Hello in December: winter is coming, may you embrace the world warmly

/June 2022

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years change, seasons flow;

withered leaves, all things hide.

stop in November and December will come as expected.

I can't help feeling how time flies.

the scene of setting small goals at the beginning of the year is still fresh in my mind, and in a twinkling of an eye, I stand on the edge of time, summing up what I have done this year.

the old days, regardless of joys and joys, gains and losses, have finally changed the story.

in the new January, I hope we can all say "Hello, December, December" openly and confidently. I also hope that we can say what we have hidden in our hearts to our loved ones.


parents can't afford to wait

there is a question on the Internet: "if today was the last day of your life, what would you do?"

some netizens replied: "there are many identities in this life, but the children are the most unqualified, and they just want to stay with their parents on the last day."

seeing this answer, we immediately burst into tears, and so did we.

in this life, only one owes his parents.

when we were young, our parents were the backbone of our lives and participated in all aspects of our lives.

as we get older and more trivial, we have our own lives, and they gradually become supporting roles.

We always think that there is still more time, always want to give our parents a rich life after success, but forget that the future is not long.

filial piety to parents is the last thing we can wait for in this life.

when parents' mobile phone fonts are adjusted bigger and bigger, they are getting a lot older before they know it.

the most painful thing in the world is that a child wants to support but does not wait.

Don't wait until it's too late to make amends, and don't wait until you miss it to regret it.

what parents hope most in their hearts is not material abundance, but the company of their children.

the happiest thing in the world is "I have grown up, you are not old; I have the ability to repay, you are still healthy."

in the Collection of famous Sages, it is said: "if you are filial to your parents at home, why burn incense far away?"

parents are the foundation of human beings.

on busy days, often go home and have a chat with their parents, which can make them happier.



A lover cannot stand perfunctory

it is said that there are 7.7 billion people, 204countries and 809islands on the earth, and the probability of two people meeting is one in 29.2 million.

the sea of life, two people know each other, know each other, love each other, itself is a miracle.

however, a lot of love is defeated by daily perfunctory.

when your lover asks you what to eat, you say "whatever";

when your lover asks you what you think, you say "whatever";

when your lover opens up to you, you say "Oh".

the feelings between people are always mutual, and no matter how deep the feelings are, they can't afford to be perfunctory again and again.

like a blazing flame, if you don't add firewood, you are doomed to silence.

the desire to share is a precious thing. A person is willing to share with you the beautiful scenery he has photographed, the good songs he hears, and the good food he eats, not because ta is too idle, but because he cares about you and wants to tell you everything about himself.

those unnutritious nonsense are full of love behind them.

A good relationship is a two-way trip, the most important of which is response.

I give you a gift and you give me a surprise;

I ask for your opinion and you give me timely feedback.

the rest of your life is long. Don't be stingy with your feelings. Be patient and tolerant with your lover so that you can meet him in this life.



children can not afford to ignore

widowed parenting, which once became a hot word.

many parents are busy with their work and neglect their children's education, which leads to tragedy.

in the movie Sorry, We missed you, parents go out early and come home late every day in order to pay off huge debts, work more than 14 hours a day, and spend little time with their children.

they work hard to earn money to buy delicious curry rice, but they have no time to eat with their children, making them feel left out.

my son is becoming more and more rebellious, playing truant all day and even stealing from the store.

although my daughter is obedient, she begins to lose sleep at a young age, and it is distressing to be sensible.

you can never earn enough money. You can miss one vent and the next.

but the child only grows up once, and if he loses it, he can't come back.

the biggest problem in modern family education is that parents can give their lives for their children, but they are unwilling to spend their time and effort to bury hidden worries for their children's future.

as Dong Qing said, "when you educate your child, you choose to earn money and not discipline your child. When your child grows up, the hard-earned money of your whole life may not be worth the loss of his family for a year."

educating one's children well is one's most important career.

parents must not be lazy when their children need education most.


some friends do not contact each other and ask you to do things as soon as they open their mouth.

there are also some friends who especially like to be hand-holding parties, but never provide value.

there are friends who talk about themselves and regard you as an emotional trash can.

Friendship paid unilaterally is hard to last.

such friends can be classified as "consumptive friends", and the sooner they stay away, the better.

We should also reflect on ourselves all the time and should not be such people.

in life, we can't choose our family, but we can choose what kind of friends we make.

good friends make people's life wider and wider;

bad friends make life more and more suffocating.

Life is like a journey, with all kinds of people you meet. We don't have to invite everyone into our lives.

you might as well be with those who can nourish you and meet each other at a higher level.


the wind blows snow, the day is short and the day is cold;

time flies, knowing whether it is cold or warm.

the writer Qi pansy year wrote in "the Happiness of Life": "in this world, if you can really treat you well, you have met one and one less."

parents, lovers, children and friends are all the closest people in our lives.

however, we are always polite to strangers, ignore the existence of people around us, and take their goodness for granted.

December is coming. May we all learn from the past and live up to those who are good to us.

New January, may we be content with the present, gentle and powerful;

New January, may we be warm and pure, unwilling to give up love and freedom;

New January, may we go through the vicissitudes of life and feel safe and sound;

New January, may we live as we wish and live without winter time.