Have a broad heart and retire from illness! (you must read it carefully)

/June 2022

as the ancients said, "take a step back and let the heart be calm."

in life, there are many things, let go will be nothing; a lot of feelings, let go will be beautiful. The heart is like a container, carrying too much will only be too tired, it is better to learn to clear zero and pack light. A broad heart is a blessing, and a wide heart means a retreat from illness.


the heart is wide, the road is wide

the famous writer Lin Qingxuan once said:

everyone's life cannot be plain sailing, let alone everything goes well.

as long as you always have a sense of gratitude, there will be beauty everywhere in the world. As long as the heart is broad, everything can be seen lightly.

if the heart is big, everything becomes small; if the heart is very small, everything becomes big.

tell yourself that everything goes with fate, be calm when you are happy, and be calm when you are down. To live a lifetime is nothing more than to be at ease. Only when the heart is as wide as the sea, can we reap calm.

the ancients once said, "there is no way out, but there is another village around the corner."

he added: "if you lose your horse, you can't be blessed." everything tells us to relax our hearts. Only when you relax, will you have the feeling of awakening, and you will find that life is bright everywhere and everything becomes suddenly enlightened.

the heart is wide, the road is wide. On the road of life, don't just look at the unpleasant side, think more about the positive side.

when your heart is wide, you will find that unhappy and unpleasant things will disappear, followed by a bright tomorrow and a broad road.

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to be a man, with a broad heart, you can have a broad life; with a wide heart, you can live a long life.


the heart is one inch wide and the illness goes away

someone once said:

how short a person's life is, rather than suffering himself, it is better to choose forgiveness and develop a compassionate heart. The compassionate will know how to be tolerant.

tolerance is not only the most beautiful flower in the world, but also a good medicine. It can not only cure others, but also save themselves.

while tolerating others, the inner resentment and depression go away, and there is no anger in the heart, and the blood gas is naturally smooth.

Blood gas is smooth and the body is naturally healthy.

from now on, you might as well be a broad-minded person, smile calmly when something happens, and deal with it calmly in the face of setbacks.

if you complain everywhere, you will easily get angry; if you feel relieved everywhere, you will have peace of mind.

if the heart is one foot wide, the road will naturally be one foot wide; if the heart will give in, fortune will take a step closer.

be a man, be broad-hearted and retreat from illness!