Give up these six habits and you will get better and better.

/June 2022

growth is the process of constantly defeating yourself.

Life is the process of subtraction all the way.

give up the following habits, and you will get better and better.


quit your moments before going to bed

Adults have two faces, as if nothing had happened during the day, and are full of worries late at night.

the sadness of the day swallowed; in the middle of the night, the mood switch was turned on.

late-night moments, the recycle bin, recycles too many emotions that we have nowhere to tell:

the circle of friends sent by others late at night is like a small world, each with its own brightness and gloom, and we find that no one lives easier than anyone else.

the moments we posted late at night are filled with unknown sadness and nowhere to put anxiety and confusion.

there's nothing wrong with releasing your emotions, but have you ever noticed that the more you browse your moments before you go to bed, the more difficult it is to fall asleep and the more unstable you are? In the moments posted at night, when I get up early in the morning, I always want to strangle that "hypocritical" myself.

the brief emotional freedom before going to bed not only does not calm us down, but leads us into another emotional whirlpool.

starting today, try to quit your moments before going to bed and keep your phone out of reach.

close your eyes, don't overdraw tomorrow's troubles, don't recall the pain of the past, all unhappiness will be cured by sleep.

wake up and tomorrow is a new beginning.


give up complaining when it comes to bad people

writer Bi Shumin once said:

the most harmful thing for a woman is resentment and guilt.

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the former makes us aim malicious energy at others, while the latter turns the gun around and points this negative emotion at ourselves.

this paragraph actually applies to everyone.

when we meet bad people at work, our feelings are in a mess, and our family and marriage are full of feathers. We have too many things to complain about every day.

when you encounter these bad things, the first reaction is to tell others what happened to you.

complaining is like secondhand smoke, hurting us and everything around us.

Dr. Guy Winch once said:

Don't be a person who hurts yourself twice:

because every time you repeat your experience, don't sprinkle salt on your wound again;

and don't give your garbage to the people around us:

because we all like beautiful things and hate people or things that are disgusting.

enlarge your pattern, don't worry about it, nothing matters;

calm your mind, don't be impatient, peaceful you are the cutest.


quit the glass heart when you are weak

when you are weak, there are the most bad people.

but, the weaker you are, the more you have to quit your glass heart.

because this is an inevitable practice in our lives.

there is a mushroom law in management, which describes the long and dark time of the weak:

when you are weak, you have to put away your glass heart so that you will not be completely torn apart by the malice in front of you.

when you turn a glass heart into a diamond heart in a complicated world, you can carve yourself into a piece of jade.

when you have endured the long darkness in front of you, you can walk to the colorful and delicious Xanadu.

after growing up, you will eventually find that, in fact, the really difficult time, the really bad time, is such a short moment.

clench your teeth and stick to it, just hold on a little longer, and you'll come through.


give up dependence when you encounter difficulties

Fu Seoul once said:

We have too many moments when we fall into the ocean.

have a family to support, a job to deal with, a loan to bear, and worry about parents who are getting older, and those who are a year older cannot see their future.

We have too many responsibilities to shoulder, too many problems to solve, always want to find someone to face together, always want to find a shoulder to rely on.

do not realize that the people we want to rely on also need us.

but if we put all the burden, all the pressure, on each other, it will only stab each other.

the hedgehog rule in psychology says the same thing.

in the cold winter, hedgehogs huddle together to keep warm. They get as close to each other as possible, but when they touch each other, they will be stabbed by each other, forcing them to separate immediately. After several repeated approaches, they understand--

keep a certain distance in order to get the maximum warmth without being hurt.

so, when you are in trouble, please learn to ask for help, but don't rely too much on it.

No one is Superman, each of us will be tired and difficult.

the greatest backer of a man is never others, but himself.

parents will grow old, and their partners will be under pressure from their partners. Only by strengthening themselves and being the architects of their own lives can they build their own lives well.


quit cell phone procrastination

procrastination is common to all. The more you procrastinate, the more you want to escape.

have you ever had such an experience:

what you plan to accomplish today will be put off until tomorrow. As a result, you will be busy tomorrow, things will not be done well, and people will be exhausted.

what I wanted to do now, I picked up my phone to open the message, looked up again, and an hour passed.

when doing things, always check your phone at regular intervals.Unlock the phone thousands of times a day, always afraid of missing information.

but this will only make you procrastinate more and more.

so, the more you procrastinate, the more you have to quit your cell phone.

when you put down your phone, you will find that no one is looking for you at all.

Scott Young has shared three ways to improve self-discipline:

1. The next time you want to stop working, hold on for another 10 minutes. After crossing the threshold that I want to give up, I exercise my muscles.

2. Before you lose focus, figure out how long you can continue to work. The next time you work, insist on doing 10% or 20% more.

3. Will your mind jump back and forth between different projects? Set a goal for next month and focus on one thing.

put aside all distractions.

when you start to focus, you will find that everything is not difficult.

focus and be yourself, you can have your own richer world.


quit daydreaming when you have no money

such a joke has been circulated on the Internet. If you don't want to work, I suggest you do three things first:

first, look in the mirror and see if you have a beautiful appearance?

second, look at the balance on your bank card to see if you have enough property?

third, take a look at the new marriage law, which will tell you The era of "poverty alleviation marriage" is over, and you are on your own.

if there is none of these three:

then don't think too much, do it first.

work well, because this is the foundation of your life.

develop a skill, because it is your ability to resist risk.

finally, share with each other with a sentence on the Internet:

Why are we working hard? In order to--

do not drag down those who gave birth to you when you are young; those who do not slow you down when you are old.

Life is really hard, and you can't be powerless only if you do your best.

Life is sweet. When you have money in your pocket, you can buy the candy you want.