Have a good husband before you have a good family

/October 2022

there are always people who agree that the best investment in life is to choose the right wife.

in fact, a good wife is not chosen, but made by her husband.

before you have a good husband, you will have a good wife, a good family, and good offspring.

Men are the backbone of a family and the leader of family happiness.


A good husband leads to a good wife

there is a saying: "Women are the fengshui of a family and dominate the fate of the whole family."

in life, many people follow this saying, blaming women for the quality of their families.

thinks that it is a woman's duty to run a family well. If a family is not good, it is all because of women's dereliction of duty.

as everyone knows, men only care about their career and ignore their family, which will only make women feel that they are fighting alone and then feel cold, leading to the breakdown of their marriage and the downfall of their family.

people whose marriages fail, no matter how successful their careers are, they will never have a complete and happy life.

as the ancients said, "if the husband is not good, there is no royal woman."

A good husband comes before a good wife.

A good wife is a boast. In the face of his wife's efforts, if the husband can give affirmation and return, the wife must be willing to pay for him;

A good wife is in pain, in the face of his wife's grievances, if the husband can give understanding and comfort, the wife will also return his understanding and tenderness.

A good wife is in love. In the face of the pressure of the wife, if the husband can give help and care, the wife will certainly give back to his happy family.

as the saying goes, "if you give your wife three points of love, the wife will return seven percent of your love." if a man invests in his wife with love as the principal, he will certainly make a lot of money.


be kind to your wife and have a better marriage

Mr. Lao she wrote in Camel Xiangzi: "if you take a wife, you have to be like it; if you are good to your wife, you are like it."

getting married is not an one-day task, but a man's lifelong responsibility.

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A project manager once talked eloquently at the wine table:

there are only two possibilities for a man who does housework.

the first one is that you can't do anything but do housework.

the second is to go home and do housework to ease the guilt.

as soon as I finished, everyone clapped and applauded, but the boss looked serious.

at the end of the wine bureau, the boss said to his subordinates, "A man who never does housework and ignores his family will not last long no matter how successful his career is. People with bad character do not need to cooperate any more."

the attitude towards his wife is the most real character of a man.

families, like careers, need people to work hard and will not prosper for no reason.

it's just that the family has more love and affection than the career, which makes a lot of things blurred.

some men always take their wives' efforts for granted, draining their wives' enthusiasm for life.

some men always regard his wife's tolerance as cowardice and ignore his wife's tolerance.

but I don't know that there is cause and effect everywhere in the world, and those who are bad to their wives will eventually be severely punished by God.

A real man will be kind to his wife.

they pick up their careers in one hand, take care of their families in the other, and take care of both inside and outside, so that they can not only make marriage and beauty, but also make their careers win every day.


be kind to his wife and be happy all his life

A man asked Medina, a famous scientist, what should I do to get my son admitted to Harvard?

the professor replied, "go home and be kind to your wife."

Men are confused, the professor explained: "Research shows that the more stable the family mood, the better the child's academic performance."

this remark is not only the way of raising children, but also the way of marriage.

A woman is the Poseidon needle of the family, and her temper will affect the mood of the whole family.

and her temper is dominated by her husband.

those who are kind to their wives will be treated gently by life.

as the ancients said, "get married and start a career."

Family stability is a prerequisite for career survival and development.

A man who treats his wife well has a happier marriage, a more successful career and a more prosperous family.

Children in their parents' happy marriage will certainly be able to manage their own marriage and family and have a successful life in the future.


marrying a wife is not used to carry on the family line or to do housework.

wife is the one who supports you and grows old hand in hand.

as the saying goes, "you cannot build a house without a beam, and you cannot get married without a wife."

Women are the soul and feng shui of a family. Men should first become good husbands, and then expect to have a good wife and a good family.

being kind to your wife is enough to change your destiny. A man who is kind to his wife will be happy all his life.