Give yourself a reason to be happy every day.

/August 2022

nine times out of ten, life is not what you want.

those who often put a smile on their face, not because they have no troubles, but because they can forget them.

whether life is good or not depends to a large extent on state of mind.

Tai Jai Ji wrote in the novel Lantern:

if you have a good state of mind, you won't be so tired.

Life is short. Give yourself a reason to be happy every day.


quit complaining, the heart is not tired

writer will Bowen once said:

the situation is born of the mind, and the situation changes with the heart, and you can change your life only if you change.

the best way to live is not to complain when something happens.

Moore, a well-known banker, once told reporters about his experience.

during the Great Depression in the United States, the bank that Moore and his friends took over was on the verge of bankruptcy. For this reason, he was very decadent every day and often complained to others, "it's all because of the economic downturn that I'm so bad!"

because he complains every day, he is not active in his work, which leads to the worse and worse business of the bank. Such days have lasted for a long time.

until one day, a sentence in the book touched him deeply. The book said: "on the road of life, if we dare to challenge the difficult work, we will be able to break through the limitations of our lives."

this made him realize that the more he complains, the more he will worry, and it won't help at all.

so Moore began to discuss countermeasures with his friends. He made great efforts to clean up the disorderly banks and lowered bank interest rates. This move makes many businessmen and enterprises willing to ask him for deposits and loans.

it wasn't long before the bank embarked on a smooth road and continued to grow.

the success in the financial industry and the good reputation accumulated gave Moore the idea of going into politics. He began to give campaign speeches everywhere, won the support of many voters, and was finally successfully elected vice president of the United States.

in a difficult situation, Moore turned the mood of complaint into a driving force for upward growth, and finally changed his life.

I agree with this sentence: "when you get lost, a hundred words of complaint are not worth asking for directions."

complaining is like poisoned wine, it will wear away your fighting spirit and erode your soul.

instead of complaining about being in the dark, it is better to carry the lantern forward.

if life gives you tribulations, all you can do is double it back.

the really strong people, no matter how the ups and downs of life, always face it positively, and will not be disappointed by life.


lowering expectations will make people happy

the famous gourmet Cai Lan once said:

in life, if you expect everything to be perfect, you are afraid of being boring.

if you can lower your expectations, you will be happy.

in the variety show "Sister through the Wind and waves", there is such a story.

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Bai Bing and Lan Yingying used to be teammates, and their relationship was once so good that they were sisters. In the new team formation link, Lan Yingying became the captain, and Bai Bing is looking forward to joining her team.

unexpectedly, in the selection of team members, Lan Yingying did not choose her sister Bai Bing, but chose Huang Ling and Wu Xin, who had better singing and dancing ability. This made Bai Bing on one side disappointed and unhappy.

afterwards, in an interview, Bai Bing said bluntly: "I always thought we had a good relationship, but now I understand that this is just a game." Across the screen, I felt her full sense of loss.

on the contrary, Ning Jing and Wang Feifei have a good relationship, but the captain quietly knows that her singing and dancing ability is weak, and the strong player Wang Feifei may not choose to join her team, so she doesn't expect it.

therefore, after learning that Wang Feifei chose her, she was very surprised and smiled happily.

it turns out that there is a kind of happiness in the world called giving up.

when you don't have high expectations of others, you will find that the world is sunny.

the writer Chang'an said in August:

if there is no excessive joy, there will be no extreme sadness.

the higher you expect of a person, the more disappointed you will be when your expectations fail.

you think you are very important, but you do not realize that in other people's world, you will always be a supporting role.

never overestimate your place in the hearts of others. This is the best way to protect yourself from harm.

when you learn to lower your expectations, life is full of surprises.


if you look down on the gains and losses, you will not be entangled in your life.

Xunzi once said, "if a villain does not get it, he cannot worry about it; he not only gets it, but also panics to lose it." Therefore, there is a lifetime of worry, not a day of joy. "

face gains and losses calmly, do not like what you gain, do not hesitate to grieve for what you lose.

being indifferent and quiet, natural and calm, this is the great wisdom of life.

I have seen such a story.

A young man named Rosen plays the saxophone in the nightclub. He wants to have a car very much, but with his income, it is impossible to buy a car.

A friend suggested him to buy a lottery ticket, but Rosen accepted it. He spent two yuan on a lottery ticket. Unexpectedly, I won the lottery! The bonus is tens of thousands. He got what he wanted and bought a motorcycle.

Rosen loves this car very much, scrubbing it clean every day and driving around. However, an accident happened.

one day, Rosen went out to run errands and he parked his car downstairs. But half an hour later, he found that the car was gone. When his friend found out, he thought Rosen must be very sad. So they came to comfort one after another.

unexpectedly, Rosen smiled and said, "Why should I be sad?" All I lost was two dollars.Ah! "

get indifferent, lose calm, everything goes with fate, the most comfortable.

Hemingway once said: "as long as you don't care about gains and losses, nothing in life cannot be overcome."

Life is a process of constant gain and loss.

if we always worry about the result, happiness will be further and further away from us.

be a contented person, once you have got it, you will be satisfied; if you have lost it, let it go.

when you learn to be bullish on gains and losses, the world is naturally open.


give yourself a reason to be happy every day

Gorky once said, "Happiness is the greatest thing in life."

born as a human being, it has nothing to do with others, only about yourself.

the rest of my life is not long, so you must learn to make yourself happy.