, but it's not easy to do.

there are too many people browsing their phones while eating and touching fish at work, and too many people are sleepless when they are supposed to sleep.

these people are burdened with so much that they end up stuck in the same place and fall into a vicious circle.

nowadays, divorce has become a popular way of life.

We should not only be separated from things, but also wave goodbye to troubles.

as Lin Qingxuan said:

the approach of National Day short holiday allows us to rest while we are busy.

you might as well take advantage of this period of time to completely empty the garbage from the bottom of your heart and pack it lightly after the holiday.


it is said that there are only two kinds of animals in the world that can climb to the top of the pyramid, one is an eagle, the other is a snail.

Eagles are gifted and fly high;

snails walk all their lives.

Life is not a journey of climbing. What the heart wants to do is what it used to be.

We all wish we were eagles, but there are not so many born lucky. Most of us can only crawl along the road of life like snails and fight to the end step by step.

if you are lucky enough to donate, as long as you persevere, you will be able to reach the distance.

Life is up to me, everyone is the architect of their own destiny, no matter when, we all have a choice.

every small choice we make every day, such as playing games or reading after work, staying at home or running on weekends, will more or less affect our future life.

it is these different choices that make the gap between people wider and wider.

some time ago, I was particularly impressed by the profile of a writer.

he wrote:

this writer has been writing continuously for more than a decade, even on business trips abroad to stay in hotels, even in hospitals and wards.

after years of accumulated strength, he has written more than a dozen books and is famous in the publishing world.

whatever it is, it can be firm.It's easy to hold on for a day or two, but it's hard to stay the same for ten years.

therefore, life is not afraid of being slow, only afraid of stopping.

once you have the right direction, you will go on with certainty.

the road of life, there is an inch of joy, looking forward to our meeting at a higher place.


the world is worth it.

White Dew is a gift for the rest of his life.

Autumn has been endowed with too much poetry by literati since ancient times.

deciduous red maple, pleasant autumn color;

storm, come and go in a hurry.

the autumn of years is not only a harvest, but also a new reincarnation.

Cold and summer come and go, just like a cycle.

We set sail in this cycle and ride the ship of life through the wind and waves.

some people reap the fruits of their dreams in autumn, while others water the flowers of hope in autumn.

We don't have to live too hard or blindly keep up with the comparisons. We just need to follow our own rhythm and live every day as usual as new.

as Milan Kundera wrote in the unbearable Light of Life:

the autumn wind is clear, the autumn moon is bright.

May all the things we see be beautiful and turn the joys and sorrows of the years into wine;

May all the good people we meet will not be surprised by the waves for the rest of our lives;

may all our deeds be smooth and happy.

the rest of my life is a gift.

May all things be lovely and worthwhile for the rest of my life.