Getting up early is a person's highest self-discipline!

/June 2022

fleeting time is in a hurry, and time is like a waterfall.

in this long road of life, many things are like the blink of an eye, turn around and disappear.

Let nature take its course rather than struggle with it.

but there is only one thing we need to stick to, and that is to get up early!

all those who can stick to it end up living a happy life.

Nan Huaijin once said:

getting up early is a person's highest self-discipline!


get up early and have control of life

Obama was asked during the election: "what are your greatest strengths?"

"I'm always ahead of time."

the greatest advantage of getting up early is that you can always walk ahead of others and give priority to taking the initiative in life.

nowadays, more and more people are addicted to the online world, playing until the wee hours of the morning, and when they wake up again, it is already 12:00 noon.

drowsy all afternoon, and then stay up in the evening.

if you repeat this for a long time, you will only get lazier and lazier. In the end, if your head is empty and has nothing to do, people will be useless!

after all, a person becomes what he spends his time on.

whenever you are still dreaming in bed at sunrise, others have already begun to exercise, read, work, and are on the road to fighting for their dreams.

Kobe Bryant has seen Los Angeles at 4: 00 in the morning;

Wang Jianlin's daily itinerary starts at 5: 00;

Apple founder Steve Jobs gets up at 4 o'clock for exercise;

Li Yanhong is "woken up" at 6 o'clock every morning;


as we often say, the early bird catches the worm. If it is difficult to get up early, there is no way to control your life.


getting up early makes you healthier

the harm of staying up late is needless to say.

in "I am an orator", Zhou Xi, a 26-year-old girl, suffered from ovarian cancer because she stayed up late for a long time.

Pan Jie, a female master's degree graduated from Jiaotong University, often worked overtime until one or two o'clock in the morning. She suddenly died of acute meningitis.

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A 27-year-old mother with two children in Zhejiang was found to have died suddenly at home the next day because she stayed up all night.

staying up late has become the biggest killer of contemporary people's health.

the report of China Sleep Index 2020 shows that

there are 3 post-90s who fall asleep after 11:00 in the evening, while those born after 1: 00 in the morning. According to statistics, the post-90s who stay up late every day account for more than 50 million.

it is this long-term irregular routine that makes people's health overwhelmed and getting worse and worse.

in fact, our ancestors have long said that it is done at sunrise and rest at sunset.

going to bed early when it's time to go to bed and getting up early when it's time to get up is the healthiest and most ideal way of life.

as the saying goes, early to bed and early to rise makes one feel refreshed.

while exercising in the morning, listening to books and cooking porridge in the morning, you will find that such a day is full of energy.


getting up early makes your life more leisurely

some time ago, many people were frightened by such a picture.

there are 900 squares drawn on the picture, and one grid represents a month. If you are an office worker in your mid-30s, you can see your head at a glance for the rest of your time.

We always feel that life is long, but it is incomparably short.

A year is only 365 days, and a day is only 24 hours. How to make use of the arrangement often determines the width of your life.

as the old saying goes: get up early, get up late and panic.

Don't underestimate the time to get up early, even if you get up one hour earlier every day, you will have 30 hours more than others in a month, or 360 hours a year.

these 360 hours, you can use it to learn a skill, read more books, or clock in regularly. And this is how the gap between people is opened.

if you want to live more calmly, you must learn to plan your time reasonably and make full use of every minute.

if you stay in bed for a few minutes, you can only get dressed and wash in a hurry, catch up with the bus, be in a hurry for breakfast, be full of grievances on the last day, and be absent-minded at work.

only by winning the early morning can you earn more time than others.

Franklin once said:

when you start to keep a regular schedule and squeeze some time for yourself every day, you will live a leisurely life someday not far away.


getting up early can improve your happiness

another advantage of getting up early is that you have enough time to prepare a delicious breakfast for yourself.

Chinese people are particular about food. In the first ray of sunshine in the morning, even a simple Youtiao soybean milk is a kind of enjoyment.

gourmet Cai Lan said:

have a good breakfast. Only when people are full and secure can they live a vibrant life.

on the other hand, if you lack this breakfast, you will not only have to endure hunger all morning, but also make the body's endocrine trapped and disturbed as a whole.

so getting up early for dinner is like unlocking a small piece of luck in life, which is pleasant.

born as a human being, there are always too many difficulties, but once you can pick up these little luck one by one, you will find the simplest happiness.


get up early and become a habitual host

there is a sayingVery good:

everyone should learn self-discipline, learn to be responsible for their own life, and make their lives better and better.

getting up early may not be a great habit.

but as long as you stick to it, the changes it brings to a person are often great.

do you remember Shen Hua, the 96-year-old grandfather who became popular on the Internet?

he is nearly 100 years old, but he has a strong physique that young people do not have. Compared with his peers, he does not look like an old man at all. Everyone calls him "Hua Zai" and "Uncle Hua".

when people asked him about his health regimen, Grandpa Shen shared that his daily schedule was very regular and never went to bed after ten o'clock at night.

get up after four o'clock in the morning and report to the gym on time every afternoon.

all the year round, rain or shine.

William James said:

once you get up early and form a habit, the rest of your life will be very easy.

so, from now on, try to form good habits and it's not too late to change.

Please remember: getting up early makes you self-disciplined. The more disciplined you are, the better you are; the harder you are, the luckier you are.


the moon at night is no better than the hope brought by the sun in the morning.

as the saying goes, the plan of the day is the morning.

people who get up early are better able to experience the joy of life;

people who get up early are better able to embrace ordinary beauty;

people who get up early are better able to enjoy the fullness of time;

Zeng Guofan also said:

so, have a good sleep and enjoy getting up early. May we live up every morning and get a good harvest every time!