Give it to all the people who can't sleep, every word is heartbreaking!

/August 2022

see a topic online: # more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders.

getting a good night's sleep has become a luxury for many people, and more and more people are joining the army of insomnia.

some netizens said, it's not that I don't want to sleep, it's that I can't let it go, it's not that I'm not tired, it's that I have too much burden.

many times in life, we are always faced with the dilemma of "choosing one of two". Choosing this one will be regrettable, and choosing that one will be remorseful.

people always love to choose, but also always like to regret.

if you often have insomnia at night, then these words are for you. Have a good dream tonight!


about feelings:

if you meet by chance, you may not be lucky;

if you leave each other, it will be difficult to take back the water.

in the relationship, there are always some people who are slow-hot, they will not easily throw themselves into their feelings, and once they are engaged, they will not be able to let go quickly.

maybe when you first met, an ambiguous sentence from the other person made you speculate all night long;

maybe it was your reluctance and helplessness to this relationship after separation that made you unable to fall asleep over and over again.

this is probably the case with the so-called "love rises with the wind, but it is difficult for the wind to stop."

but life is often made up of regrets and imperfections.

there are some things you can't do if you want to; some things you can't get if you want to; and some people you can't keep if you want to.

the scenery of the past, the lost lover, the desire that can't wait, all live at the end of fate.

Why do you need to draw a circle as a prison and make yourself miserable?

some people say that time is the cure for everything.

in fact, time is not a medicine, but medicine is hidden in time.

maybe one morning when I woke up, my empty stomach was instantly filled with hunger, and together with that stubborn heart, I decided to move on.

looking back at this time, you will find that those warm or painful days were just a springboard in life to help you become a stronger self.

say "no regrets" to the past and "meet" to the old people.

Let go of your obsession. Fate is the best way to achieve it.

about work:

Life is easy, life is easy, life is not easy;

everyone is doing their best, and you are not the only one who has been wronged.

A mother took part in the self-study exam. For two and a half hours, the two-year-old baby was waiting outside the examination room.

she reads children's songs, eats apples, sleeps in a daze, and sits quietly by herself without being disturbed by strangers.

someone filmed this scene on the Internet:

"whenever someone takes care of a child, which mother wants to do this, she loves her child as well as her mother!"

Yes, who wants to make himself look like a superman if he is not forced by life?

in the adult world, no one lives easily.

the tuition fees of the children, the support of the parents, the expenses of the family, the human relationship, etc. Everything needs money to support it.

but it is precisely because life is not easy that you should give yourself a strong reason.

born as a human being, everyone breaks down and makes a living; weeps and grits his teeth.

Life is not afraid of the wind and the sun, and what they worry about most is the firewood, rice, oil and tea of the family.

while those people are bright and beautiful in front of them, there are unknown efforts and efforts behind them.

everyone's life is not easy, but there is always someone who can draw a little sweetness from a lot of unhappiness.

it may be a family gathered together, eating a pot of hot rice;

maybe when you are middle-aged, someone may ask you to shout Mom and Dad.

Life is full of difficulties. Most of the time, it's like walking in the dark. You don't know if there are hidden reefs or dangerous shoals ahead.

but wherever you go, please tell yourself to hold on.

as long as you don't admit it, life can't take you down.


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about appearance:

it was given by my parents before the age of 30, and it was repaired by myself after the age of 30.

I have heard a saying that appreciation of a person begins with appearance, falls into talent, is kind for a long time, and is loyal to character.

it is precisely because of the feeling of falling in love at first sight that there is the next story of "falling in talent".

as a result, more and more people begin to pay more attention to "appearance" and "figure".

after touching belly button with backhand, putting coins in collarbone and A 4 waist. Another kind of challenge called "comic waist" has become a hot search.

it requires the challenger's upper body to stick to the ground, lower limbs to rest on the chair, and waist perpendicular to the ground.

this difficult lower waist movement seems to set the standard of "good figure" for us, but the standard of beauty is not single, and different people have different experiences of beauty.

the so-called "good-looking" is not only superficial beauty, but also the beauty from the inside out, the elegance of manners and the charm of frowns and smiles.

Russell, an English writer, once said, "A person's face is the appearance of a person's value." It hides not only your life, but also the life you are pursuing. "

for the external atmosphere of "appearance anxiety", inner calmness is particularly important.

the beauty of a person is definitely not only the external beauty, but also the upright soul and bright heart.

although a person's appearance is preordained from birth, the acquired wisdom and knowledge will be "engraved" on the face.

A person who loves life, likes reading and exercises often will have an excellent soul and appearance.Be elegant.

everyone is a unique star, remember to take good care of its light.


about wealth:

A penny can beat a hero;

but it is difficult to buy wealth without setting the sun.

"everything in the world is for profit, and the world is bustling for profit."

the pursuit of wealth seems to be human instinct.

but we should be clear that the purpose of trying to make money is to ensure the well-being of parents in their old age, the happy growth of their young children, and the freedom and magnanimity of the rest of their lives, rather than plunging themselves into a bottomless black hole of greed.

in order to earn traffic, some people broadcast many times without protection for the extreme challenge of high-altitude climbing, and finally fall to death.

some people suddenly die at a young age because of eating as a way of making money, under heavy load and overeating.

in order to make money, some parents let their 3-year-old daughter do food and sow, and they gained 70 jin at an early age.

Schopenhauer once said that we can compare wealth to sea water. The more we drink, the more thirsty we are.

those who try to take shortcuts end up on the road of no return.

it's good to have money in life, but it's better to be valuable.

and the most valuable and boastful capital of a person is to have a healthy body.

Health is the prerequisite for having everything.

Life is like playing tai chi. You can't rush into anything. Without down-to-earth efforts, you can't catch it even if you have a chance to accumulate it bit by bit.

Don't envy those who run faster and earn more than you, because God has prepared different things for everyone.

people, in fact, do not need too many things, as long as healthy life, sincere love, can be regarded as a kind of wealth.


about mentality:

exercise hard in the morning and evening, busy but optimistic, leisure also optimistic;  relaxed and healthy, not immortal, better than immortal.

my 96-year-old grandmother sells vegetable buns by the side of the road. She leaves the stall at 11:00 every evening and ends at 5 o'clock in the morning, each for 6 yuan. She has been selling it for 30 years.

someone asked her how she could come out to set up a stall at such an old age.

she said:

"it's better to find something valuable to do than to rest." Some people are willing to rest, some people don't want to rest, maybe some people will be happy at this age, but I won't. "

when it comes to the reasons for her happiness, Grandma is very clear: "I don't have any persistence in my heart, but I still don't think about unhappy things. It's a day to cry and a day to laugh."

what kind of mentality a person has determines what kind of life he will live.

being a human being, mentality is very important. If you have a good state of mind, no matter how bad the living environment is, the day is still good.

A lot of people like to worry unconsciously and think in a bad direction when they encounter something.

being distracted and worried all day, it not only makes myself tired, but also makes things unrelieved.

Life is a mixture of sand and mud, flowers and thorns.

it can't be complacent all the time, but it won't always be frustrating.

many times the pain is entangled, but I can't let it go; it's hard to fall asleep every night, but I just can't get over it.

just as you look at 20-year-old love when you are 30, it is superficial; when you look back on your 30-year-old marriage when you are 50, it is full of regret.

Life is a process of promotion, so why should you examine yourself at that time from the point of view of people who have been there?

what happens in the world is just a thought.

if you can have peace of mind, then all the tribulations of life will become impermanent.

No matter what kind of life you live, whether you are happy or upset, eat on time when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy.

this is the last line of defense for you to live a good life. If you sleep well, you won't humiliate yourself and live up to the years.

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