Habit determines fate, and far-sighted parents do so, and it is difficult for children not to be good.

/June 2022

Wei Yongkang, an "oriental prodigy" who went to college at the age of 13 and went to graduate school at the age of 17, died of illness at the age of 38, who was persuaded to quit because he could not take care of himself. Mother cried bitterly, it was her own fault.

after many years, the child prodigy incident has once again aroused people's thinking about family education.

Wei Yongkang could read at the age of 2. Under the full care of his mother, he got the green light all the way to study and was admitted as a graduate student of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at a young age.

such an enviable young talent, the future pillar of science, however, leads to illness because he is unable to live, and is persuaded by the school to quit because he is unable to arrange his study and life reasonably.

the double blows of body and spirit laid a hidden danger for his early death, which made people sigh.

there are many such examples around us.

the 14-year-old daughter of her best friend has been in various interest classes since she was a child. In order to save time, her best friend takes care of the children's daily life. Now junior high school children never do housework, homework procrastination, ungrateful, parent-child relationship is tense.

No good habits have been formed since childhood, and now it seems almost unbearable.

in fact, while accompanying their children to grow up, parents should also grow up as soon as possible and take their children to develop these good habits as soon as possible. In the future, he will thank you for who you are now.


teach children to clean up

understand order and change themselves

"how can one sweep the world without sweeping a room?" the appearance of everyone's room is a projection of the heart.

from an early age, taking children to clean the house and wash clothes and tidy up things can make children learn to abandon, understand order and do things methodically.

in a messy family, it is difficult to raise orderly and organized children.

Japanese writer Hideko Yamashita told people in his book "break away": "to break is to cut off unnecessary things; to give up is to give up excess waste; to leave is to break away from the attachment to things."

many people have benefited a lot from these short words, and their disorderly lives have been improved.

in fact, we have long had the example of our ancestors who "get up at dawn, sweep the court, and be tidy inside and outside." both adults and children can grasp the quintessence from the wisdom of their ancestors and become a treasure for life.

cleaning and finishing can be said to be the most approachable, cheapest, and a skill that allows you to change in a short period of time.


cook with your children

support yourself

be kind to yourself

often cook with your children, enjoy step-by-step and orderly operation, taste the fruits of labor, and imperceptibly develop healthy eating habits, which can be regarded as the most cured labor.

in the Feast in the Field of McCard Kitchen 2, children learn difficult operations such as rowing to pick lotus roots, catch chickens and pigs, and work hard to obtain ingredients until they are made into delicious food. Children not only gain the improvement of time planning, logic and hands-on ability, but also learn to be considerate, grateful and responsible.

"Food is the most important thing for the people". Learning to cook is not only a necessary life skill, but also an effective way to improve children's hands-on and overall planning ability. At the same time, it can also promote parent-child interaction and cultivate a good family atmosphere.

the family cooks together, it is fun, no matter how restless, how heavy the pressure, can be cured in exquisite food.

to teach a child to cook is to teach him how to make a living and make love.

in the long days to come, he can support himself, be kind to himself, and live up to his life.


accompany children to read

read poetry

Wisdom Life

the quickest way for a person to have wisdom is to read the experience accumulation of others. A reader can break all his own limitations and achieve a life of wisdom.

Wu Yishu, a national talented woman who defeated the Ph.D. of Peking University at the "Chinese Poetry Conference" and successfully won the championship, had a reserve of more than 2000 poems at the age of 16. Netizens praised that "she satisfied all our fantasies about ancient talented women." This has to be attributed to my father's attentive companionship.

Wu Yi-Shu is also a naughty student who doesn't like learning. In order to make his children fall in love with learning, Wu Dad turns off his cell phone and reads with his children every day when he comes home from work to find the entry point that his children are most interested in.

the result of her insistence was that Wu Yi-Shu majored in liberal arts and science and was admitted to the science experimental class of Tsinghua University with excellent results.

turn off your cell phone and read with your child. It seems like a small move, how many parents can really do it? Father Wu did it, and Wu Yi-Shu succeeded.

the philosopher Francis Bacon said: "History makes a man wise, poetry witty, mathematics thoughtful, science profound, ethics dignified, logic argumentative. Whatever you learn becomes a character. "

with the advent of the great Chinese era after the new education reform, reading quality has become a compulsory condition for the senior high school entrance examination. Without reading ability, it will be even more difficult to get good grades in any subject.

it is urgent to develop reading habits.

parents love reading, have a certain book reserve at home, create a strong reading atmosphere, start with their children's interests, and read together with their children. when the child is really involved in it, reading will naturally become a habit and stick to it. will become the treasure of life.

the writer Maugham once said, "getting into the habit of reading is like building yourself a refuge from almost all the misfortunes of life." In that case, is there any reason why we should not read it?


take children to exercise

physical and mental health, not afraid of setbacks

effective exercise can improve the ability to resist setbacks, strengthen the body, and make people full of energy, no matter what they do.Everything will get twice the result with half the effort.

Olympic diving champion Tian Liang attaches great importance to the cultivation of his daughter's sports ability. The 12-year-old Mori dish can already easily play with various sports skills and win numerous prizes in various competitions. The young Mori dish is well-proportioned, physically healthy, optimistic and sunny, and has become an all-round "sports superman."

the gold industry, which successfully completed the "China youngest Age Triathlon Olympic Standard Challenge", has been exposed to sports since the age of 7, and has not only achieved results, but also gained perseverance, passion, anti-stress and healthy physical fitness.

since "extensively carrying out the national fitness campaign to promote the all-round development of mass sports and competitive sports" has been included in the report of the 18th CPC National Congress, the sports development of young people has been put on the headlines in local education, and physical education has gradually become the main subject in the senior high school entrance examination.

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learn to exercise and love sports, which can not only give children extra points in the high school and college entrance examination, but also have a positive psychological state, a resilient and strong attitude towards life, and a healthy body that cannot be bought.

Leonardo da Vinci said: "exercise is the source of all life."

A happy life should be enjoyed with a healthy body, and the feeling of happiness should be experienced with a healthy state of mind.

proper exercise can effectively promote physical and mental health and create a better life.


take care of children to work in the fields

return to nature and work hard to create wealth

in the era of agricultural civilization, the ancients often "got up early and worked hard and came back to wear moonlight". When busy, they would "take advantage of Xiaoguang in the middle of the night". People are closely connected with nature and have a harmonious relationship.

in today's electronic age, if you can often take your children to work in the fields, feel the changing rules of the seasons, and enjoy the fun from farming to harvest, you can never experience the magic of hiding at home.

Hong Kong tycoon Huo Qigang and his wife Guo Jingjing took their children to the fields to transplant rice seedlings to make them realize the hard work of farmers and the hard-won food. The rich's parenting methods were praised by the public.

Zeng Guofan, an important minister from a peasant family in the late Qing Dynasty, studied both civil and military, and a large number of officials emerged in future generations, all because of the belief that "wealth is rootless and gains from diligence."

under the influence of Zeng's family motto, both men and women of the Zeng family insist on ploughing and studying and are diligent in housework.

since we do not have the unique conditions of the rich, is there any reason not to take the children to experience more field life, so that the children know that labor can create value?

"the plan of the year lies in spring, and the plan of the day lies in the morning." take children to participate in farming, understand the time of farming, learn to arrange life in a planned and purposeful way, and avoid the inertia of "lack of diligence and indifference between grain and grain".

Let us participate in field work with our children, take root in the "Chinese state", enjoy the beautiful gifts of nature, and return to our spiritual home.


the Greek philosopher Aristotle said: "Man is shaped by habits, and excellent achievements come from good habits, not temporary actions."

and the formation of habits comes more from family education. Family is always the first and most important stop in education.

when children are growing up, parents' words and deeds are the best role models.

good habits cultivate good qualities, when children know how to choose and be grateful, to be independent, to work hard, to be kind to themselves and to manage themselves. Then his excellence has been demonstrated, and success is just around the corner.

if your family is bound to change, then you are the first person to change the family's destiny. from the time you take your children to form good habits and stick to them, you and your children will benefit all your life and will be passed on from generation to generation.

of course, good habits are not formed overnight. A study by the University of London found that it takes about 60 days for children to develop a good habit.

then, visionary parents, please give a flower enough time to grow.

be patient, stay with you, and you will be sure to return the happiness of your child's life.