Have you ever met an idiot in a team?

/December 2022

"it's not like this for a person to do something with his heart."

after sending this sentence to my teammates at that time, I lay on the floor of my room, emptying my head, staring at the ceiling, remembering that my greatest wish before entering college was to have a group of like-minded teammates who would forge ahead in the same direction. On the other hand, after countless times of teamwork and group homework since college, "Why is it always like this?"

one of the most tragic required courses in university is undoubtedly teamwork and group work. Usually there are all kinds of people in a team, the master of mental activity planning, the technology god of manual labor, and the team members who are directed to run errands. In fact, no matter which position, each performs its duties, it is necessary for it to exist. I like collective work, but there is a kind of people in the group. But let the group homework become my nightmare from now on.

Nightmare A: form a team.

I have talked to some friends who are very reliable. It is time for us to form a team as soon as we get together every semester. The teacher talks about grouping in class this second, and the next you start to shiver when your cell phone rings.

"have you formed a team?"Let's be a team."Hey, you write a script."

my major makes some miscellaneous videos every semester, multimedia major, almost all teamwork, so it is not the classroom that invests the most time every year, but the extracurricular group homework. High school grouping is arranged by the teacher, delimit an area, and then assign you a team leader, there is no choice.

when I was a freshman, I was finally able to form a team freely. the first time, of course, was to hang out with friends and hang out with familiar people. It was not until we suffered too much in a small group that we began to learn to reject people, learn not to stick together, and learn to pick teammates according to their ability to work.

A few days ago, a small group of homework formed a team, and three people approached me in half an hour, but I refused.

A said: "We have such a strong relationship, you are not with me?" "what will happen if you add me one more?"

B has been out of touch with me since then. I used to talk about everything, and I hardly spoke for the next two months.

said that C, who couldn't find anyone, was even funnier. He waited until the end of the semester when someone spent a semester shooting the film and cutting it out to hand it in, and knocked on the dormitory door. "Hey, add me a name to that assignment!"

Nightmare B: always busy, never have time.

Why don't I want to team up with them? Because I know exactly what's going to happen when I form a team.

for example, sometimes you have a meeting and it takes less than half an hour to do something, but they just tell you, "I'm busy this afternoon."I'm busy tonight." In a hurry, a meal can solve the problem, but also let me wait for all of you when the sun happens to be in a relaxed mood, order a cup of coffee and sit down to chat slowly?

in our sophomore year, we had a professional group of more than a dozen people to shoot a drama feature film. when it rained for the first time, two people came from the whole crew, me and another boy. We were carrying camera tripods, reflectors, microphone casters, and waiting under the eaves of the teaching building. I was very embarrassed, and my shoes were drenched. When the afternoon was almost over, it ended with the words "overslept", "I can't leave the meeting this afternoon", "it's raining so hard I don't want to go out".

Nightmare C: coping homework

there is also a girl in the team who is very beautiful and very popular in the community, but she is busy with something in the department every day and does nothing in the group. I like to say that I finally assigned her some easy tasks-- typing subtitles and giving her a good template, as long as she is typed according to the set font size, people who have not learned can get started quickly.

I was dumbfounded when the final product came out. The subtitle arrangement was either left or right, no line was in the center, there were more wrong words than the right words, and even changed the white font into exploding fluorescent bold characters, lovely wind heart-shaped punctuation marks, the point is that we shot a serious news feature film. And I didn't dare to teach her how to do it at all. As soon as I said it, they gave up and said, "come on."

it took me a long time to get in touch with each other when I was making a documentary. After persuading a senior scholar in Guangzhou to accept an interview and arranging a trip to Guangzhou, my teammates asked me, "Ah, if you all go to the interview, what are you going to do?" "Ah? We're going to do business, not play, are we? " "you ask other people, if you're not going to play, who wants to go?"

You will be the center of attention in our gorgeous garden wedding mother of the bride dresses. They are perfect for any occasion.

on the day of the typhoon, the water at the north gate of Dongguan City flooded up to the calves and the clothes were all wet. I called every team member at the door of the dormitory. Finally, they told me, "just ask any teacher at school for an interview. Why bother?"

after hanging up the phone, I took a bath, changed my dry clothes, turned off my cell phone, skipped class and slept in the dormitory all afternoon. I suddenly felt very tired. In a team, everyone is "frigid" to deal with, you are a person "high" want to move forward, really tired.

every time, as long as you don't mention it, you don't mention a meeting, and you don't mention deadline, no one will take the initiative to talk about it. Only when you call it, can everyone get together reluctantly. At this time, there will be two kinds of people, one is "I have no problem", whatever you say, I thought it would be a brainstorm when we gathered together, but I just told you my "storm".

the other is "if I don't do anything, I'll push me around". They like to direct people to do things and draw big cakes in empty space, but they never work. They go out to do things for an hour at a time, chatting and blowing water for half an hour. Half an hour to take photos and post in the circle of friends about how hard it is to expose yourself in the weather.

Nightmare D: kidnapping between public and private emotions

A friend Coke is also a group leader. A few days ago, she spent an afternoon complaining to me. Members of her group often make mistakes, Xiao Mao.She was very ill, and she didn't know what to do. She tried to point out the problem by seeking truth from facts, but the other party messed with her all afternoon. "We are friends, how could you do this to me?"

I never teach people to do things, but that day I risked offending people and plucked up the courage to tell her: "work is work, friends are friends. Do you want the team to come up with a good work?" or will you hand in a homework due to the kindness of friends? "

it's all because I had a similar experience. I used to arrange a stage play and the group props were lost by my teammates twice. I humbly asked for the sponsor's forgiveness and bowed to apologize. In the last stage play, we changed three batches of props. The second time I put up with it, and the third time I began to be accountable for "how on earth do you do things?" If I greet each other with a smile, I am not sure whether our props will be lost for the fourth or fifth time.

I have never been afraid to form a team with "things", because things are forced to be picky, as long as they are reasonable, they are all for the sake of good work and responsible for the team, so that no matter how hot we argue, I think we spend time on the right thing, and we fight meaningfully.

I am afraid to form a team with people who are perfunctory and want to hold their thighs completely high. They do everything to seek stability and avoid trouble. As long as they can make a difference, any opinions of their teammates will become complaints and jokes behind their eyes. No matter how short time they spend working with them, I think it is a waste.

because you stand there, you know that very few people care about you.

when someone came on stage to give a presentation a few days ago, they said, because we don't have time and we don't have experience like others, they casually handed in a perfunctory work and talked about the reason for nine minutes in ten minutes. it is reasonable to turn the presentation into an excuse meeting. The people in the row around them rolled their eyes, and it seemed that all the people who handed in a qualified work were not because of their intentions and devotion, but just because they were "free" and had "experience". I don't know if I'm the only one who feels helpless from the teacher's wry smile and shaking his head.

but when I nervously took notes on the report and handed in my homework to prepare the report, my tutor told me, "your work is good enough to pass directly. There is no need to report it."

it's the end of term again. I haven't slept for two weeks. I haven't seen variety shows for a semester, and I'm out of touch with the trend. This article was written at three o'clock in the morning, and I finished my paper at two o'clock in the morning. When I was overwhelmed by two videos, four papers, several exams, an outline of questions and an ad copy, my roommate urged me to hand in the ppt tomorrow morning, and the editor had lost his temper under the ultimatum.

time is limited, but responsibility is to be borne. It's not that I can't sleep, it's not that I have nothing to do, and I'm not very warm-blooded and affectionate. I will measure every job even if I don't sleep. No one is born very idle, and no one has experience casually. In fact, I do not blame those people who are not competent enough, or who are really busy and occasionally deserted, because if they can't do it well, they will make up for it if they feel guilty. If they have low ability, they will find ways to improve it, and never make excuses.

anyone with a brain knows that your excuse can only be evidence of your garbage.

sometimes the wrong team is really like falling in the wrong relationship, and the lover is suffering from high-intensity, high-frequency, highly perverted mental rape all the time. The funny thing is that the other party is completely unaware of the crime and is still secretly happy.

at this point, I have only one request--

"Please be bold and don't block it."