Hello in November: may you be neither humble nor arrogant, nor sigh, nor be in a hurry or regret.

/June 2022

time is like a stream, never to return.

as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, October is coming to an end and November is coming.

at the turn of autumn and winter, everything is dormant;

all the grass is full of thanks, and the red branches of persimmon are heavy.

there are still two months left in 2021. Let's say solemnly: see you in October and Hello in November.


Autumn is already late, and winter is coming.

the word "Tibet" skillfully points out the philosophy of survival in winter.

through the vitality of spring, the heat of summer, and the cool breeze of autumn, the temperature dropped suddenly.

Animals take refuge from the cold, plants wither, and it is time for people to save their energy.

only when you rise abruptly based on accumulated strength can you become a blockbuster.

behind all the gains, there are countless days and nights of silent work.

those who are better than you do nothing more than do what you dare not do, eat what you do not want to eat, and insist on what you give up.

Zuo Zongtang, the four famous ministers of the late Qing Dynasty, had a long period of trough before he became famous.

in his early 20s, he was supposed to be in high spirits, but everything went wrong.

Zuo Zongtang failed in the imperial examination and fell in the middle of his family. He felt extremely melancholy when his peers saw all the Changan flowers in one day.

at this time, instead of feeling sorry for himself, he read more than ten thousand volumes and made friends with the ancients.

Zuo Zongtang was born at the age of 40 and became famous all over the world.

his accumulation over the past 20 years has not been in vain, supporting him to go further all the way.

born a human being, don't let the cold wind of the outside world affect the grass growing warblers in your heart.

there has never been a detour in the world in vain, but don't ask about the future when you do good deeds.


those who are contented will enjoy themselves

in November, which means that the year is coming to an end.

look at the small goals at the beginning of the year have not been achieved, the passage of time has increased, we will inevitably be anxious;

look at the people around us more and more beautiful, and then look at the bleak self, we are inevitably lost.

We are often infatuated with the light of others, but we don't realize that they are also looking up at us.

in the stage drama "see Wutai Mountain again", there is a woman named Cao Huifen who goes out at 4 o'clock every morning and pushes a pancake cart to sell pancakes.

when she passed the Da Tu Slope, she always pushed and shouted, "Cao Huifen, you are so strong!" Cao Huifen, you are so capable! "

at this time, there is always a beautiful woman watching her from afar in the tall building opposite.

Cao Huifen came to Wutai Mountain and knelt on the futon and prayed: "I really envy the woman in the tall building opposite. She can look at the scenery leisurely out of the window. I wish I were her."

how could she know that just a few days ago, the woman in the tall building also came to make a wish: "I have come to seek health. I envy a woman named Cao Huifen. She is so capable, but I am not healthy and I do not have the strength to walk. I wish I were her."

the play rings countless times: "I wish I were her, I wish I were her."... "

We are not Cao Huifen and that woman, always immersed in shallow envy, but do not realize that this will only bring false illusions.

those who are contented will enjoy themselves.

in the face of the same situation, some people smile like flowers, some weep, some are ready to go, and some are devastated.

We can't change the environment, but we can change the way we look at things.

stay positive, stay optimistic, when you change, your world changes.


look forward to your wishes.

I like a sentence in the melting pot: "the reason why winter is so cold is to tell you how important the warmth of the people around you is." On the contrary, the most beautiful and precious things in the world are inaudible and invisible, and can only be felt with the heart. "

Winter is coming, and all the travelers outside miss the same kind of warmth, that is, the family members sit idle and the lights are amiable.

when people are alive, what they want most is home, and what they are most reluctant to give up is home. Nothing is happiest than having a home and someone missing.

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it's a pity that we often leave home for our dreams and work all day long.

calculate carefully that the days we can spend with our families are actually very limited.

I once saw an interview with Zhang Quanling. She asked an old woman how often she took a bath. The old woman told her that she tried not to take a bath.

Zhang Quanling was puzzled. The old woman explained, "at my age, taking a bath is a dangerous thing. If I fall down, the child will be delayed for the rest of his life."

granny would rather endure physical discomfort and exude the smell of "old man" just to reassure her children.

Zhang Quanling said with emotion, "our parents are so sensible."

Chinese people have always been reserved, seldom show their feelings easily, and seldom express their inner aspirations.

the new November, we do not hinder the passive into the initiative, pick up the mobile phone to call the family, take advantage of Singles Day to buy some daily necessities for the family.

these simple actions may be talked about by the family for a whole year, or even "show off" in front of relatives and friends.

Life has its ups and downs, and the weather is cold and warm.

with the company and concern of the family, there is nothing to be afraid of no matter how big a snowstorm in life.

for the rest of my life, I hope our lives can be filled with warmth, and I also hope that all our families can feel safe and warm.


do not sigh, do not regret

November is a special month, which coincides with the December of bidding farewell to the New year and welcoming the New year after the festive and lively October.

in the new November, may we all be warm people who will persevere leisurely even if the weather is cold and cold.

New November, may every day be born in the sun, and leave ourselves a sunny day even if life goes wrong.

New November, may we put aside all obstacles and troubles, bravely experience the unknown and enjoy life, and refuse to live a tasteless life.

No matter how helpless the present situation is, there will be a day when the willows are dark and the flowers are bright.

even if we can only be ordinary people in obscurity for the rest of our lives, we should try our best to live our wonderful life, neither humble nor arrogant nor self-sighing, neither hurrying nor regretting.

as Professor Liang Yongan said, "our task in life is to be an excellent ordinary person." This excellent ordinary person, loves the world, loves all things, loves all living beings, and then down-to-earth to find a thing that he likes and has the value of the times. It's good for a person to be able to do one or two things well in a lifetime. "

at the end of this year when the weather is getting colder, we hope that we will be confident in our hearts, walk lightly, and live every moment of the moment.