Hate a person, there is no need to fall out! (moments have gone viral.)

/July 2022

if you expose things and cause trouble,

if you fall out with others, you will embarrass each other.

the best way is:

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can not satisfy everyone, and

will also be rejected by others.

people have thousands of faces and different hearts.

if their thoughts are similar and their values are the same,

can get along with each other and communicate with each other.

if the three values do not agree, the words do not speculate more than half a sentence,

if the ideas are different, no matter how long the explanation is in vain.

We are not RMB.

there is no way for everyone to like it.

in real life,

there will always be some people behind us,

talking about us again and again, pointing at us.

never mind, ignoring it is the best revenge.

Don't be angry, and letting go as soon as possible is the strongest counterattack.

Don't fall out and make a scene.

you don't have to cut it off and make enemies behind your back. The human heart is complicated, and it is difficult to see through it.

some people have bad character and a bad heart.

if you fall out with it, you will be calculated.

if you expose things, you will only cause trouble for yourself.

for the safety of yourself and your family,

in this world,

the most vicious thing is the heart, and

the most terrible thing is people.

be ruthless and dare to do anything.

when people are in a hurry, they will do anything.

so be sure to protect yourself.

see through one thing without exposing it.

hate a person and don't turn your face.

people who are really smart,

when facing people with bad intentions,

choose to be quietly alienated,

rather than fight. When you are alive,

Don't be mean and don't be too mean to others.

those who keep abreast of the times are handsome, and those who understand flexibility are the winners.

No matter when or what happens,

Don't dwell on bad people all the time.

Don't go head-to-head with bad guys and villains.

be a mature and wise man,

be indifferent to those who hate, and

to those who are hypocritical.