Hello in August: may you have gains and losses and persevere, dare to love, dare to hate and dare to chase

/June 2022

in the twinkling of an eye, August arrived as promised, and more than half of 2021 has passed.

in the past July, we have experienced too many joys and sorrows.

the torrential rain in a thousand years is heartbreaking, the resurgence of the epidemic makes people tread on thin ice, and the impermanent Olympic Games make people burst into tears.

Life is like an unknown adventure, we never know what the scenery is at the next intersection, and we never know when we will meet the storm.

as epictetus said: "We are optimistic about things that are out of control; we are cautious about things that are controllable."

with the sound of summer cicadas, let's wave goodbye to the past and say seriously: goodbye in July and Hello in August.

is a new beginning. May we all live in the present, turn bitterness into jokes and accidents into stories.


every trough is the starting point of luck

the cycle of the four seasons, the ebb and flow, no one is always at the peak, and no one is always at the trough.

everything in the world, how can things go as they wish.

the greatest talent of adults is to be disappointed at the peak and not to be frustrated at the bottom.

some people are helpless in the trough, always feeling that fate owes them;

others take advantage of this time to keep a low profile and patiently wait for the time to make a comeback.

behind every crisis, there are countless opportunities;

every encounter is also a lucky starting point.

Life is like a curve, with peaks and troughs scattered.

there is a long way to go, and there is a long way to go.

once read a sentence: "Destiny's gift to you is a little later, a little slower, a little more tortuous, just to tie a beautiful bow with your heart."

if you are at a low point in your life, please believe that gifts are on your way.

be patient, don't panic, don't be discouraged, everything will pass and everything will be fine in the end.

in life, from examination to work, from family to career, from life to death, it is difficult to pass.

as long as we do not abandon or give up at these levels, the trough period can become a value-added period.

Life is a process of fighting monsters and upgrading, and there are few hurdles that cannot be overcome.

the trough is not terrible, what is terrible is that we are trapped in the trough and fail to recover;

setbacks are not terrible, the terrible thing is to let it defeat our confidence to move forward.

I hope we can all face up to difficulties with courage and reap more fruitful fruits for the rest of our lives.


every persistence is a successful foreshadowing

have you ever had such an experience?

I wanted to keep exercising and bought sportswear and equipment, but I left it behind after a few days.

I wanted to keep reading and set a small goal, but I always caught fish for three days and basked in the net for two days.

or I wanted to go to bed early, but I was unwittingly seduced by my cell phone, staying up the deepest night again and again.

I like one of the lyrics of the May Day band very much: "persistence is Kang Kang to me."

the road of persistence is rugged and difficult, which requires both internal drive and willpower escort.

but if the path is right, stick to it and you win.

when you are hovering on the edge of giving up, gritting your teeth and going through a moment of hardship, you will suddenly become enlightened after the winding path and find that it is all worth it.

Life is like bamboo, it may be hit hard by heavy snow, it may also withstand the test of high winds and torrential rain, and it may also encounter the accident of mountain fire.

in the face of all kinds of unhappiness, if you bite on the green hill, you will never relax in order to survive.

sometimes, the gap between people is the difference between persistence and non-persistence.

intermittent efforts, continuous giving up, will only repeatedly do useless work;

do not give up halfway, calm down and plow deeply, will be gently waited for by the years.

maybe you can't get what you want every time you insist, but there's an inch of joy in every inch.

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as the American writer Thoreau said, "he who pursues and derives the greatest happiness from it is the winner."

in this world, there is no success falling from the sky, only efforts to rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

every persistence is a foreshadowing for success;

all your efforts can be seen in time.


every time we meet, it is a gift of life

someone has made a statistic that in this life, people will pass by 29.28 million people and say hello to 39778 people, but there are only 275 people who can be really close.

few of these people can accompany us all the time.

every time we meet, it is a providence and a gift of life.

Dong Qing once said in the Reader: "everything in the world is met. When cold meets warmth, there is rain; when winter meets spring, there is time; when heaven meets earth, there is eternity; when people meet people, they have life. "

Life comes and goes, and fate is wonderful.

whether it is meeting the same passers-by or meeting a better self, it enriches our lives.

similarly, whether we meet the right person or the wrong person, it makes us grow up.

the sea of life, some people amazed the time, some people rattled the years.

some people let us know love and beauty, while others bring us pain and lessons.

it is precisely because of these encounters that we build the background of our lives and let us grow into what we are now.

it is no accident that we meet in this life.  those who leave do not have to retain, they just miss fate.

those who stay, must cherish them and never lose them.

all one's life is nothing more than exchanging hearts and feelings for feelings.

Life is impermanent, and you never know which comes first, tomorrow or accident. When you are free, often see your parents, see your friends, and accompany your children. Only in this way can you leave fewer regrets.

there is a long way ahead. May every day be a good day and always be a good time.

May we all meet happiness, warmth and love.


May you have the indifference that you can live everywhere,

and the chic pursuit of the wind and dreams

Life is not black or white, nor is it one or the other.

We can talk freely in running shoes or in formal clothes;

We can enjoy ourselves with tea, or we can drink and get drunk.

some people say, "Adults don't do multiple choice questions because I want them all."

Today is the youngest day in the rest of our lives.

even if life is like dust, may the years be like songs.

walking on the road of life, there are gains and losses and persistence along the way.

the new August, may we not only have the leisure to listen to the rain and watch the flowers, but also have the chic to walk on the waves.

as long as we dare to love, hate and chase, we can live a life in full bloom.

May we all live tenaciously, love bravely, and stretch through every moment freely.